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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 252

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After the Rain (20)

“W-wait a minute…!”

“The fabric is too weak, huh.”

Tarkan uttered as he lifted his head from her chest.

His lips were extremely red.

Same went for the place where his lips had touched.

Aristine was momentarily speechless at the sight.

“What can I do? We can’t have you wearing torn clothes.” Tarkan said smoothly. “No choice but to take it off.”

His large hand brushed Aristine’s shoulder. With just that, the already useless clothes easily fell off.

At the sound of rustling cloth, Tarkan’s pupils narrowed as he looked at Aristine.

Flustered by that tenacious gaze, Aristine covered her body with one hand.

But it was of no use.

Tarkan pulled her arm.

In an instant, the fluffy fleece rug touched her back and Tarkan hovered over her like he was pressing her down.

With their hands woven together, Aristine looked into Tarkan’s eyes.

A scarlet light was the only thing illuminating their figures.

Tarkan fell silent for a moment.


Then an incredibly soft voice left his mouth. It was practically a whisper.

Their intertwined fingers unraveled, and his hand moved. Just like it did countless times in his dreams and imaginations.

Her body was softer than he could have ever dreamed, and more tender than he could have ever imagined.

Aristine covered her mouth with the back of her hand, suppressing any sound that might leave her.

“Silly, you really think they can hear everything outside.” Tarkan laughed; his voice frazzled due to his rough breath. “And let them hear such a nice sound?”

Aristine flushed with anger and was about to retort then paused.

The surrounding of the bed was covered with a golden, transparently shining curtain.

Because she was so out of it, she didn’t know till she was laying down and looking up like now.

“Since when…?”

“From the beginning?” Tarkan grinned.

How could he let other guys listen to his wife?

Tarkan was afraid of what he might do if someone accidentally heard.

“Wow. Is it fun to tease me?” Aristine frowned and smacked him on the shoulder.

Tarkan smiled and kissed her forehead.

Lying down like this, looking at a curtain of golden aura, reminded her of the past.

With a ‘tch’, Aristine pursed her lips and finally threw her hands around Tarkan’s shoulder.

“You are really an idiot.”

“I don’t mind if I can sleep with you thanks to it.”

Tarkan laughed. His tone was wild and uncontrollable.

“I’m sorry, I can’t hold it any longer.”

With those words, Tarkan plunged to her lips again and traced the teeth of his beloved.

A shaky breath burst from Aristine’s lips. His fingers felt like he was playing a delicate instrument.

Aristine trembled like the strings of a harp. The fleecy rug wove through her tightly clenched fingers.

“You smell sweet.” He whispered.

Aristine squeezed her eyes shut as a blush covered her face.

Tarkan took her hand in his.

As she followed his lead, he took a deep breath and his brows knit close together.

She felt limp as if all the strength had drained from her body but he felt as hard as a refined sword.

Tarkan ferociously longed for Aristine.

With every one of his touches, Aristine felt her eyes flash white.

Her arms were wrapped around his back and she squeezed tightly.

A sharp moan leaked through Aristine’s lips.

Indescribably intense sensations raced through her body, swirling and surging.

Whenever Tarkan moved, it felt like all her senses would explode, and Aristine clung to him tightly, tears falling from her eyes.

The shadows in the room trembled and shook constantly.

Tarkan clenched his jaw and grit his teeth.

A ferocious growl escaped from his throat.

She dragged him down like a muddy swamp and he simply couldn’t escape.

And he was happy with that.

Tarkan never wanted to separate from her, from this woman, his wife.

Beads of sweat trickled down his body, drenching her.

His wife looked so lovely, looking up at him through those hazy eyes.

He kissed the bridge of her nose softly, like cotton wool.

Despite his sweet and polite kiss, his movement below was different.

Something ran through her and Aristine flinched and tried to shrink away.

But she had nowhere to run.

He felt sorry for his exhausted wife but the night has only just begun.

* * *

“What is going on?”

Jacquelin’s mind was shaken awake by that warrior’s question.

“No, am I drunk? I shouldn’t be feeling this energy…”

The warriors who had been dousing alcohol, immediately sharpened their senses at that.


“I can feel aura?”

“Wait, me too!”

Their minds quickly cleared.

The warriors were startled alert and scoured their surroundings.

Their eyes were fierce and filled with vigilance, as if they hadn’t been drunk seconds ago.

If someone was using aura, then they must be fighting an enemy.

“It’s close.”

“Don’t tell me demonic beasts snuck into the barrier…”

The warriors threw down their drinks and hurriedly ran out.

When they ran out like that, other people grew concerned and followed them too.

And so, they dashed out wielding their weapons. However, the sight they were faced with was—.




The sight of Tarkan’s tent shaking.

“…Why am I sensing the aura from inside the tent?”

“…For some reason, I don’t want to know.”

Jacquelin mumbled.

Veins popped on his hand which gripped his sword.

No matter how much he respected his lord, this was really overboard.

Every time the tent shook, everyone’s minds also shook in confusion.

“No, the aura we use in our sacred battles is…”

The source of pride and envy for all warriors.

To use such an aura for such an absurd(?) thing…

The warriors, as well as those who noticed what was going on, looked at the tent with dead eyes.

The people who followed them looked at the barracks with cloudy eyes.

They couldn’t tell what to do or say in this unprecedented situation.

Who knew how much time passed as they stood. Soon, the tent which had been shaking roughly began to shake even more.


“No way…?”

Even though they were watching, they couldn’t help but think ‘no way.’

Surely, the barrack tent couldn’t possibly collapse because of one night’s hard work…


Everyone sucked in a sharp breath.

That impossibility actually happened.


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