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Lucia Chapter 44 [part 2]


< — Love, Understanding and Family — > (6)


Lucia called the maid and asked for a change of clothes to be brought for him. For a while, she sat on the sofa, completely absorbed in watching him as he changed out of his shirt. Looking at his revealed upper body, she fell into delusions.

Just like how he caresses and licks all over her body, she wanted to lay him down and taste him. When such a thought arose in her mind, she was startled and jumped in surprise.

‘You really are crazy.’

It was fortunate that no one could look into her head. While she was adjusting her breath to calm her pounding heart down, Hugo came up and sat beside her on the sofa.

“Still not feeling well?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Lucia leaned her head on his shoulder. His arms went across, lightly grabbing her shoulders and wrapping his arms around her.

“Thanks to you, it’s okay now. After crying so much, I feel quite refreshed. Have you ever had such an experience?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never cried before.”

When his brother died, he felt like his heart was being ripped out so he ran away from his horse to be alone and screamed, however no tears fell from his eyes.

Lucia was not surprised to hear that he had never cried. Since it was him, it was quite reasonable.

“Now, tell me. What happened?” (Hugo)

“…Just as you heard earlier. The garden party was a mess due to the party-break. The guests were displeased at my introduction of Damian, but I did not want to concede, so I simply dismissed the party. It’s something that often happens in high society.”

“If it’s a common thing, why did you cry your eyes out?”

“That…wasn’t just because of the party. I was a little upset because I felt that Damian was hurt by my wrong judgement of the situation.”

Does one cry till they’re exhausted because they feel a little upset? Hugo could not understand her psychology behind bursting into tears so even though he wasn’t convinced, he let it pass.

“The boy is not that weak.”

“Yes. He is your son, after all. But he’s still only eight years old. He’s young.”

“Who was the initiator?”

Ferocity lay hidden beneath his soft and calm tone. From deep within his red eyes, brutality overflowed as if he would pounce and rip someone’s throat out in an instant. The normally hidden nature of Hugh was awakened. He felt the desire to find the person who gave her pain and make them taste blood.

The savage beast in his eyes hid itself the moment Lucia lifted her head.

“Don’t do anything.” (Lucia)

“…Don’t do what?”

“High society is a woman’s matter. You shouldn’t interfere.”

If he interfered, it would be utter chaos. The very foundation of the northern high society would be shaken. If such a situation occurred, not only Madam Michelle, even Kate could turn their backs on her.


When he became sullen and did not reply, Lucia appealed to him.

“Please promise me. Promise me that you won’t interfere with this.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Hugh! No, don’t do this for me. I won’t blame you nor will fingers be pointed at me.”

“Who dares?”


He couldn’t resist the sight of her quivering eyes as she implored him.


“You promise?”

“I said okay.”

Inwardly, he was grumbling. He didn’t want to idle around and do nothing. She didn’t have the heart to completely step on them till they couldn’t make a sound.

Hugo didn’t know about other things but he was very confident in crushing people under his feet. However, he couldn’t even show that off to her and prove his skill.

“What are you going to do?” (Hugo)

“I’m still thinking. I don’t plan on having a hasty retaliation.” (Lucia)

“You don’t plan on letting it cool down and blow over, right?”

“I’m not a fool to overcome this by remaining silent. I’ll deal with it nicely, don’t worry.”

“What’s so complicated? Bring a few instigated…”

Lucia’s head abruptly shot up, revealing narrowed eyes, and Hugo closed his mouth.

“I’m saying this again, but don’t ever do something like that. This is different from the men’s. The world of women is not that simple.”

Whether man or a woman, they both die when they lose their neck so Hugo couldn’t understand why it was so complicated. However, he obediently replied that he understood. It was somehow terrifying to see his docile wife look so aggressive.

“So you really don’t need my help.” (Hugo)

She looked really energetic. Even if he didn’t want it to the extent of clinging and whimpering about it, he would like it if she complained to him.

“I will tell you if I need it.” (Lucia)

Hugo couldn’t help but wonder if such a day would come. He felt bitter as he seemingly confirmed once again that she would be completely fine, living without him.

“Why didn’t you ever ask about Damian before he came?”(Hugo)

Argumentatively, the cause of the garden party situation was Damian. Hugo had known that she thought the child to be cute but it seemed that her feelings towards the child were much deeper than he thought. That’s why it was surprising. Until recently, he thought she held no interest in Damian because she had never asked him anything about the kid.

“You never mentioned the child to me first so I didn’t think I should talk about him.” (Lucia)


“The day I went to find you in the Capital, you warned me when I mentioned Damian.”

“…Did I?”

“And I knew that even if I asked out of pure curiosity, it would be hard to see my intentions as pure. It is likely that if I had asked about details on Damian, you would have wondered what my intentions were.”


Hugo was thrown off guard and couldn’t say anything. She was right. If she had shown interest in Damian shortly after they married, he wouldn’t have taken it as a natural interest. Even though her personality wasn’t one to keep everything locked inside, her considerations were deeper that he thought.

“I called Damian back because of the status elevation process.” (Hugo)

“That hasn’t been processed yet? Is there perhaps, something else I need to do?” (Lucia)

“There is no such problem but since he’s becoming your legal son, I thought you should at least know the boy’s face. And no matter how long ago I was provided the documents, I won’t process it without talking to you.”

Lucia’s eyes grew round as she stared at him. He looked somewhat disgruntled.

“I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say you thought I would handle it without asking you, right?”

Lucia gave a slightly bashful smile. Hugo sighed.

“That’s right. I am a rogue. I know you think so.”

Lucia felt somewhat sorry as she looked at his slightly crestfallen appearance.

“…I don’t think of you like that. Really.”

“…Then what do you think of me?”

“You are a very competent lord. Before I came here, I didn’t know the north was such a comfortable and steady place to live in.”

“Is that so.”

He replied dryly. Her praise wasn’t very pleasing. A competent lord? Those words weren’t the ones he wanted to hear from her.




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    I know our mc is smart but i cant help but hope that hugh WILL do something about it at the sidelines, in the background…

    There are so many lines i loved in ths one but the most remarkable would be this:

    ‘It was somehow terrifying to see his docile wife looking so aggressive.’


    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the translation!
    “Whether man or a woman, they both die when they lose their neck so Hugo couldn’t understand why it was so complicated”.
    Me too Hugo, me too. Nuances of high society, politics, traditions, and segregation of gender roles has their merits and alternative methods but also faults as well (aka confusion beyond necessity). Of course, it can’t be help that this story is set as a fantasy with fictional monarch so the characters’ rationality is within the setting. However, I think we can all take a page out of the Beas- I mean Hugo’s books and remember that we are all human.

  3. Whether man or a woman, they both die when they lose their neck so Hugo couldn’t understand why it was so complicated.
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