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Schedule Update


So I think I can handle it, I will put out an actual schedule for releases. I can promise 3 releases per week (for Lucia) with the week starting Monday and ending Sunday. Schedule’s official start date will be May 25th, 2018. There are no specific days when the chapter will come so it is possible for you guys to get all 3 in one day.

And I have a patreon now. You can go there if you want advance releases or just want to support this translation.


PS: No specific days means any day from Mon-Sun.

Note: This post has been edited. Not doing donations anymore so no sponsored chapters. Getting busier than planned this summer. The 3/week is still ok though.


  1. carolkuro

    stay all day in bed watching YouTube, I know what this is kkkkkk


  2. elparis

    I have a question, does the 20 dollars equal to one sponsor chapter? What if you get 22, 23, 24 ,25, would that still equal to one chapter?


    • Miss Ruby

      Yea it will be for one chapter and will roll over for the next chapter. Or I can refund you if you want too.


      • elparis

        I want to make sure. Is there a set number of non-sponsor chapters a week? And how many of the sponsor chapters can you do in a week?


        • Miss Ruby

          Yes. There is a set of non-sponsored per week (3) and 2 possible sponsored ones. Replying again as I don’t think u were notified.


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