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Lucia Side Story 4.6: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple



T/N: Slight trigger warning. Nothing big.


Lucia woke up rather late, and when she opened her eyes, she idly thought that the bedroom seemed stranger than usual, then she remembered that this was her husband’s bedroom. She couldn’t see her husband anywhere. Perhaps the fireplace had been lit because the room was warm unlike yesterday.

She blinked her eyes, buried deep inside the blanket, then she lazily got up. Her whole body felt listless and heavy.

She felt like they had really set a record last night. After all, they had gone to sleep around when the sun was beginning to rise.  Lucia didn’t fall asleep as easily as she usually did; it was like she had taken a stimulant. And maybe thanks to that, he didn’t even think of letting her go. Because of this, Lucia came to a realization. All this while, whenever she fell asleep, her husband also stopped.

As the blanket came off, cold air hit her body. She was naked. As Lucia wondered where her underwear was, she remembered the lingerie from yesterday and heat rose to her face.

She turned around and found the lingerie in question, lying neatly on the bedside table. She picked it to check it and her mouth fell open. It had totally become a rag.

The door suddenly opened, startling Lucia and she quickly dragged the blanket to cover herself. Her husband entered the room, fully dressed like he was going out soon.

In that moment, Lucia felt like she had gained the power to see through things. She could see the tight muscles on his broad chest even though he was wearing a shirt. The sweat flowing down his chest caught her eyes, suddenly shimmering before her. Even as he approached and perched on the bed, Lucia couldn’t look straight at him.

“Y-You haven’t left yet?”

“I’ll be going soon.”

He gazed at her with a mysterious look in his eyes then he picked something up and seeing the rag in his fingers, Lucia screamed inwardly. He chuckled, looking at Lucia, who couldn’t meet his eyes at all, then he put his hand down again.

“…How could you tear it up like that. Do you know how much it cost…”

“Hmm. So you planned on wearing this again?”

“Eh? N…No. Not that. I mean, I’m just saying.”

The sight of her babbling away in embarrassment was so pretty that Hugo couldn’t help but lower his head and plant a light kiss on her lips.

“Um…yesterday…was it okay?”

“Be more specific.”

“Uh…I mean…was it better than usual or something like that.”

He burst into laughter.

“What did you think? Was it better than usual?”

“Ah…it was a little…embarrassing.”

Then Lucia added in a small voice, ‘the usual is just fine.’ His gaze turned deep as he looked at her white cheeks stained with red. Once again, he pecked at Lucia’s lips. It lasted a bit longer than the previous one, but it was still a light kiss.

“I already said this before but I’m crazy enough about you even without such things.”

He lifted her chin with a finger and kissed her again. This time, he sucked on her lower lips for a long time.

“I don’t think you knew, but there’s an aphrodisiac on your underwear. From the looks of it, you’re quite sensitive to drugs, so don’t wear it anymore.”

“An aphrodisiac?”

Lucia’s eyes widened with a start. And then remembering how she was unusually sensitive last night and didn’t fall asleep unlike before, she was convinced. And she also remembered Antoine’s face, confidently claiming that these things had never been returned.

“…By the way, how do you know this?”

“The taste. I’ve been trained to distinguish between all sorts of poison, so I can tell when something tastes strange.”

Lucia held her burning face. She had basically worn an indecent underwear and ran to her husband, drunk on aphrodisiac. Hugo chuckled, seeing her face so red it looked like it would burst.

“Now, I wonder where you heard this strange talk from.”


“Whenever you do something unusual, that’s usually the case. I told you, didn’t I? Don’t listen to what those women say.”

Lucia pursed her lips. What exactly is the range for ‘those women’? Inwardly, she grumbled, your wife isn’t such a refined lady, you know.

“…They said I should be careful. So…”

“Careful? About what.”

“…Marital boredom.”

“…Ugh, seriously.”

Hugo clicked his tongue in disbelief. Marital boredom? How was that even possible? Even now there wasn’t the slightest hint of it. His heart was more passionate for her with every day that passed. Today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today. It was to the extent that he feared the heat of the passion swallowing him up.

“So? Do you think we have marital boredom? Are you tired of me?”

Lucia stared at him. Somehow, she felt like this was usually a question asked by a woman.

As Lucia kept staring at him silently, his expression gradually became more threatening. Seeing his changing expression, Lucia felt a surge of mischief and acted like she was seriously thinking about it.

“Hmm…you know…”


Lucia burst out laughing and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I love you.”

Seeing that his expression was fully relaxed, she kissed his again.

“I love you very very much.”

He held the back of her neck and covered her small lips with his, like he was replying in this manner. His tongue entered deep into her mouth, sweeping through her soft flesh. When the long, sticky kiss came to an end, both of them sucked in a low breath.

“…Let’s do it once.”


Hugo flung away the blanket and flipped her over in one move.

“You…You said you were going out!”

“Why’d you have to provoke me then?”

“When did…Kyaa!”

He grabbed her ankles and like that, pulled her down. Her legs hovered at the bottom of the bed as she lay face-down on the bed while he held her waist and lifted her butt.

When he heavily entered from behind, Lucia let out a scream. She didn’t even have the time to breathe properly. He moved out then he thrust in all the way to the hilt again.

“Uk…Hng. Wa…Wait…”

He didn’t even listen to her pleas. Mercilessly, he rammed into her, over and over again. He roughly penetrated deep inside her innards that was still excited from taking him all night. Her sensitive flesh clung tight to his firmness.

It hurt. And at the same time, her sight flickered due to giddiness. He was different from his usual self, he didn’t caress or soothe her. As if fucking her was his purpose, he focused only on that. Her face was buried in the sheets and every time his thighs hit her butt, her entire body shook.

“Hk! Slow down…”

She reached behind her, trying to grab his thigh and push him out. But no matter what she did or said, she couldn’t stop him from driving in relentlessly.

Her lewd body quickly got wet, making a path for him as if asking him to enter deeper. A hot thing rode along the path, rummaging inside her.

He feverishly drilled into her from behind, his breathing not wavering in the slightest. Every time a firm rod slammed into her, she felt like she couldn’t breathe. His manhood entered deep inside her, piercing and stirring up her spasming walls before leaving.

“Ah! Ahhk!”

Lucia cried out, the dizziness overwhelming her. It felt like her entire body was hit with a strong stimulus.

Just when she thought she couldn’t endure anymore, he bit her neck and ejaculated inside her. She thought he would continue to persist like he usually did, so she was thankful. The powerful thrust into her, the stinging pain at the back of her neck, and the hot liquid spreading inside her gave Lucia a sense of pleasure that almost drove her unconscious.

Her whole body trembled minutely. As he kissed her shoulders a few times, he slowly pulled out of her. Lucia fought for breath, unable to move. The only thought on her mind was ‘what is this?’. There were times when he was rough, but this was the first time he fucked her like a savage beast.

“I’ll head out.”

He whispered in her ear.

Even after he left and the door closed, Lucia lay blankly on the bed for quite a long time, her whole body filled with tingles. After a good while passed, she slowly raised her body. You couldn’t call that sex anything but instinctual. It felt like her soul was being sucked out.

There was still a side of him that she didn’t know. She held her reddening cheeks. She felt very ashamed because her heart was pounding; not because she discovered her man’s romantic charm but because of his lust that was closer to instinctual.


[End of Sidestory 4.]


Translator’s Corner:

*The trigger warning is just in case, you know, rough sex isn’t your thing.



23 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story 4.6: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple”

  1. Wow … Hugh is so intense.

    They both act like a newlywed, even if they have been married for ten years.
    Each chapter is enjoyable to read although it has the spicy chapters, it does not divert the plot.
    Exactly my kind of taste in reading. Do not leave the story confusing.

    Thank you so much for the translation, Miss Ruby.

  2. It’s fascinating to see that Hugh hasn’t changed at all, he isn’t an agitated lone wolf wishing for release anymore but that hidden savageness is still part of him nonetheless. Oh Lucia you shouldn’t have teased him. Funny tho.

  3. The racy yet heart fluttering fluffy love of this two is really oozing for a couple of ten years & still igniting as the day passes. Yass these two is relationship goal!♥️

    Thank you so much miss ruby & shadowdog! The story is smoothly & very well conveyed in every releases. Your awesome as always✨

  4. I’d prefer it if the full content warning was on the top notes. I kept waiting for the triggering thing to happen, so when Hugh got rough… I initially took it in the worst way. Like maybe Lucia would be more distraught by what was happening. Idk

  5. Thank you for this ❤️💋😍 this update made my day ❤️ it’s sad that this is the last part of the ducal couple cause I feel giddy while reading the whole side story chapter kekekekeke but I am excited for the next side story ❤️❤️ Thank you for the time translating for this 💓💓

  6. And then Hugo went to work with a spring in his step and a little smile in his face. Nothing like morning rough sex to make a beautiful day.

  7. tsk lucia need 10 years to experience it from hugo, but leah was met with instinctual beasty sex by ishakan since day one ,


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