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Lucia Chapter 16 [part 2]


<– The Ducal couple –> (4)

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Femme Fatale


Although the ducal couple did not finish their dinner, the two of them were left alone and a servant approached Jerome.

“Fabian has arrived. I do not know when His Grace will be in the office so I had him wait in the butler’s office.”

“Good job.” (Jerome)

Jerome greeted the waiting Fabian with a light embrace as Fabian had just arrived from the capital.

Due to the excessive hunting of the Duke, the King had to be bribed with enormous gifts. Fabian could not imagine the king bemoaning the loss of the people’s lives, in fact he could bet his neck that was not the case. Although it was a bet with himself, the odds were really great. Fabian would never place a bet that would hurt himself even as a joke.

“Uaah, I’m so exhausted. I want to hurry and report to His Grace. Is he done with dinner?” (Fabian)

Fabian did not look exhausted but there were traces of fatigue on his brows.

“I will inform His Grace on your behalf, you can just go and rest. I do not know when His Grace will be available.” (Jerome)

“Why? I have already been here all this time. Hasn’t one finished eating already?”

“Because those two are together, it may take longer than usual.” (Jerome)

“Those two? Who?” (Fabian)

Jerome looked at his loud, slow brother and clicked his tongue.

“It’s Her Grace. Who else would it be?”

“Her Grace? His Grace had dinner with the Lady of the House? Hoooh. What is the occasion?”

“His Grace has dinner with the Madam almost every evening” (Jerome)


Fabian’s always astute and sharp expression froze.

“Really?” (Fabian)

“Really.” (Jerome)

“Since when?”

“Ever since the day he returned to the castle.”

Fabian then asked questions like ‘how many times’ or ‘Truly?’ and Jerome answered patiently. It was not like he could not understand Fabian’s surprise. Jerome would have found it hard to believe if he had not seen it with his own eyes.

“Since when did His Grace’s….no, this isn’t a matter of taste. The way I see it, I don’t think his Grace is having ‘only’ dinner with Her Grace every evening.” (Fabian)

“Just say only up to there.” (Jerome)

“Wow. You are serious. It must be true. Oh my God. I can’t believe it. This is the person that cannot share a bed with a woman more than three times–”

Fabian suddenly received a blow to his abdomen and grabbed his stomach, buckling over. Jerome who had delivered a fist to his brother’s stomach, grit his teeth and stopped Fabian from talking.

“Shut up. There are many ears listening. What is this about three times? Don’t make up such nonsense.”

“You are right, that is how it is. His Grace is a greeat person. He is the romance of men.” (1)

“Oh really. I’ll pass on your words to Alice” (Jerome)

When his wife’s name was mentioned, Fabian’s face went blue.

“Ah…no. I’m not saying me but other men. Don’t go telling Alice strange things. And will you keep calling your elder brother’s wife by her name?”

“Elder brother’s wife, what bull. You mean younger brother’s wife?” (2)

“I am married which makes me the adult. So of course I’m the elder one”

It was the same issue that these twin brothers fought over every time they met without coming to a conclusion.

“Mm… Yeah. I think you have it reversed.” (Jerome)

From the time when the Duke was 18 years old to the time when he became the Duke of Taran, he kept his retainers at his side and they all knew of the number of females attracted to the Duke in the past.

Even if the Duke did not chase after them, women were constantly attracted to his power, wealth, youth and charm. However, among those numerous women not one could move his heart.

To the Duke, women were just for warming the bed. They were fun to play around with and when the woman started to want more, he threw them away. It was their job to clean up after him so that any woman that was unable to let leave would not disrupt the Duke’s mood.

“Anyways, we don’t know yet. Even that woman was with him for more than a year. Maybe he’s enjoying the newlywed play for a while. I think it’s pretty much like that. Well then, I’ll be going to sleep. Help me tell His Grace I will be there early tomorrow morning.” (Fabian)

It was different this time. Jerome did not bother trying to explain the relationship between the couple because once Fabian saw them, he would figure it out. When Fabian said ‘that woman’, he was referring to the Countess of Falcon whom the Duke had met with for more than a year, but at that time, she was not the only woman the Duke played with. There has never been a day like this where the Duke is only focused on one woman.

The next day, Countess Corzan came to visit. She was a graceful gray-haired lady with a slight, taller and lighter body than Lucia. When she was younger, she must have been quite the beauty. She was late in her years but beauty was still there.

“My greetings to the Duchess. You can call me Madam Michelle.”

“It’s an honor to meet you, Madam Michelle. I hope it was not rude to suddenly ask for you.”

Michelle’s eyebrows went up and the old noble’s eyes curved slightly. In fact, Michelle had been in a bad mood because, although the Duke seemed to formally ask her to teach the Duchess, in reality it was a command. Michelle was a very proud person so things like power or wealth would not move her. However, she could not ignore the Duke’s request.

The second problem was that her son was a vassal to the duke, and it was never the personality of the young Duke of Taran to tolerate an old lady’s pride with smiling generosity. She knew she would not benefit from dragging it out so she had simply accepted the request. However, despite her discontent, when she saw the Duchess greeting her personally and politely, she was relieved.

“It is a great honor to be able to teach you, Madam.” (Countess)

“Thank you. I have many shortcomings so I’m afraid you will have a lot to deal with. Please come this way.”

Lucia sat down facing the receiving room and soon a maid came out to serve tea. Lucia drank her tea while admiring Michelle’s appearance. She didn’t know one could be so elegant while having tea. Even her hand gestures did not have any have useless movements.



Translator’s Corner:

(1). A man’s romance means men want to be him. He’s also being a bit sarcastic.

(2). Fabian calls his wife, Alice “형수” (hyungsu) which means wife of the elder brother. While Jerome is saying she’s his “제수씨” (jesu-ssi) which means younger brother’s wife.


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