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Update Post

Hi guys!!

Thank you for the well wishes. Surgery went well, and I’m recovering fine. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be bad, but you never know 😩 (surgery scares me tbh)

I am basically recovered, but I didn’t get home till yesterday. So, I will post the chapters for this week by Tuesday-ish.

I took tmrw off from work so I can go all in hehe.

See ya soon!


-Miss Ruby

13 thoughts on “Update Post”

  1. Hi Miss Ruby,

    I’m so glad everything went well!

    Best of wishes for your recovery from surgery, have a great week and thank you so much for your work, with such good quality.

    Read you soon✨❤️

  2. Omg! so happy to hear you’re doing well.
    I hope no complications turn up and you remain on your easy path to healing. I totally get the, “what if” of surgery. When I had my gallbladder removed, even though it’s more or less a basic and common surgery, that little fear sneaks in. lol…
    In any case, wishing you a swift and easy recovery!!

    Take all the time off work they can give you. lol… I milked it for as long as I could! lollll

  3. It’s normal to be scared of surgeries. After all, they are invasive procedures and not without risks. I’m happy to know everything went alright.
    Get better, don’t worry about us: we will continue to camp here, no matter the wind or the rain ;-P

  4. thank you miss ruby, please take care yourself first.. ur health is more important and we will always waiting for u in here, no need to be hurry ❤️❤️

  5. I’m glad to hear that the surgery went well and you’re recovering well too. Take your time to focus on yourself and get plenty of rest. I hope you continue to have a safe recovery. Thank you for updating us on how you’ve been.

  6. So happy for your recovery!
    Take your time and take care of your health.
    The chapters can wait but your health comes first.
    Best wishes on your recovery 💘

  7. Dear miss Ruby,
    I am very happy that the surgery went well! We all love your work very much, but your health comes first! Don’t mind the translation if it becomes difficult, and have a proper rest!

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