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FMH [69]

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We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (8)

* * *

Tarkan looked at the outstretched hand that was confidently held out in front of him.

‘What kind of woman is this?’

Now, he was past feeling absurd, it was driving him crazy.

“It’s okay.”

Aristine looked into his eyes as though reassuring him when he didn’t respond.

“We’ll just hold hands and sleep. I will never touch anywhere else. Trust me.”

Her expression looked very sincere.

Tarkan felt like he had become a maiden being seduced by some rascal. From their outer appearance, it felt like things should be the opposite, but he couldn’t fathom how it turned out like this.

As always, the crafty(?) Aristine looked as elegant and pure as a forget-me-not(flower).

He wanted to dig into this woman’s head to see exactly what was inside.

Aristine looked at Tarkan who still hadn’t said anything and tilted her head.

“I’ll do my best…?”

She studied his face a little and said that as if to confirm.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ (Tarkan)

He didn’t know what the hell she was going to do her best in.
He didn’t even want to know.

He felt like he was getting a migraine.

Tarkan touched his forehead, feeling like something was ringing in his head.

What should he do with this woman?

Tarkan heaved a deep, lengthy sigh.

She was a mystery.

He decided to verify the parts that he could understand first.

“So when you said you wanted a fluffy bed, you meant you wanted to sleep on a fluffy bed?”

No other meaning behind it, just for sleeping.

Purely sleeping.


“While I sleep on the floor.”


Aristine nodded her head continuously. Her face didn’t show much emotion. Rather, she looked at Tarkan as if wondering why he was asking.


Tarkan forced a laugh in disbelief. He was even more speechless after properly verifying it.

No one would have ever thought of making Tarkan sleep on the hard floor without even a blanket.

Even if he had a commoner mother, Tarkan was a direct descendant of the King.

He had never been treated like this.

However, this woman didn’t seem malicious. She didn’t look like she was doing this to belittle Tarkan for his lowly blood because she was of noble blood.

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Aristine hugged the blanket defensively.

“If you tell me to sleep on the floor now, you’re being too much. You didn’t say anything when I said I like the fluffy side.”

“You like the bed that much?” Tarkan asked because he was so dumbfounded.

But Aristine nodded her head seriously.

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to sleep on a fluffy bed. I promised myself that I would do it when I got out of there.”

She wanted to end the day with a clean bath, lying in a fluffy bed and covered with a fully dried blanket.

That way, the day can end on a happy note.

Because regardless of what happened that day, her last memory would remain happy.


Tarkan plopped down on the bed.

The bed was truly fluffy and soft like no other. It felt like it would absorb any shock, no matter what.

As he listened to Aristine, he could roughly picture what kind of life she lived while she was confined.

“Still, people don’t usually make their husband sleep on the floor, and on the first night even…”

He mumbled.

Then he suddenly shut his mouth.

Didn’t this sound like he wanted to sleep with her?

As if he was sad that Aristine didn’t even think about sleeping together and only considered them sleeping separately.

‘No, No.’

Definitely not.

He was just taken aback because his common sense was subverted, he certainly didn’t mean it that way.

Besides, just a while back, Tarkan was seriously contemplating how to safely overcome the bridal night with Aristine.


When he thought about it again, he felt embarrassed.

Aristine didn’t even consider it, yet he went on to think that she wanted him and was worried all on his own.

It was pretty much his sole delusion.

It wasn’t his fault.

In reality, many women wanted to sleep with Tarkan.

‘Thank God she doesn’t know.’

Tarkan thought to himself as he looked at Aristine’s ignorant expression.

If he was already this embarrassed when she didn’t know…

Tarkan rubbed his face with his large hand.

“You’re right, people don’t normally put their husband on the floor on the bridal night. I know that too. But we’re different, aren’t we?”

Aristine shrugged her shoulders.

You and I just have a business relationship, nothing more.

Tarkan’s mouth hardened at her attitude which seemed to be drawing a line.

“The wedding alone does not mean the marriage is complete. And the most important thing in an arranged marriage is—” (Tarkan)

“A child, of course. One that inherits the blood of both families.”

Tarkan frowned at Aristine’s attitude which was accepting his words as if it was only natural.

Does this mean she knew? Now, the fact that she knew was surprising him.

“If you know then…”

“Tarkan, do you want to do it with me?”

Tarkan’s mouth flew shut the moment this question fell.

‘W-W-What is this woman saying…!’

“Of course not!”

Tarkan’s ears were flushed red as he yelled.

Aristine nodded her head as if to say she understood.

“Me too.”

Her tone was very casual like she was agreeing with someone saying apples are delicious.

Aristine’s purple eyes met Tarkan’s golden eyes in the air.

“I don’t want to do it with you either.” (Aristine)

Tarkan opened his mouth.
But no sound came out and he closed it again.

Aristine gathered the rose petals that were still on the blanket and blew on them. The soft petals fluttered and flew off the bed.

Even Aristine knew how important a child was in an arranged marriage.

‘But I’m going to get a divorce.’

After making Tarkan king as promised, Aristine planned to leave this place in search of freedom. However, she didn’t say that out loud.

After all, who announces that they are going to leave a company right after joining the company?

‘Even if you plan on leaving for a better job after building up experience, you must say you want to bury your bones in the company at the interview.’

This was no different.

She knew Tarkan was not a bad partner.

However, if she revealed that she planned on getting a divorce, he might put limits on her actions.

‘Even if he doesn’t do it now, he might keep me in check when the situation changes later on.’

Aristine wanted to earn enough money to finance her travel. Obviously, if her business grew past a certain size, it would be restrained.

Tarkan was a politically sensitive individual. So it would be strange if he didn’t put restrictions.

Aristine put on a smile and looked at Tarkan.

“Neither of us wants the other, so there’s no reason to do it.”

That was true.

However, Tarkan didn’t give any reaction.

Aristine watched him and frowned slightly.

“Hmm, I’m not that interested but if you reeeeally want to then.”

“I definitely said I didn’t want to.”

Tarkan spat out like he was grinding the words.

Aristine gave a sweet smile.

“Then that’s settled.”

Her attitude was very crisp.

Even though his mind agreed with what she said, Tarkan couldn’t hide his unease.

Is that really it? Just like that?

‘I mean, I am not against it.’

Rather, this was good for him.

After all, he didn’t think of getting close with Aristine from the beginning.



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