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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 246]

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After the Rain (14)

The aura on Tarkan’s sword grew stronger.

His body shot forward like an arrow.

Although it was hidden by a sensory-disruption shield, the movement of the wounded Great Beast was incredibly obvious to Tarkan.

《Your left.》

《Look back!》

《No! Bend down.》

The voice ringing in his ear was just a fragment of old memories.

Memories that were reproduced due to similar circumstances.

However, Tarkan was gripped with the feeling that she was with him, just like back then.

The sweltering heat made steam rise off his body, and beads of sweat rolled down his face.

His golden eyes were filled with a predatory gaze.

The beast’s teeth grazed his shoulders and its claws pierced his thighs.

However, Tarkan’s movements never wavered.

《That’s good enough. Go in.》

Tarkan didn’t hesitate to get hurt and closed the gap between him and the great beast.

It was possible because its forepaws were in shreds and the speed of the Great Demonic Beast had been significantly reduced.

The golden aura rising from his sword shone brilliantly. The aura was so dense that the blade itself looked like gold.

And that golden sword accurately pierced through the great beast’s neck.

The Great Demon King struggled, but that was its limit.

With a gurgle and bloody foaming cry, strength eventually drained from the demonic beast’s body.

Tarkan watched, and slowly pulled his sword from the beast’s neck.

He won.

He held his chest, which was pounding from the thrill of battle, and looked back.

Just like he did after he defeated Murzika, the Great Demonic Beast, when he was young.

However, his mouth slowly hardened as he took in the empty space, filled with the traces of battle.

The pounding fervor and heat running through his chest began to cool down.

It was the same back then too.

When the girl said to close the gap, Tarkan complied.

His action was so bold that anyone would have thought it was suicidal.

But Tarkan trusted her, and as a result he was victorious.

Filled with the joy of his victory, he turned to where the girl was.

And he was greeted with an empty field.

The girl he had been with for many days and nights disappeared in an instant.

Without a trace.

No matter how much he combed through the plains, he never saw the girl again.


Tarkan gave a dry laugh.

Back then, they were really together, but now, it was just a similar memory.

But why did he look back?

The line between the past and reality was blurred.

Even at this moment, the past was flooding into his heart. With an unstoppable force, as if his world had stopped back then.

His vision was blurry.

When he wiped his eyes, blood smeared on his hand. He must have gotten injuries and tears while he was fighting and rolling around like crazy.

Tarkan put his sword in his scabbard.

In any case, he survived and won.

It was time to go back.

To Aristine.

To his wife.

Tarkan brought his hand to the left of his chest. He wanted to feel the texture of the photos there, even if it was a slight sensation.

He couldn’t bear to touch the picture with his bloody hands.

The axis of time, which had been toward the past, stood firm again toward the present.

The corpse of the Great Demonic beast lay before him, and Tarkan turned around. At that very moment…

“Watch out!”

A loud cry.

Tarkan immediately raised his guard and looked back at the Great Demonic Beast.

The massive tail of the great beast, which he thought was dead, was swinging sharply towards him.

It was too close to dodge, and the speed of the blow was too fast to be considered its death throes.

Even as he drew his sword, Tarkan knew it was too late.

His mind could see the sharp stinger of the tail piercing through his stomach.

Right then.

Something flew and a wall arose in front of him.

No, its height was too low to be called a wall; it only came up to his stomach.

‘A barricade?’

Tarkan swiftly made the decision to stop his sword and ducked. In a moment too brief to understand what was happening…

《This way!》

He heard such a hallucination.

And a voice that was even clearer than that cut through the air right after.

“This way!”

Tarkan looked back.

The dazzling silver hair fluttering in the wind, the white arms beckoning towards him, the purple eyes staring straight ahead at the great demonic beast, not looking away for an instant.

Everything seemed so slow, like time had suddenly slowed down.

Seeing someone that he never thought would be here, Tarkan wondered if he was still buried in his memories.


His wife’s voice calling for him reached him more clearly than ever.

The vivid sense of reality made Tarkan’s body move before his head.

The scene somewhere in his mind overlapped with the present.

The figure of a child hiding behind a rock in the Demonic Beast Plain and beckoning to him, somewhere in the distant past.

The child’s blonde hair was fluttering in the air like Aristine’s silver hair right now.

Aristine, who had been staring at the great beast, moved her eyes to Tarkan.

Those purple eyes like the dawning sky were filled with Tarkan alone.
Just like the spring-green eyes of that girl.

It was a completely different color.

But it was the same.

The same clear, firm, and unwavering eyes.

The moment he looked into Aristine’s eyes, Tarkan realized.

It was you.
From the beginning, it was always you.

“I found you.”

He pulled his love right into his arms.

Like he would never lose her again.


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    I love them both so much 🩵🩵🩵
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      1. Maybe Aristine will always have kind of inverted colors when she goes somewhere physically through her water-mirrors, when she intervenes in her visions. It isn’t like her body and facial features were different, Aristine said something like that herself and also Tarkan was able to reconize her (he had hunches about her looking the same as that girl before, he just needed to bring back those memories to remember it better, connect dots and be sure).
        After all it is like her astral body, not exactly her real/normal body. Or like her water/mirror version in a water/mirror world (from her perspective), so actually it weirdly makes sense that her normal looks can be distorted… I only wonder why her hair are yellow and not black (as opposed to silver) in the other version of her, but maybe the author thought that black color would be too boring. Her eyes also could be yellow instead of green, but green is an interesting choice in itself anyway.
        Her real body stayed where it was and she came back to it after her adventure (that’s why she thought all this time it was only a insignificant dream), only her astral body traveled – without normal restrictions related to real bodies, she basically teleported there and she directly had unlimited skills of foresight that she normaly has only indirectly through her water/mirrors visions.
        It’s very similar to what OOBE is (out-of-body experience while sleeping) in our real world. Some people can experience this and on various levels, but not everyone. Some of those people even insist that what they see during OOBE turns out to be true after they wake up… So it’s a topic that is actually close to science fiction, not only typical fantasy.
        Or there is an option that Aristine’s color-changing is really related to her bloodline. Maybe her mother or first ancestor with Monarch Sight looked like this.
        Or maybe even her having previous incarnations is related to it.
        Her last incarnation was a Korean woman, wasn’t it? But maybe even earlier she was living somewhere as this blond girl with green eyes… as a shaman, fortune teller or whatever else.

        1. I can’t remember if Aristine’s sister had been described yet of how she looks, but on the get-go in the manhwa, it was shown that her sister has blone hair and green eyes.
          I wonder if it was ‘possession’ of sorts (hosting her sister’s body for a moment), hence Tarkan’s surprise of how much younger she looks as a 12-yr-old. Or, as u said, that might have been her recessive gene of sorts; it was confirmed that the silver hair and purple eyes are an indicator of her powers so whenever she’d go thru this “out-of-body experience”, she would have had the same inherent blonde hair and green eyes like her sister (probably from their mother) if it weren’t for the traits of someone possessing the Royal Sight

          1. It’s possible that she was ‘possessing’ her sister’s body, but does it make sense? I don’t know…
            In this case it would be strange that Aristine didn’t have any internal monologue about herself (probably) looking like her sister.
            However… it’s already strange that she hasn’t remembered this unusual ‘dream’ all this time until now, with her having a perfect memory and being obsessed with memories in a way. And she hasn’t recognized Tarkan right after arriving at Irugo and seeing him, even subconsciously? Or for many months later, when she was seeing him every day? Really? Tarkan had hunches and she had not. It should be the other way around. 😀
            Well, I guess all mysteries will unravel, sooner or later.
            Aristine has to start talking with Tarkan about herself and her abilities at last… I can’t imagine her still not telling him anything significant after this situation.
            I don’t remember if her sister’s looks were described in the novel (until now). I also don’t remember if it was written whether they are sisters from the same mother or half-sisters. Aristine’s father is an Emperor, so he can have many wives and concubines.
            Manhwa can be a clue… if they are doing it right. Sometimes they change details in manhwas, also things like hair or eye colors.
            And about young Tarkan’s comment about young Aristine being small for a 12 years old, I imagine that’s just one of many Irugonian comments about Silvanus people being generally smaller, weaker, petite and her being especially petite, partially because she was malnutritioned, etc. And Tarkan was big, strong, muscular for his age, even among Irugonians that are generally like that in comparison, which is why Aristine in turn thought that he must have been older.
            By the way… I am not sure if Aristine travelled in time – when she was a child – or just in space? I thought before that Tarkan and Aristine are the same age or have 1 year of difference, but it seems she is a few years older if she didn’t go back in time then. Noona
            I thought somewhere in first chapters someone was saying that they are from the same year or something similar… or my memory is playing tricks on me. 😀

          2. I think she was the same size tho, remember aristine says that all her body and limbs were the same size and shape, so the reason why tartan thinks she’s small is because her growth has been stunted like she again describes herself ( was locked up no good food no good health care). I have no theory as to why her changed and eyes changed to a different color which coincidently is the same as her sister. Well I have one, maybe like when she was able to dip into her visions it was purely beacuse of her will to do so like she wanted to help the boy in her visions, and maybe she had this suppressed emotions to be her sister ? We have seen her recall that the younger sister was loved by her father ans she lived a loved and normal life, so maybe she took her form unknowingly? Like she wanted to be her as in live a normal happy life being loved not being locked up? And her doster was the only other live person she’d seen do that?


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    1. That’s a serious problem for some people in real life. It can’t be helped.
      Most marriages/couples are not so lucky to be each other’s firsts in love lives.
      I am sure you are aware, Nana.
      What if you truly love your spouse, but your spouse is not your first love… it isn’t your (nor anyone’s) fault that you may love your spouse in a differrent way than you have loved your first love (not to say that you love your spouse less, only in a different way – different kind of love, different feelings and emotions, additionally it’s bonded with a different part/time of your life) and you may be unable to forget your first love, even though you keep trying.
      Sometimes it’s related to being nostalgic to youth itself. Memories, emotions from youth are more powerful and long lasting, because of how growing up/getting old, chemistry of our brains works.
      There are people dealing with emotional dillemas, pains.
      There are no easy answers.
      What people can do depends on their personalities and how they deal with their feelings, relationships. Depends on their honor, morality, maturity…
      It can be said that Tarkan is a lucky guy in this story, because his dillema can be resolved quickly and easily at this point. His crush/first love/first lover/spouse… it turns out to be Aristine in all cases.
      Anyway, he was ready to immediately put his nostalgia, old crush aside and go back to his wife, as he promised. It was mature and admirable of him.
      I wouldn’t suspect a man like him to mistreat/cheat/abandon his wife, even if his first love was in fact someone else. Even if he wouldn’t love his wife and was loyal to her only out of obligation… while I think he is more crazy about current Aristine/his wife than he ever was about her former, younger self.
      The mystery girl being Aristine must be very relieving, fortunate for him, but that’s all it changes.

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    At most, perhaps, he could make the other his concubine (since it’s legal for them there) if they ever met but at the end of the day, it would still require the consent of his wife and the hypothetically different girl in question.

    Feelings are one thing but trust and loyalty is another.

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