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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 294]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (29)


Aristine didn’t let her observations show on her face and purposefully spoke in an emotional tone.

“Did you do something wrong? Are you actually asking that? I saw you holding my husband and whispering to him with my own eyes!”

Honestly, she didn’t even have to try hard. Because once she thought about it, she got angry again.

“Ah, that…I…”

Letanasia bit her lip. Things had gotten annoying.

Tarkan was a little excited, wondering if his wife was jealous.

Aristine’s eyes turned sharp, seeing the look on her husband’s face.

“What are you so happy for?! You should have shaken her off the moment she touched you.”

“No, it was so surprising that I was looking and before I knew it…”

Aristine frowned at his excuse that didn’t even make sense.

“Surprising? What in the world is so surprising?”

“That she’s your sister but you look nothing alike.”

Aristine tilted her head at those words.

Although they were differences in that Letanasia’s eyes appeared gentle and lovely, Aristine and Letanasia looked quite similar.

“We look nothing alike?”


Tarkan replied and looked at Letanasia.

“This one is ugly. But I’ve been hearing that she’s the most beautiful woman in Silvanus and all that.”

His voice was full of sincerity without a hint of deceit.

Aristine knew it was childish, but it made her feel a little better. She pushed down the corner of her lips, which were rising, cleared her throat loudly and then asked.

“What about me?”


Tarkan’s eyes turned back to Aristine.

As he quietly stared at his wife’s face, his cheeks slowly began to turn red.

And seeing his face, Aristine’s cheeks began to turn red too.

“You’re not saying anything.”

“You already know.”

The couple, whom had suddenly fallen into their own world, began to act coy.

Letanasia was forced to watch this scene, feeling like a piece of furniture.

“I don’t know if you don’t say it.”

The sight of his wife pouting at him made Tarkan groan silently. He bent down and whispered something into his wife’s ear.

When Aristine heard what he said, her face turned bright-red like it was about to explode.

“Oh my goodness. How can you say that right now! Seriously! Is there anything you won’t say!”

Aristine, who was red all the way to her neck, pounded Tarkan’s chest.

Letanasia, who was watching this unfold with dull eyes, couldn’t stand it anymore and called out to Aristine.

Otherwise, it felt like the pair, who had forgotten her existence, would go on flirting for eternity.

“Big sister.”

“I can’t tell you. Only married people should hear such things. Unmarried people can’t.”

“No, I wasn’t asking you to tell me though.”
Who would even be curious about that?!

Letanasia spoke through ground teeth.

The fact that they forgot her existence already hurt her pride and now they were looking down on her.

Unfortunately for Letanasia, who was trying to make her presence known, the couple began talking among themselves again.

“So, are you saying it was so surprising that you didn’t even think to shake her off?”

“That was part of it. But it was also so ridiculous.”

“What was?”

Tarkan stroked his wife’s hair as she tilted her head.

“The audacity to pretend to be you.” He frowned as if simply remembering it was making him displeased. “She even said ‘look at my face’. Should I call it courage or…?”

Letanasia huffed in disbelief.

Of course, she was not heard by Tarkan and Aristine, who were in their own world.

“Everyone says Letanasia, and I look alike.”

“What part?”

Tarkan asked back as if he was genuinely confused.

At some point, Tarkan’s arm was wrapped around Aristine’s waist, and Aristine was leaning against his chest.

Aristine lowered her gaze, seemingly embarrassed, and carelessly drew on his chest with her index finger.

“I told you earlier. You and her…should I say it again?”

“Ah, seriously. Don’t say things like that outside.”

“Then I can say it inside?”

“…In bed.”

“I want to say something else in bed though.”

Letanasia’s face fell as she watched the pair act silly and talk continuously without pause.

This was definitely not an act to show that they were getting along.

The two of them were truly in a world full of roses and beautiful rainbows in the sky.


In the end, Letanasia couldn’t help but ask.

“Sister Aristine, I don’t believe it but do you actually like this man?”

It was a foolish question that no sane person would have asked. Who would ever hear that question and answer that they are faking their love?

That showed just how much Letanasia was impacted.

Aristine only looked at Letanasia with bewilderment at that strange question, but she didn’t reply.

But that was practically an answer.

“How can you like a man like this?”

Letanasia screamed without even realizing it.

“What’s so great about this barbarian! He is blind and has zero aesthetic!”

This was a man who dared to look her right in the eye and call her ugly.

“You think you look good? Men should look sleek not huge!”

Aristine shook her head back and forth when she saw Letanasia fuming with anger.

“Letanasia, I guess you are still young and ignorant.”

“Ha! Don’t start acting like a big sister. You’re not that much older.”

Letanasia scoffed and curled her lips in a smirk.

“Besides, when it comes to life experience, aren’t I your senior? You’ve got some nerve saying that when you’ve been locked up and know nothing about the world! Don’t start acting big just because you succeeded in a few things. Even I can do that.”

Aristine mulled over those words and nodded her head.

“Hmm, I suppose I don’t know much about the world.”

Letanasia was baffled and speechless when Aristine obediently admitted it.

‘What is wrong with these people?!’

“But I’m a married woman. A wife.” Aristine linked her arms with Tarkan, “I am better at judging men than you.”

Letanasia’s eyes twitched.

So you want to disregard me because you heard him say I’m ugly. Whenever I go out to socialize, there are lines of men eager to dance with me.

But if she said that with her own mouth, it would sound even more ridiculous.

While Letanasia was debating what to do, Aristine’s words flowed like clear water.

“That said, I am your big sister. And as your sister, I will give you some advice. Remember this.”

Aristine’s voice was serious.

Although Letanasia thought she was being made fun of, Aristine was sincere.

“When it comes to a man, more than anything—.”

Her purple eyes sparkled with vigor. Her serious gaze was fixed right at Letanasia.

Because Aristine looked so serious, Letanasia felt inclined to listen for a moment.

Naturally, Tarkan also pricked his ears when his wife’s tastes were being discussed.

“You have to look at their heart.”

Their heart.

Letanasia’s face crumpled.

She already expected to hear something like this, but she was annoyed at herself for even paying attention.

“This is why I say you know nothing of the world, big sister. Their heart, you say.”

Letanasia clicked her tongue.

“I’m disappointed in you, Sister. At the very least, I thought you had political savvy and skill…”

Just as the words were pouring out, Letanasia stopped.

Some complex emotions flashed through her eyes and only after did she speak again.

“…I thought you had exceptional capability. But of all things to say, it’s to look at a man’s heart.”

A sneer appeared on Letanasia’s lips as she looked at Aristine.

“It was ridiculous of me to be wary of you, Sister.”

Aristine, who was quietly watching Letanasia, shook her head.

“This is why singles…”

“Are you—.”

“It is foolish to think about the power or political sway of the man you will marry.”

Aristine spoke firmly, interrupting Letanasia.

“To be exact, that is something done by people who lack the ability to expand their power or obtain what they want on their own.”

Those who lack ability.

The moment she heard that, Letanasia’s jaw clenched.

Aristine flashed a smile at her, seeing her expression.

“Don’t you know this? At least for me, I don’t have to do any of that.”

Letanasia’s light green eyes shook heavily.

‘I knew it.’

Aristine inwardly nodded and continued speaking.

“This advice is a long time coming, so listen carefully. For men, always look at their heart.”

Aristine looked at Letanasia whose face was distorted and asked. It was necessary to impart lessons eye-to-eye.

“Now, where can you find the heart?”

Aristine’s gaze moved to her husband.

To be exact, to that full chest which contained her husband’s heart.

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  2. Aristine is the embodiment of ” When I look at a man, I first look at his heart. The fact that his chest is in the way is not my fault”

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