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Lucia Side Story 4.4: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple




Hugo laughed upon hearing what she said. He lowered himself, his weight pressing down on her. Then he whispered in her ear.

“You miss the point.”


“I’m crazy about you even without this.”

So don’t make me anymore crazier, he whispered in a low, dangerous voice and brought his lips to Lucia’s neck. He kissed and sucked on it, making it sting. She moaned slightly and he licked her gently.

She couldn’t move, like she caught in a trap. She felt like a prey caught in the jaws of a beast. Her whole body felt so sensitive that the mere sensation of him sweeping past her inner thighs made her ache and moan.


The underwear was supposed to be for exciting and seducing the man, but she was the one excited instead. Her body felt more sensitive than usual, it ached, she felt short of breath and her eyes burned with heat.

Lucia didn’t know this but the underwear she wore was slightly imbued with a fragrance that functioned as a kind of aphrodisiac. It was small but its effect was absorbed into the skin. It wasn’t that Antoine didn’t tell her deliberately but that this was a function normally imbued in this type of underwear, so she just didn’t talk about it and Lucia had absolutely no idea.

Hugo bit her breast, covered by the see-through lace underwear, and soon noticed that there was something there because of the subtle taste. But for someone like him who wasn’t affected by a considerable dose, this kind of aphrodisiac had no effect on him. He guessed that his wife probably didn’t know this was on it when she wore it and swallowed a laugh.

As he licked her collarbone, trailing up to her nape, she shook in surprised and sobbed. She was definitely more sensitive than usual. Perhaps she also realized that something was strange because her face was filled with puzzlement. Seeing that, Hugo felt sorry, and at the same time, he felt like laughing.

However, it wasn’t an unfair situation. After all, he was already heated up from head to toe by the aphrodisiac that was his wife, herself.

He bit her nipple which was protruding from the lace. When he bit it a little harder, she uttered a cry. He took her breast into his mouth, sucking on it and she moaned while crying at the same time.

Well, well. Seeing as she was so weak to this level of playful teasing, she was completely intoxicated. If he told her about the underwear, she would probably turn red from head to toe and refused to lift her head. When he imagined that sight, he felt amused.

Should he act like he didn’t know? Or tease her a little? While he snickered inside, his mouth was busy with her breast and his hand kept caressed her waist and thighs. As he watched her react so vividly, he grew more and more excited.

The lace on her chest was wet with his saliva. But as expected, he loved the feeling of her bare skin. He grabbed the front of her lace and ripped it apart.* Then he took her quivering nipple into his mouth again.


Every time he rolled his tongue around her nipple and suckled on her breast, the curve of her back tingled. Lucia felt like she would scream whenever she opened her mouth, so she turned her head and blocked her mouth with the back of her hand. Everywhere he touched tingled so much that it hurt.

He grabbed her wrist, removing her hand from blocking her mouth then he held her jaw, turning her to face him and kissed her. Lucia’s vision flickered as his heated kiss rummaged through her mouth and she closed her eyes. The skillful movements of his tongue made her unable to think straight.

Hugo softly sucked on her swollen lower lip then he separated their lips and planted a deep kiss on her neck.

Something was missing. The area between her legs itched and throbbed. Lucia couldn’t help but twist her body, wringing her legs together. The only thought on her mind was cooling down this heat somehow.

He clicked his tongue and squeezed his leg between her legs again. His thigh pressed against her groin.

“Did you know?”

He bit her ear and whispered to her.

“That the underwear you’re wearing is open down there.”

Despite being in a daze, Lucia’s face turned hot. Of course, she knew. That’s why she was so freaked out at first. It was an underwear that wasn’t even faithful to its job as an underwear.

So even though she still had the underwear on, her private part was directly touching his thigh. His thigh began to slowly move up, rubbing against the exposed crevice.


The stimulation caused Lucia to lift her waist. She felt embarrassed to death. But she felt like it wasn’t enough. She needed a greater stimulation. As if reading her mind, his thigh moved again.

“Hn…ah! aah! ang!”

He moved his thigh up and down on her flesh as if hammering into her center. The stimulation from the friction caused fluid to flow from her nether regions and his thigh rubbing against her grew slippery and wet.


Her sight flicked, flashing between brightness and darkness. Her waist shot up for a moment before falling down. The short, intense climax made Lucia feel listless for a moment.

But her satisfaction did not last long. She still throbbed with heat somewhere inside. She wanted him to enter her. She longed for his big, hard flesh to fill her up to the brim and stir her up. Lucia let out a breath and licked her lips. She felt like some part of her head had turned strange.

Hugo raised his torso then he held her arms and lifted her.

“You do it.”


Lucia looked at him with wide eyes. He leaned against the pillow and sat back on the bed. As she looked into his red eyes that seemed to be aflame, he frowned slightly and beckoned to her.

“Come here.”

Lucia slowly lowered her gaze and saw his huge thing standing erect and turned away with a start. She felt like she could hear his mischievous laughter.

Her whole body felt feverish and her heart felt like it would burst out of her chest, but she couldn’t bear the urge to glance at his erect manhood again. She gulped unknowingly.

“I said come here. You have to move if you want something. You want to put it in, don’t you?”

She glared at her husband, who was saying lecherous things. She subconsciously licked her dry lips. Feeling his fierce gaze on her, Lucia’s eyes crinkled as her lips curved into a smile. Seeing him look restless like he would pounce on her at any moment, Lucia spoke.

“Don’t move.”

When she saw him freeze in place, Lucia gave an even more sly smile.

“You’re not allowed to move.”

Lucia approached him on his knees. She couldn’t move her eyes from his member, which seemed to be showing off its presence. The sight of his thing standing upright was unbelievably indecent. But as she kept looking at it, she got goosebumps and the area between her legs ached and squeezed. She reached out and held it with her hands. He seemed to flinch in that moment. Lucia lowered her head like she was spellbound and put her lips to the tip.


When she heard his moan, she felt ecstatic. The male scent coming from the thing touching her mouth made her feel dizzy. She opened her small mouth and took the round end into her mouth. The slightly fishy taste didn’t bother her.** Then she took it deep into her mouth and rolled her tongue around.


He breathed hard and reached out, holding onto her with his fingers woven into her hair. He sluggishly closed his eyes, immersed in the pleasure of her hot, wet mouth on his thing then he opened his eyes, capturing the provocative sight before him. The sight of her taking his member in her mouth like candy was incredibly erotic.


He grabbed Lucia’s arm and pulled her into his arms. Lucia’s pulled frame landed on his thighs, and she looked up at him with her hands on his bare chest.



Translator’s Corner:

*I mean, why did he have to tear the pretty lace? She just bought it, yeesh.

** I’m sorry…it shouldn’t taste like fishy at all??? like even slightly, right? There’s a problem here… (:3」∠)
Like, I’d understand if it was slightly fishy smell but taste…? Kek, alright, I’m done. Ignore me.


22 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story 4.4: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple”

  1. OMG this chapter was 🔥 🔥 🔥 and then I died ☠️. I swear I started blushing ☺️! Thank you miss ruby. Oh but why does it taste like fish 🐟 I think 🤔 he needs to get that checked lol 😂.

  2. “I mean, why did he have to tear the pretty lace? She just bought it, yeesh.”

    To get a new one with a fresh dose of the aphrodisiac of course! lol.

  3. “It was an underwear that wasn’t even faithful to its job as an underwear.” Lol🤣
    And Hugo was like “oh there’s aphrodisiac shoulda tell her? nah gotta see new level of mah wife” (def that small dose hits hard on Lucia)😂

    So racy yet funny…i can’t lol
    Thank you so muchie for updates Ruby-sama!✨

  4. Ahaha thanks for translating for us as always!
    I feel like what they mean by fishy taste is salty taste. May be a language quirk?
    Good for Lucia! Get some~!

    1. I agree. It’s possible it’s a cultural context thing, where it means or refers to something else. Like in one SEA language, there are several words that would translate into “fragrant” but are all used differently, implying different things/situations, so it may be a similar situation here with the “fishy taste”.

  5. To tell the truth I thought that the title would be all about a hot, long and steam smut between the two cause, yeah, “Daily life of the Ducal couple” when Hugo is involved would certainly and surely have some steam scenes! 😂😂😂

  6. I’m not gonna look at fish the same as before.
    We had flowery words before and carnivore-herbivore classification, now we dive into ocean.

    I’m not mad, just trying to keep sane from grinning & giggling in public.

  7. Thank you very much Miss Ruby for the translation of these chapters.
    I loved your footnotes in the Translator’s Corner jejejeje they are great … !!!

  8. That “fishy” description is common for Chinese, Korean and Japanese Smut. You see it in Western smut randomly too. But…worrisome since fishy is not normal with healthy.
    Maybe dietary or simply talking about saltiness?

  9. This is late and awkward to say but the fishy taste you all keep commenting about might be referring to the taste after he’s been inside her… 😛

    Otherwise yeah he just needs to wash more

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