Release Schedule Update


So, since I have a lot of spare time I will put out an actual schedule for releases. I can promise 3 releases per week (for Lucia) with the week starting Monday. Schedule official start date will be May 25th. No dates locked down though so you guys may get all 3 on one day.

And I have a patreon now. You can go there if you want advance releases.

EDIT 1: Starting 9/1/18 releases increase to 4/week


PS: No lock down dates means any day from Mon-Sun.

Note: This post has been edited. Not doing donations anymore so no sponsored chapters. Getting busier than planned this summer. The 3/week is still ok though.

5 thoughts on “Release Schedule Update

  1. I have a question, does the 20 dollars equal to one sponsor chapter? What if you get 22, 23, 24 ,25, would that still equal to one chapter?


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