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Lucia Chapter 62 [part 2]


< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (5)

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With every intense thrust from behind, Lucia’s body shook tremendously. She squeezed the sheets tightly, trying to hold on, but her arms kept wobbling.

“A-! Aah!”

He grabbed her waist and mercilessly thrust his penis in and out of her. Because of their position, his thrusts could reach deeper and her insides felt jittery. It was too deep. She couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure as she screamed coquettishly.

“Ah! Ang!”

Whenever his thigh hit her butt, her body shook in response and her eyes glistened with tears. His relentless thrusts showed no signs of ending. Unable to bear the pressure any longer, her arms fell and her upper body collapsed.

Her knees could barely support her and were trembling in exhaustion. She felt herself running out of breath as her cheeks rubbed against the sheets. Her eyes heated up and tears fell from her eyes and onto the sheets.

“No…No more. Hk…”

In spite of her pleas, he slammed against her butt, pushing even deeper. At the stimulus, her insides squeezed his penis tightly causing him to flinch then he resumed his intense thrusts.

The sensation of his firm manhood plunging deep into her caused her body to jerk and twitch. Every time he ravaged her insides, a thrill ran up her spine and her sight flickered repeatedly.

“Hugh…Haa…Tired…I’m tired.”

“Good girl. It’s almost…over. Just a little more.”

His voice was cracked and heavily subdued as he spoke in a soothing manner. Lucia knew from experience. The him right now was like something had snapped in his brain. Pleas wouldn’t get to him.

It was only once in a while but there were times he would keep pushing ruthlessly. Every time that happened, she would feel like she was bitten and drained by a large fang.

“…I’m in trouble. You’re squeezing so tight…can’t even breathe.” (Hugo)

“Hk. Don’t…say that…”

Lucia wanted to block her ears. Even though his erotic taunts were embarrassing, she was more embarrassed at the excitement that coursed through her body at his words.

Every time he rammed into her, her body trembled threateningly as though it would fall. If it weren’t for his strong hands holding onto her hips and thighs, she would have already fallen. Even though she was extremely tired, she could feel her vagina walls going into spasms.

Every time her inner walls pulsed like a heartbeat, his breathing grew rough. His muscular frame drove her curvy body and his flowing sweat fell onto her back.

It was the first time she was led to climax so many times while only being taken from behind(1). Since it was an exhausting position for her, it wasn’t one that they usually maintained for long.

Her tears and pleas as she trembled and accepted his penis, stimulated his beast-like desire for conquest and possession. She was his. His woman. No matter how much of her he had, it was not enough.

“Hugh. Please…Hhng!”

“If you want me to stop…..stop tightening. You won’t let me go.”

One of his hands began to knead her breast and she felt a smarting pain from his bite on the back of her neck. This time she groaned. She had no strength to move her waist. His raging erection showed no sign of abating and he repeatedly penetrated her body with great force.

His semen, from his several previous ejaculations, drooled down her thighs with every merciless thrust. The sound of squelching and smacking could be continuously heard as his thighs repeatedly met her buttocks.

Lucia felt dizzy from her constantly shaking vision and closed her eyes. He grabbed her hair, controlling his strength to avoid hurting her.

His other hand wrapped around her stomach and lifted her up in order to elevate her buttocks. Her hands closed around the sheets, gripping it tightly.


He gave a heavy thrust and released into her. At the feeling of his searing hot fluid pouring into her vagina, her entire body shuddered and trembled.

Filled with enjoyment from the sexual pleasure, Hugo let out a subdued moan. He wanted to sow his seeds deep inside her womb. If his seeds were to take root and sprout in the depths of her body, she might become his completely.

‘Damn it.’

That was impossible.

When her inner walls finally stopped convulsing and her tightness had loosened somewhat, he began to pull out slowly. He released his hand supporting her body and like that, she quietly fell onto the bed.

Apart from her shoulders moving up and down as she panted, she didn’t move an inch. Cloudy liquid, unswallowed by her vagina, ran down her thighs. Seeing this, his red eyes ignited as though set on fire.

Hugo’s throat felt parched. It was akin to drinking salt water to quench one’s thirst; his thirst seemed like it would lessen if he held her but worsened instead. It was extremely hard to reign it in.

Hugo slowly closed his eyes and reopened them. Upon doing so, his eyes that were murky with desire had become much clearer. This was enough. He forced down his turbulent desires. He brushed away her hair wet with sweat and revealed her round forehead.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. It was unknown if she was asleep as her wet eyelashes rose tremblingly. Before shutting her eyes, she had fixed him a gaze full of reproach.

His lips curved gently and he stroked her hair, feeling apologetic. The slight crease on her delicate forehead slowly unfolded.

He put on his robe, wrapped her body with the sheets, and lifted her body into his arms. She opened her eyes slightly and closed it again. She had no strength to respond and her body dangled from his arms.

He walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the bathroom. A prepared warm bath should still be available.

 * * *

Lucia slept like the dead and woke up when the sun was high in the sky.

‘I’m so stiff.’

It wasn’t a bad thing that her husband was a man of great stamina but sometimes, it was a problem when he went over the limit.

After groaning and finally getting up, Lucia was greeted to a small pile of jewelry that was delivered in the morning.

In the receiving room, a stack of jewels lay piled up on the table as though presenting themselves to Lucia. The maid’s eyes twinkled with pride as though saying ‘hurry up and see them’.

‘This man, really.’

Lucia was stunned speechless and couldn’t believe her eyes. Even for presents, there was a limit. How much would all this be? She felt a headache coming.

She thought of telling him her thoughts on his excessive spending when he came back in the evening but, the events from the previous night flashed into her mind.

‘…He’ll get upset.’

He certainly would. Yesterday, he was sulking that she received his necklace unenthusiastically so if she asked him to return them, he might get angry. There was no need to make him feel bad after he had gone out of his way to give her a present.

[Even if you are gifted a single flower, embrace him and thank him like there is no gift more precious in the world, and if there is any passion, that passion will overflow.] (2)

The advice that she heard from the northern noblewomen came to mind.

‘Alright. It’s being given anyways so let’s accept it rather than leaving it to rot. Besides, it’s possible to get money if we resell it.’

As she could not see all the contents of the gifts from just looking at it, she carefully unpacked the contents of the boxes, one by one and the afternoon passed with her trying each one on herself.

In the evening, he came back early and they were able to have dinner together.

During the meal, he said, “Tomorrow, a designer will be visiting. I am of the opinion that you need a dress.”

“…a dress?”

“This is the capital. If you wear outdated dresses like in Roam, you will be subject to ridicule. The prestige of the Lady of the House is the prestige of the family.”

Lucia did not say anything to that because his words were true. The nobles of the capital were particularly sensitive to fashion. In particular, the attire of high-ranking noblewomen was the main gossip of many women.

Even if she could not to become a fashion leader, it would be difficult if she drew ridicule upon herself with her attire. Indeed, it would seem that the dresses she had presently were not suitable for her upcoming social activities in the capital.




Translator’s Corner:

  1. Alternate translation: [It was the first time she was led to climax so many times with only the doggy-style position]

  2. Chapter 21.

*Just as a notice: I remove double comments.



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