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Volcanic Age: Volume 1 Chapter 1.2


Returning to Hwasan


“Seo-cheon… Seo-cheoon…wake up…”

His body was rocked back and forth like he was on a boat. His eyes fluttered open in response to the jerking movements.

The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a young man that seemed to be in the second half of middle age.


A boy, looking to be about six years old, saw the man who woke him up and began to mutter in disbelief.

“Master…? How…?”

“It was just a few days ago when you were crying your eyes out because you thought I was dead yet here you are, sleep talking again.”

He began to wonder if the boy could really represent him when he grew older.

With silky, beautiful and flowing pitch-black hair, bright, kind eyes and wrinkles that somehow seemed gentle and elegant.

Ju Seo-Cheon rolled his eyes at his master, Yu Jeong-Mok’s words, and momentarily feel into deep thought.


He didn’t have to think for long. The things that had occurred in the past week flew through his brain at the speed of light.

In that short moment, Ju Seo-Cheon gathered his thoughts together about his current circumstances.

‘Ju Seo-Cheon. 8 years old. Fourth generation disciple of the Hwasan Sect.’

The first thing that came to his mind was information about himself.

‘Yu Jeong-Mok. 40 years old. Third generation disciple of the Hwasan Sect.’

Members of the Hwasan sect were divided into groups from the first generation to the fourth generation.

Firstly, The First Generation disciples that no longer interfered with sect decisions; they were the secluded elders.

The second generation disciples stayed as elders that were included in sect matters. Outside of being elders, they were usually appointed to or occupied the high positions in the sect.

In the case of the third generation disciples, they were the leading division.
Most of them ranged from young to middle aged and were also the largest division. Disciples could also be adopted from this generation.

And lastly, the fourth generation disciple that were troublesome children that were still untrained novices. They were expected to be future scholars.
Even if one was the oldest amongst the fourth generation disciples, they were informed to perform well.

It was around the time when powerful people began to emerge and Ju Seo-Cheon was a late bloomer among the fourth generation disciples.

But what was the most important thing?

‘I have returned to the past.’

He couldn’t help muttering to himself. Honestly, he still couldn’t believe it.
For the next few days, he was suspicious over a dozen times before he finally came to a conclusion.

The Ju Seo-Cheon that luckily rose to become an elder of the Hwasan during the Age of War was dead. That life truly did exist.

He had found enlightenment towards the end of his life and rose up even higher in the sect but he couldn’t overcome life and died.

And for some reason, when he closed his eyes and reopened them again, something unbelievable had happened.

He had gone back to his past that was already fading in his memory, he went back to his childhood.

At first, he thought he was dreaming. The second time he woke up, he wondered what kind of punishment this was.

The third time, he considered that maybe he had ascended to heaven and was being rewarded for being on the front lines.

However, all of his speculations were off the mark. None of them matched his current circumstances.

It wasn’t a dream, or a punishment from hell, or a front-line reward. He could hardly believe it but after seeing with his eyes, hearing with his ears and feeling it with his body, he finally adapted.

‘Before the flowers were soaked with blood. Before the world was full of warriors caught in a whirlpool of anger. I have returned to that time!’

The days were still peaceful… and he was back to the days with the only precious family to him, his master.

‘I can do this.’

Useless emotions and worldly thoughts in his head were thrown away and in their place, intense emotions were lit up in his heart.

‘Once more!’

He didn’t know how he came back to the past or if someone had sent him to the past but quite frankly he didn’t care.

This was the decision he came to after thinking about it for a week.

He had lived a life without accomplishing anything special, and had died a lonely death with no loved ones around him.

He didn’t know how but he had come back to the past and even with all his memories from his past life.

‘Just a little longer and I can live the way I want.’

It wasn’t perfect but if he had this memory, he could live a completely different life.

Due to this knowledge, his emotions were stirred up and something that had cooled down within him was once again ignited.

He knew all the incidents that would happen in the future. He knew of the numerous future warriors and the dark forces hiding behind the war.

In addition to that, thanks to his position as an elder of the Hwasan sect, he was able to learn of many secrets of the Murim and the hwasan sect and he also learnt about the biggest event in history.

‘Above all, I will be able to do those kind of things with women!’

He felt regretful that he died a virgin. It wasn’t till later in his years that his sexual desire was reduced however, before that it was painful.

The Hwasan sect belonged to the the secular side so marriage was without constraint.

In his case, as his status put him in charge of sect matters even if he got married, he couldn’t have a child.

At any rate he belonged to the sect, so he suppressed his sexual desire and he was able to finally close his eyes.

Nevertheless undeniably, he had not even held a woman’s hand and had continuously lived among men.

The grievances and foolishness of that time quietly lit up the eyes of the merely eight year old, Ju Seo-Cheon.



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