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Volcanic Age: Volume 1 Chapter 2.1


TN: Hello~ I have picked Volcanic Age up as my side-project. When I finish translating my current project, this will become my main project. However, if anyone wants to officially pick it up in the meantime, please inform me.


Ju Seo-Cheon’s soul was that of a nearly hundred old man who had gone through many hardships but his body was not. Now, he was only an eight year old child. And just like most children, freedom did not exist for a child. For a fourth generation disciple of the sect, this was even more true.

In the sect, there were a set of rules and regulations that had to be followed. And of course, that included Ju Seo-Cheon. After rising at dawn, he had to greet to his master first, then he had to go to the training center with the other fourth generation disciples to begin morning training.

“Hah, hah…”

The training center was near the volcanic mountain, Nakan. It was really hard to climb to the training center because it was located close to the peak of the volcano. It was difficult for an adult man who was untrained in martial arts to climb there so it went without saying how it would be feel in the body of a child. It was torturous.

He was only going to the training center for training but the path itself was already training.

‘Ah, shit.’

He couldn’t help but curse inwardly. It was good to start all over again. However, restarting meant that everything he had built up had disappeared. If it were him from his past life, he could have easily gone up like taking a walk but not anymore.

He could already taste something sweet in his mouth. His eyes was tearing up and his lungs were hurting like they was being torn. The soles of his feet and his thigh muscles were sorely aching.

‘Now that I think about it, Hwasan’s training is know to be very notorious!’

One of his forgotten memories flashed through his mind. The Hwasan faction was not just any sect. Their martial arts by itself outstanding but their disciple’s body tempering was unbelievably good. However, their method of tempering was extremely rigorous.

Whether you were a young man or a young child, you were pushed until the exact moment when your body was about to break down completely. However, not only did they know that boundary well, but the head-in-charge regulated the training and adjusted it at regular intervals.

If they saw that you were really reaching your limits, you were either allowed to rest or instilled endurance. Because of that, the body would be exhausted a lot, recover, improve and eventually, even a child would be able to climb to the Nakan peak.

Hence, this path and training was given the name, ‘Nakan Hell’. When you got past the ‘Nakan Hell’ and arrived at the training center, you would be divided according to degree of training.

In his case, he only had to arrive at the Nakan peak and that was it. Fourth generation disciples that were a little older than him were practicing simple swings of the sword. And further than that were fourth generation disciples who were even having duels.

“Good work. The byeokutang over there is for breakfast. Eat and start heading back down.” (TN: byeokutang= nutrient ball)

The Head Instructor used his chin to gesture to the table that was piled with ‘byeokutangs’.

Ju Seo-Cheon used his remaining strength to give the instructor a bow then he swept the byeokutang into his mouth. Most of the young children made an exclamation of “Yuck” once they chewed the byeokutang and frowned. Although a byeokutang was full of nutrients, it had no flavor. It was not a taste that children would like.

However, that didn’t apply to Ju Seo-Cheon. He had eaten so much of it in his past life that he just swallowed it without a care.

He rested for about fifteen minutes then he began to make his way down again. The descent was not as hard as the ascent.


Translator’s Corner:

  • The gender of Ju Seo-Cheon’s master is vague tbh.
  • Byeokutang: a ball of nutrients. Think meat balls.


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