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YGTWHV [104]

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At Kalian’s question, Genos recalled what he just saw at the coffeehouse. When he looked into the employee-Yuri’s face, a scene had arose in his eyes for a moment.

It was obviously a prediction.

He had already experienced it many times in his life, moreover, what he saw this time was so incredibly clear that he could not even doubt it.

But that made him want to deny it more.

A black-haired woman, lying motionless in a pool of crimson blood with her eyes closed.

Suddenly, Genos felt even more sick to his stomach.
It was so similar to scenes he had seen in the past that he wanted to believe it was just an imagination not a prediction.

Genos lifted his hand to rub his face and said.

“I just saw something I didn’t want to see.”

“Did you run into Damon Salvatore or something?”

And hearing what Kalian said nonchalantly, Genos couldn’t help but force a laugh. The name that Kalian brought up unhesitantly was quite unexpected.

The relationship between Genos and Damon had never been good so it wasn’t completely absurd for Kalian to think that way. But since it wasn’t a name Genos expected to come up in this situation, he felt his tension evaporating completely.

“Right, well…it’s similar to Damon Salvatore in a sense.”

“You must have seen a prediction.”

“Wait, how is Damon Salvatore and a prediction the same now.”

“For you, there’re the same, though. In the sense that you don’t want to see either of them.”

“You’re not wrong but hearing it from you feels a bit off.”

Genos smiled a little oddly.

Kalian faced him then asked like it was just a passing curiosity.

“So, what prediction did you see?”

Genos fell silent.

Kalian didn’t urge him since he didn’t necessarily ask because he wanted an answer. He figured that if it was something Genos could tell them then Genos definitely would and if that wasn’t the case, then he wouldn’t care even if Genos remained silent.

“I saw Ms. Yuri covered in blood on the floor.”

But at the words that came out of Genos’ mouth a moment later, Kalian who was putting away the meat-pie box momentarily froze. Feeling Kalian’s gaze on him, Genos opened his mouth again.

“She was either seriously injured, or…”

The scene Genos saw was fragmented so it was difficult for him to understand exactly what it was.

However, Kalian looked at Genos’ expression and noticed that Genos was talking about the situation in a smaller way than the scene he had actually seen with his foresight.

“Is the prediction certain? What I mean is…”

Kalian frowned and began to ask. But maybe he realized his words might make it seem like he was doubtful about Genos’ abilities so he shut his mouth without finishing his sentence.

Even without hearing everything, Genos knew what Kalian was trying to say.

“I would be glad if it was just my imagination too.”

However, that was definitely his foresight at work. There was no way for him to mistake that eerie feeling, like an ice-cold hand running down his spine.

A dark shadow fell over Kalian’s face when he heard what Genos said. Genos’ predictions did not always come true but what from what he had seen so far, the probability of it becoming a reality was over 90%. And the probably of stopping it beforehand was about 60%.

Kalian thought of Yuri, the staff at the coffeehouse.
A woman who looked remarkably similar to his late aunt Selena.
His grandfather seemed to have already grown attached to Yuri.

When Kalian glanced at Genos’ face, he saw that Genos’ expression wasn’t that great either.

Kalian was no different…after hearing what Genos had to say, he felt like his heart had grown a little heavier. For some reason, in that moment, the scene of that blood-stained dog lying motionlessly on the lawn flashed in his mind.

Kalian’s eyes sank coldly. His gaze fell on the pie box on the table then his mouth slowly opened.

“I don’t know what I should say to persuade my grandfather then.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Genos already knew that Yuri was going to the Crawford mansion recently because of Bastian since Kalian had told him. And when he heard Kalian’s next words, Genos’ face crumpled.

“If she’s going to die soon like you said, it would be better to fire her before then.”

“What? Hey, how can you say that?”

Genos spoke in a somewhat angry tone, but Kalian’s attitude was still indifferent.

“My grandfather’s health had declined a lot. He finally found someone who resembled his daughter after his daughter died and if something happened to that person too, I don’t think he can bear it this time.”

“But still, what you just said…”

“She’s just an employee, a simple staff from the coffeehouse.”

Kalian’s cold voice was aimed at Genos this time.

“Don’t take it too seriously, Genos Sheldon. It will be difficult for you to get involved anyways. That person isn’t someone you can put by your side and protect all the time.”

Genos could easily tell what Kalian was hinting at. His face stiffened at that.

“My grandfather aside, you’re not projecting a dead person on that person, are you?”


Genos sharply refuted Kalian’s words in spite of himself. At that, Kalian coldly gazed at him then he continued speaking.

“Then if you have time to pay attention to that, focus more on the case you’re handling. Everyone dies someday. Just because you happen to see someone’s end does not mean it becomes your responsibility.”

Kalian’s behavior was oddly cold today.

He moved to leave then he looked at Genos’ frozen frame and added one last thing.

“If you can’t stop what’s going to happen in the future, you can avoid it. You’re not evading or running away. I’m sure you know what I mean.”

With that, Kalian left the room, closing the door behind him.

As the closing sound of the door rang in his head, Genos clenched his fists so tightly that his veins popped.

* * *

“Hello. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Yuri greeted the person opposite her.

Dominic Crawford.

She ran into him when she was about to go home after shopping. A luxurious carriage suddenly stopped before her eyes.

Yuri was trying to get on the public carriage which was something similar to a taxi in this world so when a majestic carriage appeared before her, she felt suspicious.

Then when the window of the carriage opened and she saw a familiar face inside, a slightly different suspicion arose in Yuri’s mind.

‘It looks like he was just passing by but…why did he go out of his way to stop his carriage and act like he knows me?’

It was originally said that it was difficult to understand the minds of nobles but the Dominic in front of her had eyes like an abyss. Yuri couldn’t guess what he was thinking at all.

“I guess you had something to do at the shopping mall.”

Dominic’s gaze fell on the bag in Yuri’s hand.

Yuri wanted to ask why he was commenting on something so natural. Why else would she come to a shopping mall? Of course, it was to buy stuff.

“Are you done with what you came for?”

“Yes. I was about to go home.”

“Get on then.”


Before Yuri could say anything, the door of the carriage opened sleekly. Seeing that, Yuri titled her head slightly.

“I can just ride the public carriage.”

“If it’s Grey Ferret then that’s on the way anyways, there’s no need to refuse.”

Looks like the eminent head of the Crawford family had already done some investigation into Yuri’s background. Looking into the background of your employee could be seen as a natural thing so it wasn’t that surprising.

However, it’s not like she was an important employee like the mansion’s butler or head maid so for him to know the address of someone like Yuri who was nothing but a temporary employee…there was no telling why.

“I’ll carry it for you.”

Before Yuri could even respond, the coachman quickly took the bag in Yuri’s hand.

“Well, excuse my intrusion.”

In the end, Yuri didn’t refuse Dominic’ invitation and climbed onto the carriage, although she wasn’t sure if it was for a favor or not.

There was really no reason to refuse when he was offering to take her home especially since he went through the trouble of stopping a carriage that was well on its way.

Of course, it was all a bit suspicious but that was actually why Yuri got into the carriage.


As soon as the door closed, the wagon set off with a stride. Maybe it was thanks to the expensive price of the carriage or maybe the coachman was just an excellent driver, but the ride was smooth without any shaking.

Yuri was inwardly a little impressed by the surprisingly comfortable ride.

“My father seems to be quite taken with you.”

Dominic was looking at documents even inside the carriage. Even though Yuri entered the carriage, he had not looked up from the document on his lap. At the same time, he spoke to Yuri as if he was talking about a stranger’s matters.

As that, Yuri responded with an uninspired voice that was as flat as usual.

“Yes, he says I look a lot like his late daughter.”

With that, Dominic’s gaze which was fixed on the document moved up. He looked at Yuri’s face for a while as if he was searching for something.

Yuri did not avoid his gaze.

Two pairs of eyes met in the air, neither revealing any emotions.

For Yuri, she didn’t exactly intend to provoke Dominic. Rather than that, it was more like she didn’t think much of it in the first place. Then Yuri suddenly realized that Dominic might perceive her current actions as arrogance.

‘Ah, he won’t think I’m trying to pick a fight, right?’

She belatedly wondered if he would get angry because a mere commoner looked straight into the eyes of a great noble.


However, Dominic didn’t exactly seem offended by Yuri’s actions. An unknown light flashed through his eyes for an instant. Finally, Dominic closed the document in his hand with a tak then he leaned backwards.

“I don’t really like beating around the bush.”

Soon, a low voice rang inside the carriage.

“So I’ll say this in way that’s easy for you to understand. My father will soon come up with an offer that’s difficult for you to refuse from your position. But you will refuse.”

And when he added his next words, the temperature in the carriage came crashing down.

“If you want to live for a long time, that is.”

It was a blatant threat without any possibility for doubt.

In that moment, something flashed in Yuri’s eyes.



Translator’s Corner:

TN: I just love that my computer automatically changes it whenever I type in British-English. I rarely notice it but this time, I was paying attention when it swapped my behaviour for behavior. It even underlines the first version in red. Hah!

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