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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 65

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We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (4)

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* * *

The night breeze carried the smell of flowers in the garden. Spring was at its peak and the wind blowing at night was both gentle and humid.

Tarkan walked down the long hallway, lost in thought.

He was heading towards the bridal chamber prepared for the newly wedded couple.

That made him feel complicated.

The first night.

He never imagined that those words would make him feel troubled.

He had never considered making anyone his bride but ‘her’. He certainly wouldn’t have accepted this marriage if peace had not been at stake.

Even if it was the King’s order, he would have refused till the end.

He had no choice but to get married, but he planned to live a life completely separate from his wife. In return, he was going to give his wife all the power and wealth worthy of her position as a Princess.

Many arranged marriage partners didn’t even bother to do that, and love was, of course, an unnecessary element in arranged marriages.

Hence, he hoped that the princess would be satisfied with that much compensation.

Besides, he thought that the Princess of Silvanus with golden blood would naturally despise a husband like him who had lowly blood.

However, the Princess he met did not align with any of his expectations.


He called her name in a small voice.

He had never called it before, so the pronunciation felt awkward on his tongue.

His gaze swept over the hallway.

The dim hallway shimmered with the soft glow of moonlight and dim lighting.

It reminded him of the way the hanging crystals at the top colorfully reflected the dazzling sunlight at noon, seemingly at the same time.

How it traced Aristine walking in her wedding dress, as though it was welcoming her.

Her eyes, smiling softly at him.

“They don’t look alike at all.”

Tarkan mumbled. As if to inform himself out loud.

It was as he said.
He couldn’t find a single part of Aristine that resembled that child.

But then why…?

Tarkan clenched his fist. His slow steps abruptly came to a stop.

The first night meant nothing to him.

That should have been the case but he himself didn’t even know why he was so agitated.

Aristine was the one who first drew the line before their marriage, stating that it was a business relationship. So, he doubted she would demand anything in particular from him on the first night.


In an arranged marriage, a child was the most important thing.

Because it was only when a child was born with the bloodline of both families that it could be said to be a true union.

So naturally, Aristine would think that they were going to consummate their marriage on the first night.


《Something soft and fluffy.》
《You don’t know what that fluffy thing is? I like that soft and fluffy feeling. It feels good when you lie down on it. 》
《No, I’m not too fond of it wide…I’m fine as long as it’s not too narrow. When it’s too wide, it just leaves space. 》


The words Aristine exchanged with the court ladies rang through his mind.

Tarkan’s brows rose sharply. His forehead creased slightly.

No matter how he thought about it, it sounded like she was looking forward to a great night.

‘I have no intention of doing that…with that woman.’

He didn’t want to be intimate with someone he didn’t even care about. [1]

Some men may be content to have a very beautiful woman as their wife. They might be able to spend the night pleasantly even if they don’t love their wife.

But Tarkan was not like that. Tarkan couldn’t do such a thing with a woman he didn’t love nor have feelings for. Especially when he had another woman in his heart.

Tarkan, who was pure and modest, contrary to his wild appearance, was riddled with anxiety.

Aristine was a strange woman.

She was both eccentric and absurd, and you never know what she’s going to do.

Plus, she was a pretty good person.

His one and only partner.

Tarkan didn’t want to hurt her.

But if he refused the first night, Aristine would be hurt.

‘And she’s looking forward to it so much.’

There were other issues besides the fluffiness in question. And this part was more serious.

* * *

A week ago, the court ladies suddenly came up to Tarkan and asked him.

《Your Highness Tarkan, may we ask a question? 》

Tarkan was a little puzzled by the resolute request.

He could count on one hand the number of times a court lady had spoken to him first. They were strangely uncomfortable with interaction.

But for them to ask a question. Tarkan wondered what the issue was, so he readily agreed.

At that, the court ladies brightened up and revealed what they were holding. With a ‘fwip’ sound, a few items appeared majestically in the air.

The court lady who asked the question pointed to it and asked spiritedly.

《Which one of these does Your Highness like the most?》

The item that the five court ladies were each holding was…

《This is the nightdress for the first night!》

《Her Highness Aristine is going to wear it!》

The eyes of the court ladies twinkled with anticipation as if they were asking him to quickly pick out one of the clothes they prepared.

This was the first time Tarkan had seen these court ladies act so lively since he began living in this palace.

As if they were trying to appeal to him, they competitively waved the nightdress that they were holding.


The piece of cloth that was almost as small as his palm shook violently in the air.

These things could hardly be called a nightdress.

《What do you think you’re doing right now?》

Tarkan asked with a frosty glaze in his eyes.

A chilly breeze, colder than the north wind, froze the court ladies in place.

《M-My apologies, Your Highness…》

《F-Forgive me… 》

Seeing the court ladies shivering as they turned blue, Tarkan didn’t feel good either.

He clicked his tongue and turned away.


At those words, the court ladies slowly left the room while trembling.

Once he was alone, Tarkan didn’t feel comfortable about it.

He didn’t enjoy intimidating the palace servants. But for a moment, even his bloodthirst had leaked out…

There was a high chance that the frightened court ladies would shed tears just by seeing Tarkan’s shadow in the future.


Tarkan thought it over for a moment then he left the room.

He was thinking of alleviating a little of court ladies’ fear.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] He says he doesn’t want to ‘overlap bodies’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). We all know what that means. Thanks for all the help. I’ve changed this from ‘warm bodies’ to ‘intimate’.

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