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Lucia Chapter 17 [part 1]


< — The Ducal Couple — > (5)

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Femme Fatale

TN: All the thanks has been overwhelming! I’m glad you like it!


“There are many things I lack in order to fulfill my duties as the Duchess. When I asked the Duke for his opinion, he mentioned you. Hence, I have requested for you. I hear you are a very busy person and I apologize for interrupting your schedule. Ah, if my words or actions are out of line, please tell me.” (Lucia)

A smile appeared on Michelle’s tightly drawn lips.

“For manners, your Grace does not have more to learn. The essence of courtesy is consideration for the other party. Your Grace already knows how to sincerely treat the other person and how to express your feelings, what else can I add?”

“You flatter me.”

Lucia’s face was tinged red.

Michelle had thought the Duchess would be a very arrogant person since she was a princess. Instead she felt as though the Duchess were her beautiful granddaughter and laughed heartily. Michelle understood that The Duke did not require her to teach, instead her purpose was to use her high position in social circles to give the Duchess a head start in society.

Michelle had never thought of the Duke of Taran as a good person. She did not want her son or her grandchild to have the Duke as a role model. He was a competent man, yes, but not a good person. The Duke was arrogant, unyielding, and regarded interaction with people as insignificant. Still, she had to acknowledge that his eye for people was outstanding. And now she sees that his wife’s eyes were also impressive.

Some thought that because of the Duke’s extravagant tastes in women, he would marry a remarkable beauty but they didn’t know what they were saying.

‘The Duke found a good wife.’

The Duke was a very cold man and would not move without any benefits. So for a wife, he probably thought to pick someone that was good at listening, hassle-free, and suited his station. If Michelle were to see The Duke one day, she would definitely tell him this, regardless of the consequences:

‘Show affection to the Duchess’.

Even if it’s not romantic love, to at least not throw away his existing feelings.

A woman that received no affection would become anxious and increasingly nervous about her position. And with only her pride to rely on, she would become full of thorns and increasingly picky. Many people overlook the fact that if the mistress of the house is not comfortable, the household would eventually be shaken.

Though Michelle had to admit after meeting the Duchess that her predictions were wrong, she could still tell what type of person one was at a glance because of her experiences. The Duchess was obviously an innocent and clean person. She couldn’t see any signs of anxiety or depression. It was the look of a woman that received plenty of affection.

“I believe you have been married for about two months.” (Countess)

“Yes.” (Lucia)

“Then it is around the time to start social activities. Starting with a light tea party would be good.”

“What scale would be best?”

“Since it is the first gathering, it is okay to start small. Invite around 10 people, mainly wives of the Duke’s vassals. You can ask the butler about whom to invite. The Duke’s butler is a capable person”

Lucia nodded her head. Jerome was definitely capable.

“Actually, there are a lot of people to meet. Do I have to prepare something like a ball?” (Lucia)

“Just because you are the Duke’s wife does not mean you have to be a socialite. In fact, social activities and your aptitude must match. While you cannot avoid social activities, they can be done in moderation. Perhaps throw a tea party, or a garden party, twice a month, inviting only women. It’s also good to occasionally increase the number of people, from 10 to 30. ”

Countess Corzan’s way of teaching was to give good advice while conversing. In the conversation that spanned nearly two hours, Lucia learned what she did not know and interesting new facts. Lucia sincerely admired the Countess who spoke elegantly and skillfully without boring her audience. It was the same for Michelle whose heart was also moved. The more they spoke, the more Michelle felt attracted to Lucia’s gentle and amicable personality. It was quite hard to find someone with those characteristics in high society. Michelle was in a good mood because, regardless of the age differences, she had found a good friend.

“If you need someone to talk to, I would like to introduce you to my niece. Her conduct is not elegant, but her character is bright and not flashy. She will be a great help to the Madam in finding enjoyment in your northern life. ” (Countess)

“I am grateful but I am already adjusting well to my life here and I do not need a friend that will try to please me.” (Lucia)

“Ho-ho. You are very honest. Kate is, ah, her name is Kate. Kate does not possess the ability to try and please her friends. If she does not like you, she will not become friends with you. ”

“Hmm. I am intrigued. I am willing to meet her. She sounds like a charming lady. ”

“She is a person with many advantages and disadvantages. When her friend’s fiancé cheated on her and deceived her, she did not hesitate to embarrass him. If someone mentions her name, my head hurts wondering what incident she’s caused this time. ”

“But you love your niece.”

Michelle smiled brightly. Her eyes were filled with affection for her niece.

“Because she’s a lovable child. But I am worried that there is no brave man that will marry her. Even though she hasn’t married, she attends to and counsels young girls who are in love. She can become a good counselor for you. ”

“But I’m already married.”

“Marriage is not the end, it is the beginning. Before marriage, were you in a relationship with His Grace for some time?”


When Lucia thought about it, there was no relationship while meeting with him. As soon as they met, she proposed. At the second meeting, they signed a contract. At the third meeting, she was doing laundry, got caught and got told off on something similar. Then she signed the marriage certificate.

“Umm…before marriage, I met with His Grace three times.”

Michelle’s hand holding the teacup paused for a moment then she put down the cup.

“Can you tell me how His Grace treats you at home? Actually, for me to ask this is taking a considerable risk because it might be perceived as slander against your husband to you, the hostess. I ask because it seems that Madam has married His Grace without knowing him very well and it’s a little sad.”

“You may speak as you please. I promise not to be offended.”

“Well, first of all, could you describe to me, honestly, what kind of person His Grace the Duke is?”


“Yes. Honestly.”

“Umm. He is… not fickle… but he acts as he pleases. Once he decides on something, he turns and never looks back. He is an indifferent and cold person.”

“Ah. I seems to have said something pointless. Your Grace knows the Duke very well.”

The Taran Duke’s outer shell alone was the best thing about him. His stunning looks and body were the manifestations of women’s fantasies.

In fact, there was no single northern girl that had seen the Duke once and not fallen into one sided love for him, even though The Duke never encouraged them. Daring girls actually threw their bodies at the Duke.

Usually, the Duke responded positively to their temptation. And the women fell into the illusion that he would soon fall for them. It didn’t take long for that illusion to break. Once they fell for him and began to want a little more affection or love, The Duke would throw them away without any hesitation.

Many of the ladies that Michelle taught had experienced this and were so hurt that they would cry in front of her. Thanks to that, even though Michelle had never properly spoken to the Duke of Taran, she knew more than anyone else about the Duke’s bedroom matters.


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