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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 67

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We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (6)

T/N: HK = Head Knight.

“I guess this is our bedroom now.”

Aristine said and Tarkan paused once he heard that.

Our bedroom.

Tarkan and Aristine’s marital bedroom.

Unlike Silvanus, a wife and husband in Irugo essentially shared one room. In other words, this was the bedroom that Aristine and Tarkan were going to share from now on.

Of course, Tarkan had planned to find another bedchamber and sleep separately.

While Tarkan was hesitating, Aristine casually opened the door.

And the sight revealed before them was—.




The bedroom looked like it should be accompanied by that kind of sound effect.

Both Aristine and Tarkan froze like fossils in the doorway.

The room was huge.
The bridal chamber truly could not be described as anything but huge.

The dozens of candles that decorated the room flickered with a reddish-orange hue, dimly illuminating the bridal room. There were scented candles on the table, alluring flower bouquets, and pink champagne in an elegant bucket.

And a bed in the middle of the room.


Red rose petals were laid in a heart on the immaculate white blanket. A crystal and an aquamarine—called the Queen of the Night—were hung around the heart and they reflected the light of the candles, embroidering it onto the bed.

Thanks to that, the bed was the only thing shimmering in the dark room and it shone a brilliant white.

The bed was small compared to the size of the room, so it looked more intimate. Forget comparison, the bed was really small.

There might be quite some space left if Aristine lay down on it, but it would be hard for someone of Tarkan’s stature to lie down comfortably.

So, if the two of them lay down together, they could never be far apart.

It was perfect for a snug sleep.

Furthermore, there was a delicate lace curtain attached to the four corners of the bedpost, creating a more intimate atmosphere.

Shalala~ Shalala~

It felt like that noise was continuously echoing in the background.

Both Aristine, who was ready to go to sleep early, and Tarkan, who had been somewhat anxious earlier, couldn’t even step into the room.

* * *

The vast sky was high in the atmosphere.

The constellations and the Milky way embroidered the night sky. The humid wind was filled with the scent of flowers and gently lifted people’s spirits.

It was truly a romantic night, perfect for the fight night of newlyweds.

Knights from the bride’s home stood guard for the new bride in front of Tarkan’s resting palace.

This was to show the status and prestige of the bride.

Normally, Knights in sparkly robes would be standing imposingly for the sake of the Lady they serve but…

“I can’t even go to sleep, seriously? What is this?”

“We’re out here suffering for a woman not even worth being called a princess.”

Ptui!, a Silvanus Knight spat on the ground.

Far from looking imposing, Aristine’s home country knights were sitting around like good-for-nothings in a back alley.

Their faces were flushes and their breaths smelled of strong alcohol.

They were already so drunk that they couldn’t even stand guard properly.

“Someone else is busy enjoying it, I don’t see why we have to stay up all night.”

“Exactly what I’m saying. Things might change if it’s us though.”

At those words, the Knights snickered among themselves. Their laughter was vulgar.

“If it was me, forget the night, I can do it without a break till broad daylight.” (Head Knight)

“As expected of you, Captain.”

“Your ability is like no other.”

The knights praised their head knight.

The Head Knight snorted arrogantly, “No matter how much I think about it, I think it’s such a waste to give it to that barbarian.”

“She might be an uneducated half-wit with a nasty personality but there’s no need for words when doing that anyway.”

“True, all you’re going to hear is other sounds, not words.”

“It’s a pity we could only watch the whole day.”

If not for this political marriage, they would have already shown the princess the bitter side of life. However, this was an issue that could result in an annulment of the marriage so they could only keep their hands off.

Because if that happened, the Emperor would not forgive them.

“That barbarian must be having fun by now.”

The head knight said with a twisted smile. He gave the resting palace a crude glance.

“That wench is quite pitiful, I’ll say.” (HK)

He had drunk himself to the ground and even the knights were trying to curry favor with him. So he threw away even the slightest rationality he had.

“If a great knight like me treats her nice, she’ll be begging for more.”(HK)[1]

He had to compensate for his pride being trampled by Aristine during the day. And to do that, he acted strong by dragging Aristine’s name through the mud.

It was as if he was regaining his lost self-esteem by uttering those vulgar words.

“Of course, just looking at those eyes, you can tell what she wants.”

“Isn’t she just deliberately rebelling to stimulate your lust for conquest?”

“Tsk tsk, this is why such a lowly wench can’t be considered a noble princess.”

“But can you imagine the taste though? Like a fox…”

“Right, that’s why I have to hurry up and get that barbarian away and put that wench under me.” (HK)


“What do you mean ‘who?’ Of course, that arrogant…” (HK)

The head knight who was answering that sudden question felt like something was off.

For some reason, he was struck with an ominous feeling and stopped talking as he slowly turned to where the voice came from.

An enormous, ghastly monster was looking down at him with a single gleaming eye.


At that gruesome sight, the Head Knight unconsciously tried to stand up but his legs fumbled, and he fell.

His mind was shocked awake, but his alcohol-filled body did not listen to him.

“D-Demonic beast…”

“Why is there a beast here?!”

This was the royal palace in the middle of the royal capital!

The other knights also retreated in fear and stumbled into each other as they staggered and fell to the floor.

Seeing the knights falling in an unsightly manner, Mukali’s face distorted even more sinisterly.

The knights were more frightened at that sight and trembled in place, not even thinking of getting up.




Translator’s Corner:

[1]  The raw says ‘she’ll be dying from happiness’. Context-wise, I think this works, but let me know if you think otherwise.

*I hope we don’t get too much of these knights because I don’t enjoy translating their conversation (I am disgusted lol)

**On a separate note, I am starting to think the Emperor purposely gave Aristine these kinds of knights. From what we know of him so far, he definitely wouldn’t have sent competent knights with her so I’m guessing she got the most incompetent bunch.

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