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YGTWHV [126]

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Maybe Genos sensed something from those words because he narrowed his eyes.

“In the north…you mean?”

“Indeed. I heard the east is also having some chaos.”

“It must be quite serious for Tatiana-nim to come to East personally.”

“That is not a conversation we should have here.”

Yuri stopped listening to their conversation at this point and began walking again. She stopped for a while after discovering Genos but regardless of who the old lady he was talking to was, it was none of her business right now.

She wanted to keep listening because the two of them seemed to be having an unusual conversation but there was something else she had to deal with first.

‘But…Tatiana. Why do I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere before?’

A question abruptly flashed through Yuri’s mind, but it didn’t last long.

“Unni, let’s go see that one!”

This was because she finally caught a familiar voice in the midst of the noisy arena. Yuri moved in the direction of the voice. From afar, she could see the figures of Anne-Marie and Hestia.

A thin thread, difficult to see with the naked eye, extended from Yuri’s fingertips. It flew to Anne-Marie and Hestia and stuck to them. For now, she had determined Anne-Marie and Hestia’s location.

Yuri began to walk again in another direction.

‘They said the explosives found so far have been made with alchemy. Is there another way to detect it?’

Then again, when she thought about Damon’s great inventions which were sold commonly in the market(Yuri truly thought they were, at least for Damon’s alchemy utilities), she didn’t seem to get any special feeling from them.


“Eh? It’s a crow!”
“Oh my, how did a bird get inside?”
“Should we call a guard?”

Then there was a small disturbance coming from behind so Yuri turned to where the noise was coming from.


Then she saw a crow flying across people’s heads.


Yuri frowned. The crow was flying straight at Yuri.

Yuri realized Odin had come looking for her, so she began moving somewhere else. As she passed the exhibition display hall which was crowded with people and moved to a hallway that was more sparse with people, the crow followed suit.


“Odin, I thought you were resting at home so what are you doing here? And what’s with your face?”

Odin’s face was swollen as if he had been hit by something. Seeing that, Yuri’s brows were furrowed.

“We can talk about that later, let’s get out of here first!”

When she asked doubtfully, Odin yelled that in reply while flapping his wings as he was still in his crow state.

“It’s dangerous here! You have to leave now!”

Hearing that, Yuri narrowed her eyes.

“What, do you know something? Why are you saying it’s dangerous here?”

She asked, feeling suspicious and at that, Odin paused then turned his eyes in confusion. It might be strange to say a crow had facial expressions, but Odin definitely looked confused right now.

“I don’t know! But I remembered something as I was coming here…”

And then, he dropped a bombshell.

“I think I was holding something like an explosive in here recently…”

Yuri’s face stiffened.

“What do you mean. Are you saying you placed explosives here?”

“I, I don’t really know…”

It seemed Odin’s memory was not entirely back.
Seeing Odin like this, Yuri felt deeply suspicious. Why in the world would Odin install explosives here?

Then did this mean that the East was right in announcing that heretics were involved in this chain of terrorist incidents? But why? What reason did Odin have to do that?

Once again, Yuri wondered where he had been and what the hell he had been doing so far. However, now was not the time to ask about that.

Yuri felt a little hurried and pressed Odin.

“Where were you holding the explosive? We can go and verify it now.”

“Uh, there are several places.”

“Start with the closest one from here.”

“In exhibition room 4, between the white horse statue’s tail…ack!”

Yuri grabbed Odin’s body, roughly stuffed him in her pocket, and kicked off.

“Ah, customer-nim? Don’t touch the exhibitions carelessly.”

She checked the place Odin talked about but there was nothing there.

“Where’s the other one?”

“The chandelier in the hallway between exhibition rooms 2 and 3…”

Yuri couldn’t touch the chandelier herself, so she shot out a hidden thread and swept over the chandelier. However, there was no explosive, only some dust.

Still, she thought Odin might have confused them, so she checked all the chandeliers in the hallway. But the result was the same.

“T-The biggest frame in exhibition room 5 has jewels but the jewel at the bottom right is an explosive. And the remaining locations are in the east building, not the west.”

However, there was no jewel in the specific position of the frame that Odin talked about.

Yuri looking at the small empty hole which looked like someone had deliberately removed it then she said.

“There’s nothing here. Are you sure you really install explosives?”

“H-Huh? That’s weird? I was definitely standing here holding it…”

Odin looked puzzled as well.
Suddenly, Yuri felt something strange about Odin’s words.

“You remember standing here, holding the explosive?”


“Then you think that scene is of you putting the explosives here?”

“That’s right…”

“Odin, maybe you weren’t installing it but…”


Right then, a loud roar suddenly filled her ears and spread through the entire building. Yuri couldn’t continue what she was saying as she was cut off.

People’s screams rang out from all over the place.

“Gasp, see! The place we haven’t check yet must have exploded!”

Odin cawed noisily from Yuri’s pocket. For a moment, Yuri also felt doubt and thought ‘Really?’. But soon enough, she felt like Odin was wrong. Her sharpened intuition as a mutant was telling her so.

She used the threads attached to Anne-Marie and Hestia to verify their location and thankfully, there were far from where the explosion had come from.

“Come on, let’s quickly get out here, Arachne!”

“How many places in the east building have you not checked yet?”

Yuri hurriedly moved away but she decided to check just in case, so she asked Odin.

“What? It might explode again but you want to check?”

“How many?”

“Four, there’s four!”

Yuri and Odin mixed with the haphazard crowd and left the exhibition hall. Because everything was so hectic, it seemed like it would be easy to enter the area for nobles.


But the sound of another explosion made Yuri come to a stop.

“H, Huh? I thought we definitely checked everything in the west building?”

Unlike earlier when she couldn’t tell where it came from, this explosion certainly came from the west building.

“Odin, send a crow to check the east building.”

“Oh, right!”

It was only then that Odin realized that it would have been easier to check for the explosives if he had sent his crows. Of course, if he had done that, people would have noticed.

However, now that the exhibition ground was in such chaos, no one was paying attention to his crows even when they shot above people’s heads like an arrow.

Instead of heading to the east building, Yuri went to where she had seen Anne-Marie, Hestia, and Genos earlier.

“Arachne, it said there was nothing in the four places in the east building!”

In the meantime, the crows Odin sent out returned. And when she heard that, Yuri thought she had expected as much.

“Like I thought, are you sure you weren’t finding the explosives and removing them instead of putting them there?”

“No, why would I do that…?! Even if that’s the case, what about the ones that just exploded?!”

“How would I know.”

Odin looked like he couldn’t believe what Yuri said.

But regardless of whether Odin removed or put the explosives there, the question was the same. Yuri pondered as she felt the waves transmitted through the thread at her fingertips.

‘Should I take Anne-Marie and Hestia away?’

She didn’t know when or where the explosion would go off so placing the two of them by her side would make it easier to protect them.
Yuri looked over the current situation.

It was hard to get out of the building now because people were packed at the entrance. Anne-Marie and Hestia were also located somewhere in there.

If they were in a more isolated location, she would have pulled on her thread and dragged the both of them…
But it was almost impossible to do that in a crowd like this where people were packed together.

‘That said, if there’s nothing in the places Odin mentioned, then where the heck is the explosive?’

Just like when she first came here, she couldn’t move around easily because she didn’t know where to suspect. For now, before going to meet Anne-Marie and Hestia, she went to the empty showroom which was now void of people.

Then she spread her thread around.
It was to search her surroundings for anything that stood out, just like last time at the auction house. Odin noticed that Yuri was focusing so he shut his mouth and kept silent.


Soon, the birds Odin sent out scattered in all directions.

Yuri’s thread went through the wall, the exhibition room and hallway at the side, and even swept through the outer wall of the building. Then at one point, something pricked Yuri’s senses.




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  1. Oh shit, will she meet her death? And did Lakis plan the explosives? The truth seems more and more complex 🤔

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

  2. I’m sure lakis had odin removed the explosives but how come others remained? Why didn’t Lakis continue removing them? What’s he trying to do? As for yuri… I feel like she’s going to hunt down the rest of the explosions and bring them to her but get caught in the blast or get caught protecting others… next thing you know she becomes a suspect… ahhhh the suspense

    1. Lakis doesnt give a damn about nobles but would be worried about Yuri so maybe he had Odin remove only those in the building where she would go?

  3. Surely, Lakis had Odin removed the explosives since Odin only listened to Lakis because of his kissable shoes but why didn’t he remove everything? Even if he thinks its a hassle to remove everything he would’ve at least clean the commoner section so Yuri wouldn’t get hurt.

    Andd who planted those bombs and how did Lakis knew? I had a hunch it might be Dominic but since Lakis knew something about the bomb, it could’ve been from the fake Lakis, the one in the Carnot. But ah man, I don’t know :’))

    1. That would be so screwed up because they handed them to children. But that explains why Yuri found nothing there… I knew this was dark but that’s proper messed up

  4. It’s weird cuz I don’t think she’ll DIE a because she’s the main character and she hasn’t reunited with lakis yet OMG IMAGINE IF LAKIS SAVES HER but I think Genos will see her, be reminded of the vision and protect her. Poor bastard.

    1. No I feel like the best qualities of this story is the fact that Yuri can take care of herself but also getting into trouble is just a pain so she avoids it if she can.

      1. Yeah I totally agree, I guess that’s why I like it when Yuri gets saved (when normally I hate the FL getting saved) cuz we know full well she didn’t need the help, he’s just doing it because he cares, and she always finds it comedically annoying. I hope he trusts her with facing danger because the only thing more romantically badass than kicking ass for her is not even worrying because he knows she can kick ass all by herself.

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