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Lucia Chapter 44 [part 1]


< — Love, Understanding and Family — > (6)

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Hugo carried her in a hug as he entered the bedroom and sat on the couch. Lucia buried her face in his wide chest and burst into tears.

Hugo stroked her head as he rhythmically patted her back. Her sobbing did not stop, rather it grew even louder. The crying was not only because of the garden party. Lucia herself did not even know why she was crying so much.

She was just sad, and in the face of his gentle comfort, her tears refused to stop flowing. She hadn’t been able to cry since she entered the palace at the age of 12 and crying so much now was as if she was washing all that away.

Hugo gently stroked her back without saying a word however, he was seething inside. Even though she seemed weak, he knew just how strong of a person she was. What in the world could have happen for her to cry like this?

Those wives with nothing to do with their time must have lost their minds. They dare do this to his woman who was too precious to even touch? He would make them regret it. His deep rage was continuously increasing.

After a long period of time, Lucia’s crying began to settle and she leaned into his arms. Hugo simply hugged her, not saying any comforting words or telling her not to cry, however, she felt a lot of comfort from his attitude.

Lucia lifted her head, fixing her gaze on him and he looked down, meeting her eyes.

“No more crying?”

Lucia felt more or less embarrassed as she nodded her head. After crying like that with no restraint, she felt somewhat lighthearted.

“I have to…wash up…”

She felt ashamed to show him her face smeared full of tears. He grabbed her as she tried to get up and held out a wet towel. Lucia didn’t know because she had been crying but in the meantime, a maid had come in and tactfully placed towel by the side. Lucia took the towel and meticulously wiped her face then she looked down and found the front of his shirt wet from all her crying.

“It’s wet…because of me.”

Lucia hesitated for a moment then she reached out and unfastened a button on his shirt.

As she unfastened it one by one, his well-defined chest muscles gradually came into view and her hands began to tremble. When she got to the middle, her heart was pounding too hard and she took her hand off.

“Bring a change of clothes…”

Hugo grabbed her wrists mid-speech. She looked at him in surprise and found his eyes shining dangerously.

“Finish taking it off.” (Hugo)

She glared at him with trembling eyes then she swallowed hard, and reached out to unfasten the rest of his buttons with shaky hands.

When the last button was undone, she subconsciously swept her hands across his naked chest. She was impressed by the firmness of his skin and her heart throbbed at the sight of his refined, beautiful muscles.

Suddenly, shame washed over her and she quickly took her hands off. She began to turn around as if to get up but his hands were faster as they moved to catch hers. His lips quickly met hers and his tongue swept over her lips then he smacked his lips as though mulling over the taste.


Lucia’s face instantly turned red. There was an obvious spark in his red eyes that were fixed on her. His always passionate and wanting gaze was glued onto her and her body reacted sensitively to this gaze.

It was a cute and innocent reaction, just to the extent of a loudly pounding heart. Her body felt hot, her breathing quickened and the deep part between her legs felt electrified.

As she gazed into his red eyes, she recalled once thinking that the red color was very cold. However, she couldn’t remember when she had had that thought. At some point, his gazes on her had become heated all the time.

‘Does he…always look at women he’s in the bedroom with this way?’

She recalled the scene of Sophia Lawrence desperately clinging to him. ‘It’s not like the Duke of Taran is the only man left in the world’, she had mumbled to herself and clicked her tongue. That’s why they say, ‘the world is full of things one doesn’t know and one shouldn’t put their mouth in other people’s businesses’.

She didn’t think a day would come where she could understand Sofia Lawrence’s feelings like this. She wondered if there was any woman who could receive such a gaze and bear it when it suddenly turns cold. As time went on, her love of him gradually grew bigger and bigger.

Her determination to love him and not hope for a requital was strangely shaken the more tenderly he treated her. She was afraid that one day she would become the type of clingy woman that he despised.

‘It’s fine like this.’

For now, she was happy enough. He was a very tender and passionate husband. To ask for more would be greedy. In this way, she comforted herself.

Lucia placed both hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using it to propel herself upwards. As his eyes were fixated on her, his head naturally went up to meet her eyes. The feeling of looking down on him from above gave her a strange and odd sense of superiority.

She pressed down more on his shoulders and lowered her head to kiss him. She gently bit his lower lips like he always did to her and licked his lips with her tongue. Soon enough, the carefully started kisses became increasingly provocative. Because he stayed still, she acted more lively in rubbing all over his lips.

When their lips separated, the embarrassment from what she just did seemed to flood over her and the heat from her face spread throughout her body.

“You haven’t eaten because of me. You must be hungry…”

Before her sentence could finish, he grabbed her neck and greedily devoured her lips. Her lips were swallowed all at once and his tongue dove into her mouth. As his tongue rummaged the inside her mouth without reserve, her hands that were grabbing onto the collars of his shirt trembled.

The kiss was long enough to leave her breathless. When he moved away, she began to gasp for air.

“You’re talking about food now?”

After stirring me up like this? He growled, feeling the heat in his body rising.

“…I’m hungry too.” (Lucia)

Hugo sighed heavily. Although it didn’t matter to him if he didn’t eat once or twice…

“…can’t have you go hungry.” (Hugo)

Hugo carried her like that and went to the receiving room which was connected to the bedroom. There were meals for two people already set out on the table there. The meal was over shortly.

Lucia, the hungry one, couldn’t eat any more and lay down the fork. Around the same time, Hugo also finished his meal.


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