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No chapters this week

Hello guys,

I’m home for thanksgiving this week and so far, I have not had anytime of my own nor do I see any chance of this happening. My mom is breathing down my neck and my sister(she’s 5) is glued to me. They haven’t seen me since July so I can sort of understand.

Anywho, I figured I’d use this chance to take a break for the first time. There will be no chapters this week.

Sorry, I know this is abrupt >.<

-Miss Ruby.

0 thoughts on “No chapters this week”

  1. Happy thanksgiving and have a lovely time with your family, it’s natural they’re excited having you with them since it’s been quite some time since they last saw you. Enjoy being with your family and your well-deserved break! (even if it breaks me inside waking up everyday and seeing no chapter of Lucia but i’ll do my best to survive till you’re back and fully recharged 😉 ) 😘😘😘😘

  2. Girl, enjoy the time with your fam and hopefully, for yourself too. You need it after consistently giving us chapters. Thanks for your hard work! Enjoy the break!

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