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Lucia Chapter 62 [part 1]


< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (5)

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Upon his master’s return to the mansion, Jerome received his master’s coat and reported the small incident that happened earlier in the day.

“So. In summary, you do not know where that guy is.”

“Yes, Your Grace. I am sorry.”

Roy woke up after getting a long lazy sleep and stealthily slipped away. Maybe he got scared since Hugo was about to return. If that fellow made up his mind to escape, no one could find him, and even if they knew where he was, there was no one with the ability to drag him back unless Hugo went there personally.

“When he shows himself later, tell him I said he should stay put. Do not try to seize him by force.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

After taking a bath, Hugo went into his wife’s bedroom. He went up behind her as she sat in front of the dressing table, kissed the back of her neck and fastened the necklace he bought on her neck.

At the coldness on her neck, Lucia flinched and looked in the mirror to see what was on her neck then her eyes widened in surprise. The teardrop-shaped jewel twinkled brightly in the mirror.

“You don’t like it?”

“Ah no, it’s not that. It’s pretty. I was just wondering what day it is.”

“Gifts aren’t only for special occasions.”

“I’m asking because I don’t really know but…this isn’t an exorbitantly priced jewelry, is it?”

When she thought of the present he gave her for her birthday in the spring, she felt overwhelmed, like her stomach was still upset. Following his first gift of a white diamond necklace, he presented her with a red diamond necklace in the spring.

Because its diamonds weren’t as heavy as the ones on the white diamond necklace, she had worn it to her next tea party. A noble lady, particularly interested in jewelry, had instantly recognized the red diamond necklace, and mouthed off about how much it could be won for at a jewelry auction.

Hearing the enormous sum, Lucia had felt faint. She had expected it to be expensive but the price was way above her expectations.

“Do you want something like that? Maybe at the jewelry auction next month…” (Hugo)

“No!” (Lucia)

Seeing the serious look on her face, Hugo chuckled and turned around. He climbed onto the bed and plopped down with his hands on the pillow.

“Your husband is rich. Try to enjoy being a woman that has a rich husband.”

Instead of giving an answer, Lucia smiled weakly. She was born poor. Even when she lived as Count Matin’s wife, she was unable enjoy the luxury. She didn’t have to worry about starving to death in the dream but she always worried about her livelihood.

It was not that she lived with the values of honest poverty, but that the circumstances were just not well.

However, Lucia could not forget the Duchess that she saw in her dream. The Duchess was draped in expensive garments and ornaments but she did not seem happy at all. Lucia felt like she would change and become like the Duchess from her dream if he were to leave her; Unable to escape the luxury that was once tasted, and trying to fill the void in her heart with it.

She didn’t want to step into that inescapable swamp.

“Do you dislike jewelry? Or is it that you dislike it because of the person giving it?”

“Why do you say that? I am grateful. It is pretty and I like it.”

“I know you’re not being sincere.”

He didn’t expect her to react dramatically like other women did but he was upset that she looked strangely burdened by his gift.

Time and time again, he was shocked by the fact that she asked him if he would cheat in the capital. It was as if she would give him anything when she opened up and fully accepted him on the bed but in reality, her heart was closed and she did not trust him. What other way was there if she refused even his gifts?

She did not acknowledge his persistent efforts to obtain her heart. Just the sight of her made him feel her preciousness, and the mere thought of her made him feel jittery inside, yet his ice witch did even think of melting at all.

“Are you angry?” (Lucia)

“I am not.”

He replied sourly, contrary to his words. Lucia gazed at him in thought.

‘If it were in the past, I would have been hurt by his blunt words.’

She probably wouldn’t have said a word and suffered in silence. However, now, she could afford to not worry too much even if he was grumbling. When did she become able to confidently tell him, ‘you can go and sleep in your room today’.

Lucia stood up, her gaze fixed on him. She slowly took off her bathrobe and it fell to the floor, revealing her nude body underneath. Hugo, who was lying down indifferently, jolted upright at this sight.

Feeling his stunned red eyes staring at her intensely, she looked at him and her eyes curved beautifully as she smiled. Looking at his wife smiling like an enchantress as the amber necklace glistened off her fair naked skin, Hugo’s mind went blank.

Lucia walked towards the bed without looking away from his hardened center. Her boldness surprising even herself.

He always gazed at her passionately. His gaze was as if he was seeing the fantastical beauty from the rumors. At first, she felt embarrassed but as she got used to his gaze, she began to think, ‘maybe I am a little attractive.’

And when she enticed him, she became confident that she could go forward with it. She climbed onto the bed and slowly approached him on her knees. She looked into his wavering red eyes that were as though she had seized them and smiled.

It was a crafty smile that she herself did not realize. Hugo was frozen stiff as he watched her climb over his body and mount him. She sat down as tightly as possible on the center of his thighs.

His rigidness peaked from beneath his bathrobe, pressing hard against her behind. His Adam’s apple moved flinchingly. She grabbed the necklace on her neck and lifted the yellow sapphire to her lips, kissing it, then she gave him an odd smile.

“The necklace, does it suit me?”


His voice sounded strained.

“It’s not that I don’t like the gift but I have a small liver(1). Please understand that I worry of you going bankrupt.”

“Even if the sky splits in two, that won’t happen.”

Lucia slid her hands into his bathrobe and slowly caressed his firm chest. Meeting his quivering gaze, she felt a thrill of excitement from the situation she was leading.

“They say the luxury of a woman can shake the foundation of a nation.”

Much less that of a family. Although Hugo knew what she meant, in his mind, if she wanted it, he would set up a nation and give it to her.

“Shake as much as you want.”

The Taran family could handle that much. Even though Hugo grit his teeth at the disgusting history of his family, he acknowledged its strength. At his arrogant confidence, Lucia smiled as if it couldn’t be helped. Humility was not the virtue of Hugo Taran.

He drew in to kiss her but she tilted her head backwards slightly. He tried again, but she avoided it again.

His seething expression revealed his wonder at her actions and she kissed his lips, catching him by surprise then she quickly pulled away. Seeing his eyes ablaze as he panted, Lucia burst into laughter. He was at the brink of pouncing on her.

She caressed his cheeks and kissed him again. This time too, he was unable to refuse her attack. Unwilling to be outdone, he held the back of her neck, kissing her fiercely.

She followed the movements of his tongue as it deeply fondled every corner of her mouth and her hands clutching the front of his robe trembled. His hot tongue wrapped around her tongue, drawing her in. The frenzied kiss continued for a long time.

In the meantime, his hands explored above her waist, sweeping up to her shoulders. After a good while, he moved away and Lucia gazed at him with misty eyes. Like an afterimage, she could still feel the movements of his tongue occupying her mouth.

Looking at her swollen lips, Hugo licked his lips.

“Where did you learn these things?”

Lucia laughed at the puzzlement in his voice.

“From you.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“Applying what one has learnt is the attitude of a good student.”

He gave an odd smile as if saying he was in trouble then mumbled.

“It’s a good thing I’m not king.”


Hugo felt like he would become a wild king that ruins his country because of a woman. While muttering that to himself, he wrapped his hands around her waist and took her pale breast into his mouth.


In an instant, he stole the initiative. Lucia moaned and twisted at his intense caresses. He always wanted her passionately. And she was also the same.




Translator’s Corner:

1) Here she says: “I have a small liver” which means she fears a lot of things/worries a lot.




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