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Lucia Side Story 4.5: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple




It seemed like there was a fire burning in his red eyes. There was no smile on his face. But he wasn’t expressionless either. Lucia liked seeing this look on his face. His gaze, filled with desire, excited her.

Lucia grabbed his arm around her waist and took it off. His brows furrowed in discontent and she straightened the wrinkles on his forehead.

“I said don’t move.”

Lucia slowly moved her hand on his firm chest, caressing it. His whole body was firm with muscle. Every time she saw his naked body, Lucia thought it was truly beautiful.

She nuzzled her head under his jaw and kissed his neck. Just like he did to her, she slowly trailed down his neck with her lips, going down his shoulders and chest, tickling him with her tongue. She stroked his firm skin, enjoying the feeling in her hands.

“…I still can’t move?”

His voice was murky and subdued.

Lucia hummed a refusal. She was absorbed with caressing him. When she sucked on the protrusion on his chest, his breathing became rough. It was fun and she was also excited by his reaction. She could somehow understand why he liked to bite and lick her whole body.

A strong force suddenly gripped her chin and a pair of lips covered hers. His patience had finally reached its limit. His feverish tongue ploughed through her lips and fiercely traced the innards of her mouth.


Lucia closed her eyes and let herself sink into his kiss. He grabbed Lucia by the butt and lifted her up. The moment their lips separated, he pulled her down by the waist, to meet his erect member.



Rough moans escaped from both of their mouths. In a single motion, he penetrated all the way to the hilt and the two of them became one.

Lucia gasped for breath as she took in his entirety and waited for his movements to continue. But unlike usual, he did not move. She took in a restless breath and looked at him. His blazing red eyes were oddly smiling.

How detestable; he was harassing her for no reason. She began to move following her instincts. His breathing went into disarray at that moment. The feeling was electrifying so Lucia moved her hips slowly while watching him.

When she lifted her butt a little, sat down and moved her body forward, he moaned under his breath. Finding that somehow interesting, Lucia began to move more aggressively. At first, it was fun to stimulate him then gradually, she began to get stimulated. However, the coming stimulation wasn’t as satisfactory as when he was the one moving.

Lucia threw her head back, closed her eyes, and moved diligently searching for satisfaction.

Hugo moaned and he watched her move diligently on him, his throat grew drier. The sight of her moving slowly while biting her lips with a slight frown on her face was both erotic and cute. She was being active in her own way but maybe she was scared because she only pecked at the entrance without daring to do anything else.

Just being inside her felt good but his body begged for a stronger stimulus. He couldn’t bear it anymore, so he grabbed her waist and lifted it up.


Her inner flesh gripped him tight, overcome by the sudden stimulation. He lifted her waist up and down, continuously. She mewled loudly and leaned backwards. He let her fall to the bed and rammed in powerfully. He grabbed her thighs and pressed against her as if going to fold her body in half then he began to thrust into her intensely.

“A-ung! Ah!”

A sharp scream continuous cut through the air. Her tender insides latched onto him and clenched and unclenched repeatedly, squeezing him so tight that it hurt.



As she reached her climax, her body reacted violently. He couldn’t win against the stimulation of tight grip of her inner walls and ejaculated inside her. He swallowed the curse climbing up his throat. He could feel the pleasure raising the hairs on the back of his neck, but he had wanted to hold back and do it later.

He grabbed her lethargic frame and pulled her to his chest. He sat her to face him and kissed her eyes, lips, ears and neck over and over again.

His manhood, still buried inside her, regained vigor and began to get hard again. Feeling the pressure of his thing getting bigger and filling her up to the brim, Lucia uttered a moan.

The night was still long.



Translator’s Corner:

*This ain’t the end of it, folks. Also, this side story ends next chapter.


24 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story 4.5: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple”

      1. oh that’s silly. She’s a natural when it comes to him. Hue himself has constantly thought that her body was “magical” and it felt amazing every time for him

    1. He sat her to face him, it mean they are face to face, u see that time he still inside her. And sat here should be mean.. they both sat.. and lucia sat on him.. otherwise he cant stay inside

  1. I copied this comment from some reader, so I really wonder about this situation too 🤔🤔 “sometimes I really wonder how the relationship that Hugo have with a woman that he had married in Lucia’s dream, because he really became a very lovely husband to Lucia now. So maybe only Lucia the only woman that make he became like that or that woman in that dream receive the same love like Lucia”

    1. I wonder as well. i guess he would not have treated the woman in Lucia’s dream the same way since his affection and love and even trust were really earned by Lucia herself. At the beginning of the story, Hugo was described as a ruthless and an uncaring man. He was still ruthless and uncaring as the story progressed. His attitude only lightens when it comes to Lucia. Her innocence and meekness really won his heart. It was only Lucia who has that virtue in the story.

  2. A second child? Another daughter? Was there a history of only one daughter per lady? (Or was that because the women were then killed off after giving birth?)
    Many thanks

  3. What I like the most is the author putting emphasis in kissing which is fundamental in foreplay for most of couples out there. In other novels is kissing a little and doing oral sex or penetration quickly. So I really like sex scenes in this book, the are well written, not vulgar but beautiful.

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