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YGTWHV [127]

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While sweeping through one of the two locations where the explosion had occurred earlier, the spider web picked up on something. They were very small fragments that seemed to be the remnants of something that had broken. Judging from the material, the item must have been quite hard before it broke like this.

Of course, these pieces weren’t the only thing Yuri found in the area where the explosion occurred. The wall of the exhibition hall was on the floor along with the exhibitions while things like human flesh and blood were scattered all over the place, creating a mess. However, Yuri paid more attention to those fragments because the distribution and shape of the broken pieces were different in their own way.

All the other items that were caught in the explosion broke into pieces and scattered to one side. However, the shimmering pieces were scattered in all directions, drawing a uniform shape like they were the center of the explosion.

Yuri sent her thread a little further to check the other location, and sure enough, the same thing was there.


The threads that were spread all around returned to Yuri. Because she intentionally picked up one of the scattered pieces and brought it to her side, the thread was shimmering like a wire embedded in pieces of glass.

“This…! It looks similar to the explosive material I was holding not long ago?”

Odin exclaimed when he saw the small pieces embedded in the thread. They looked like pieces of a gem or a mineral.

Yuri knew that the explosive found in the previous explosion at the shopping mall was an alchemy-refined gemstone. And considering what Odin said just now, it was certain that these broken pieces were behind the explosion that occurred earlier.

However, for these to be set up inside the building, somehow it didn’t match the places she deduced to be the point of the explosion. The places she personally checked with Odin were at a corner of the exhibition hall or in a ceiling of the hallway, both of which were places people could not reach. But the place where the explosion actually occurred was in the middle of the exhibition hall where people moved around freely.


Right then, the sound of an explosion rang out again. This time, the explosion came from an area where Yuri had swept through with her thread while looking for anything suspicious.

‘I definitely didn’t see anything like this material though? Was the shape hidden with something?’

Slightly annoyed, Yuri spread out her thread again and this time, she dug through everything that was scattered around. And something definitely caught her attention.


A while later, Yuri’s thread brought back a small doll. Her sharp threads dismantled the doll, revealing a small mineral inside. (1)

At that moment, Odin flapped his wings, and hurriedly yelled.

“Arachne, throw it away! Quickly!”

Yuri felt strange too and threw the mineral in her hand, right out the window.


As soon as she did, there was a flash of light outside the window, and a thunderous sound cut through the air. As expected, the gemstone inside the doll was the very explosive she was looking for.

Crack! Crash!

A powerful wave hit, breaking all the windows and sharp pieces of glass poured into the building. Yuri quickly spread her web into a tight net and blocked it.

“Dammit, I told you it’s dangerous! Let’s just get out first, Arachne!”

“You can go ahead.”

“How can I leave you and just go!”

Odin cawed loudly, feeling frustrated. However, Yuri ignored Odin’s actions and went out of the exhibition room.

“If there are still people left, evacuate them immediately! I want everywhere searched thoroughly and if you see anyone or anything suspicious, send out a signal!”

People who seemed to be security guards had been running around since a while ago and now, she could sense them approaching the area of the exhibition room where she was.

Earlier, they seemed to be just lazing around, not caring about their job but apparently, they still had to earn their keep.

“Huh? What is this?”

“Spider webs?”

This was a situation where she couldn’t afford to waste time, so she couldn’t care whether the guards were coming or not. Yuri spread out her threads in their direction and checked the floor if there was anything was hiding an explosive, just like the doll from before.

And then, some of the security guards who found the webs hesitated, feeling suspicious.

Hearing those voices in the distance, Yuri clicked her tongue under her breath. Even though her thread was so thin that it was hard to find with the naked eye, it was difficult to hide it when she was using dozen or hundreds of threads at once.

In the meantime, Yuri found a few more dolls that had fallen on the floor and dragged them with her thread.

“Odin, will it explode if I break it?”

“How should I know! Just leave it and let’s go!”

“You found the other ones in here and got rid of it though.”

“No, I told you earlier. I don’t even know if I found it and removed…Ack! Wait, wait! It’s dangerous, don’t bring it here! Aish…!”

As Yuri moved to avoid the guards while dragging the assumed explosives with her thread, Odin was almost frightened out of his wits.

Sensing that Yuri wanted to test if it would still explode after she broke it, Odin was beyond shocked and stopped her. In the end, Odin had no choice but to join the explosive removal squad, which was something he had never imagined himself doing.

Caw, Caw!

Odin quickly summoned his crows to carry the explosives Yuri found and fly away as far as possible. Thankfully, nothing else exploded in the building.

Instead, after a while, a loud explosion and flashing light spread through the sky where the crows had flown to. Some of the people outside in that noise thought it was fireworks in the middle of the day and their eyes went round.

The timing of the explosions were all different, so it was almost impossible to know if it was set up that way in the first place or if there was a separate condition that triggered the explosion.

“Ah, I’m screwed.”

Then after a while, Yuri mumbled to herself.

“What, why, what happened?”

Hearing those somewhat ominous words, Odin flinched and questioned. He knew Yuri had no intention of leaving first so he was half resigned to his fate.

“There are a lot of people at the entrance.”

After thinking hard about what the heck this doll was, Yuri realized it was the souvenir given out in front of the exhibition hall. She had also gotten one.

Of course, she felt it was too annoying to carry around, so she tossed it somewhere without opening it…

But she remembered seeing someone opening the box when she was walking through the hallway and looking around earlier.

Yuri clicked her tongue again.
No matter what she did, she couldn’t get rid of all of them without drawing people’s attention.

‘But they’re bombs, and we don’t even know when they will explode. I can’t just leave it like this.’

On top of that, she didn’t have time to try or come up with another way. In the end, Yuri decided to do it the hard way.


“Wait, Arachne!”

Odin knew what she was about to do and tried to stop her but it was too late.

“You help too, Odin.”

Yuri no longer bothered with avoiding people’s eyes and simply released a large number of threads towards the crowded entrance. Snow-white threads lapped through the entire corridor like a wave.

“Uwaa, what the hell is this…!”


There was uproar instantly.

However, Yuri didn’t care much. No one knew she was the owner of these threads anyway, so it was fine. At this distance, people would not even notice her appearance.

Of course, many people saw the threads Yuri released so the rumors that a mutant was involved in the explosions would grow even bigger but…
There was nothing she could do about it.

Since it had come to this point, things moved swiftly.

Yuri generously unraveled her threads and began to gather the explosives people were holding. Whether it was the things in people’s pockets or the things children were holding while crying, they were all wrapped in threads and pulled out.

At this point, Odin couldn’t even act like he knew nothing anymore, so he bit the bullet and sent his crows out as Yuri asked.

Flap! Caw, Caw!


When some unknown web wrapped around their body, followed by a group of crows, people began to cry out in fright.



While that went on, Yuri felt a presence quickly approaching where she was. Whoever it was, was probably very good at hiding their presence because by the time Yuri noticed them, they were already quite close.


Odin seemed to have sensed the same thing. The moment he called out to her in a muffled voice, Yuri quickly kicked off from where she stood. While she hurried, she didn’t forget to move the threads that had pulled things from people.

However, the person approaching Yuri was much faster than she expected. As their narrow distance narrowed even more, she was struck with a sense of crisis.

“What the, who the hell is this prick; they’re so fast!”

Odin squawked inside her pocket. Yuri frowned as well.

With such monstrous speed, she had an ominous foreboding that it might be someone she knew.

“Arachne, should I chase them with a crow?”

“No, just keep moving the explosives.”

It was impossible to avoid them any further.

Yuri reached the end of the hallway and entered the room next to it. She considered escaping through the window, but there was a crowd of people outside. They were shuffling around nervously and staring at the building where several explosions had occurred.

Whether it was jumping out the window or climbing up the wall to the roof, it was impossible to do either of them without getting noticed. In the end, Yuri decided to tear off the curtain to cover herself from head to toe.


Meanwhile, she heard an explosive that Odin’s crow had carried, blasting through the air not too far away.


This time, there was a huge bang in front of her. But it wasn’t from an explosion.

It was the sound of the wall bursting open as the person chasing Yuri broke down the wall and came inside. Thankfully, it was just after Yuri wrapped herself with the curtain and covered her face.

Sure enough, the person who appeared before Yuri’s eyes was Kalian Crawford.



T/N: If I got a dime for every time I typed explosives in this novel…


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  1. God damnit. Damn damn damn. I freaking knew it. The dolls, Yuri saving people, Kalian being suspicious, etc. If Kalian gets her injured I will burn him alive.

  2. Idk if it’s only my phone, but the menu button isn’t working. There’s no change even if I click on it. Aside from that, I like the new changes. I liked the old one too.

  3. Now that’s two sites she is connected to considering she has used her web… She’s just putting a target on her back. I am also certain the Crawfords are also involved with creating heretics or something… The way they spoke of heretics (Dominic and Bastian), and also Kalian’s abilities are too suspicious.

    Regardless of how strong and capable Yuri is (with her powers), she’s only making things more difficult for herself and she shouldn’t be so confident to assume she’s capable of winning against every opponent. I feel like her actions here while admirable, were foolish…

    Thank you Ruby for the translations!!

  4. great, why can’t she just run or something??? god, I really hate this kind of thing where the mc just decided to save everyone or some bs…

  5. Oh no, she had just made it more believable that mutants were the terrorists 🙁
    Seems like a trap intentionally trying to get the mutants to come.

  6. Am I the only who somehow felt Yuri was being out of character here??? I mean,,, its not really like her to save all these people who had nothing do with her, its more likely she’ll just grab Anne-Marie & Hestia and get outta there then investigate after or look for the culprit. I don’t know of theres something else happening to her thats yet to unravel or something or the author just felt uncharacteristically compelled to give her a “main character saves everyone” moment, but istg theres something that feels off to me here. Or is i’m just weird??? Idk….🤔

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