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Lucia Chapter 17 [part 2]


< — The Ducal Couple — > (5)

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Femme Fatale

TN: I think the raws I’m following are a bit different. There’s a division right at the start of ch 17 part 1 like this: < — 공작부부 — > Which essentially means a new ducal couple part.


The Ducal couple had been married for about two months. It was time where one would not abandon the dreams and expectations of a honeymoon. However, the Duchess seems to have accurately figured out His Grace. It was evidence that she had not completely fallen for her husband. Michelle was surprised and pleased.

“Excellent. Your Grace has not forgotten about yourself. A woman can be a truly sad existence. Many give their hearts away and tend to give it excessively. Then once they lose the object of their affection, they cannot stand to be alone and fall apart.”

Lucia smiled awkwardly and nodded her head. She was being praised but she did not feel happy about it. She could not forget about herself because she had given up everything in the first place.

“But, you should not keep your husband at an excessive distance. Maintaining the right distance is very important.” (Countess)

“Maintaining the right distance…”

Lucia nodded.

“I will ask a rude question. How many times does His Grace visit your bedroom in a week?”

“Yes? Ah…”

Lucia’s face went red.

“He comes…everyday.”

Michelle’s eyes widened slightly but she assumed an air of indifference and replied, “Is that so.”

She had found out something very interesting. Contrary to expectations, the one being distanced was the Duke. If Michelle were alone, she would have burst out laughing. The Duchess’ innocent appearance suddenly looked different. Men always want what they cannot get and The Duchess was maintaining the perfect distance to make the Duke want more.

“Keeping the right distance… how do you do that?” (Lucia)

“I’ll tell you, little by little.” Michelle said while murmuring inwardly, ‘It doesn’t seems like there’s anything more to teach Her Grace. ’

It was obvious to her that as more time passed between the ducal couple, the emphasis in the relationship would gradually shift towards the Duchess. This was a speculation from Michelle who had consulted and personally watched over many men and women relationships. But there was one mystery that Michelle could not solve:

‘Just what is the charm of this person to shake the Duke?’

The Duchess, of course, had no way to know that The Duke had completely fallen for his wife’s body. It was to the extent that he could not get it out of his mind.

Afterwards, Countess Corzan decided to visit them regularly. And, after about a week, Lucia decided to throw her first tea party.

* * *

“Your Grace.”

A maid with a flushed expression spoke carefully, “Could Your Grace be pregnant?”


Lucia knitted her brows at those ridiculous words.

“Your Grace has not menstruated for more than two months. Since one cannot know, how about having a checkup?”

The most important work of the maidservants was to look after the health of their master. It was not until after two months had passed that they discovered that something was seriously strange with their mistress’ body and needed to be looked into.

If a specific maid had continuously attended to Lucia, it would have been noticed faster. But the maids took turns over several days to serve her and kept on assuming that a different maid had waited on the Duchess when she had her menses.

Even then, they naturally did not forget to perform their jobs and when they got together and discussed, they realized that none of them had seen the Duchess menstruating. At that moment, all of the maids were frightened. The first thing they were suspicious of was pregnancy. There was no one in the Roam Castle that didn’t know that the ducal couple’s relationship was passionate.

“No. It is nothing like that so don’t worry about it.”

Lucia replied coldly, her eyes showing no excitement.

“But still, your Grace, seeing a doctor…”

“It is nothing like that. I know my own body very well.” (Lucia)

“…Yes, your Grace.”

The maid withdrew but did not give up. If by any chance, the Mistress was pregnant and in that state, she was unaware and something went wrong with the baby, the maidservants would be dealt with heavily.

She could not stop being anxious and quickly went to inform Jerome.

“Your Grace, I heard from the maid that there seems to be a problem with your health.”

The moment Jerome arrived and began to speak, annoyance lightly flashed across Lucia’s face and then disappeared. Her eyes stopped on the maid that was standing behind Jerome for a moment. It was not a menacing glare but the maid could not help but shrink. Somehow, since it was Jerome’s first time seeing Her Grace like this, he became nervous and spoke cautiously.

“Mistress, has the doctor ever made you feel uncomfortable?”

“It is not like that. I will say it again. I’m not pregnant nor do I have any health issues. This is something His Grace already knows.”

Jerome fell silent for a moment, considering what to say.

“But Your Grace, if there is an issue found by any chance, we cannot avoid responsibility. May one confirm with his Grace again about this fact?”

From the beginning, Lucia had already said that she could not get pregnant. He had only asked if she could prove it and afterwards showed no interest. It would be too surprising if he were to say that she was lying all this time and could truly become pregnant.

“My words are not false however I will tell him again.”

“May I confirm afterwards that Your Grace has told him?”

These days, Jerome had been pretty meek around her, but he was never an easy person. If he was only a good person there was no way he could be the butler at such a young age.

“…I will inform him when you are present. Is that enough?”

“Yes, Milady. I apologize for making you uncomfortable.”

“You are just doing your job as the head butler. But that child,”

Lucia’s gaze focused on the maid again.

“I was definitely clear on what I said yet one ran to the butler without telling me. I do not want someone keeping tabs on my movement at my side. Please send her out today.”

“Yes… Your Grace.”

The maid’s face darkened and she dropped her head while Jerome bowed his head with an earnest expression. He had thought the Madam was a simple and nice person, but she knew precisely when to start and when to stop, making her seem a bit cold. It was as though his masters were a match made in heaven.

The butler who felt satisfied just by seeing a new side to his master was one step closer to being a blindly loyal servant.


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