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Lucia Chapter 89 [part 2]


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Lucia made a long face and turned her head away. He grabbed her chin, turning her to face him and covered her open lips with his own. He sucked on her lips and swiftly invaded her mouth with his tongue, ravaging every corner of it. Every time his tongue brushed against hers, she felt a sense of thrill course through her fingertips.

As a finishing touch, he loudly kissed and sucked on her lower lip then he lowered his head to bite her neck. He didn’t bite very hard so it didn’t hurt and only stung as he sucked on it.

“Ng. Hugh. The neck marks…” (Lucia)

Apart from their early days of marriage in the north, he did his best not to leave marks in visible places such as her neck because she didn’t like it.

“Stay at home until it disappears.” (Hugo)

“Why are you like this, seriously. You’re getting more and more unreasonable.” (Lucia)

Hugo put his hand around her back to support her as she criticized him and lifted her exhausted body. He took her arms and placed them around his neck. He perched Lucia on his thighs, bringing her close enough that he could feel her breath. He kissed her tiredly drooping eyelids as if he was persistently pecking at them.

“I’m getting more unreasonable?” (Hugo)

“You’re doing more of what I don’t want to show to the servants, aren’t you?” (Lucia)

“Hmm. Do you want me to show you what real unreasonableness is?”

“This is what I mean by unreasonable!”

When he smiled, Lucia glared at him. He cupped her face with hands and kissed her nose.

“Hugh. Are we done?”

“Mm. Not yet.”

She meant they should stop but he tried to outsmart her. Speechless, she pushed against his chest and twisted her waist. Rather than stopping her, he grabbed both of her thighs and lifted them. Lucia gave up and leaned on his shoulder.

His firm rod was sucked into her as her vaginal walls opened to receive him. Her head flinched reflexively, bring her mind into focus. A tingling sense of pleasure ran up her spine. Even though she was so tired that she couldn’t lift a finger, it was harder for her when her body was reacting wholeheartedly.


Every time he bobbed his waist, her body shook up and down. With her arms around his neck, Lucia let out a groan. She was shaken up and down several times, then her body fell back onto the bed again. As she lay on her side, he thrust in deeply between her overlapping legs, stirring up her insides.


Due to being shaken countless times, she felt like everything was spinning around her. Despite that, her inner walls squeezed his thing and aggressively reacted to him. Like this, it was embarrassing to even tell him to stop.

He grabbed her thin ankles and spread them apart. As she lay facing him, a heavy pressure pushed its way inside her. Quick, shallow insertions followed.

Lucia was out of energy and she couldn’t lift a finger, yet the stimulations kept on coming. With misty eyes, she looked at his strong, muscular body that was glistening with sweat. The eyes of the man craving for her was filled with overflowing desire.

Lucia felt happy about his passionate want for her. Her lower abdomen throbbed and squeezed tighter. He shut his eyes with a frown. The sight was sexy to her, and her stimulated insides tightened again. He winced for a moment, swallowing a groan and then began to move again.

While moaning weakly, Lucia repeatedly traveled to the threshold between sleepiness and alertness. And at some point, she fell asleep.

* * *

Lucia opened her eyes, feeling lazy and warm. Clouds of steam were drifting in the air and warm water was lapping against her chest. A wide chest with firm muscles was pressed against her back and an arm was wrapped around her waist, supporting her body. Lucia blinked, trying to grasp the situation around her. He was holding her and sitting inside the bathtub.

“Hugh. What…time is it now?”

“I don’t know. Why do you keep asking for the time?”

Hugo gently kissed the back of her neck. He continued planting kisses from neck to her shoulder.

“Aren’t you going out today?”

“Do you want me to go out?”

His voice sounded sour so Lucia checked to see his expression and laughed.

“I mean, a busy person like you is relaxing with nothing planned, so I’m wondering.”

“I chose today as my free day.”

Fabian was currently sweating buckets and working hard to smooth things over with the canceled itinerary. Hugo didn’t feel sorry for the troubled Fabian at all. It was his subordinate’s job. If he didn’t have this much authority, then what was the benefit of enduring a life where he worked day and night?

Hugo grabbed her breast with the hand that was holding her waist and twisted her sensitive nipple with his fingers. His other hand slipped between her legs.

Lucia’s body twitched and shook every time she was stimulated by his touch. He squeezed her chest with both of his hands, caressing them as he trailed kisses along her spine. As she moaned faintly, Lucia lifted her chin and leaned the back of her head against his shoulder. She closed her eyes and let herself sink into his erotic caresses.

Hugo turned his head to the side and kissed her lips. After licking her lips a few times, he slightly bit and sucked her lower lip then he pushed his tongue into her open mouth.

He leisurely stroked every corner of her mouth with his tongue. Their tongues entangled back and forth and their lips moved, clinging to each other as if they wanted to swallow the other whole. He wove his tongue deeper into her mouth, and repeatedly sucked on her lips. When they were almost breathless, the long kiss came to an end and his hands that were kneading her breasts went down to lift her by the waist.


His erect penis slowly pierced through her vaginal walls. The feeling was slightly dull because they were in the water, but when he entered all the way to the hilt and she sat down on his thighs, the place deep inside of her body tingled and ached. The filling pressure from below was already making her breathless, then he lifted his waist.


Her body tilted forward and his arms caught her, holding her across the chest. She clung to his arms and her body shook up and down, every time he moved his waist. The water surface splashed against her body.


He began to thrust upwards faster. Perhaps because of the heat from the water, Lucia felt worn out instantly. Letting out a moan that was more like a scream, Lucia leaned on his arms and shook senselessly.

Suddenly, he pulled out and picked her by the waist and shoulders. He turned her to face him and stood up with her in his arms. Feeling anxious from being in the air, she wrapped her arms around her neck and as soon as she wrapped her legs around his waist, his penis pierced her from below.


His hard member repeatedly penetrated her, ravaging her body. His strong grip held her butt tight, and he repeated his movements without pause. Her willful inner walls squeezed his thing tight and spasmed as it clamped down on him. Chills crept up her spine and a shuddering sense of pleasure struck her entire body.


She mewled as her body trembled in climax and he also moaned and ejaculated into her. Still clinging to his neck, Lucia continued to breath heavily. As the both of them were still connected, the fluids from inside her flowed down his thigh.

He sat back down in the bathtub with her in his embrace. Lucia leaned on his chest, feeling the buoyancy of the warm water rising to her chest and she closed her eyes.

“I can’t do it anymore.”

When he didn’t reply, Lucia opened her eyes and lifted her head.


He chuckled and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“How about tonight after you get some sleep?”

“You really have no conscience!”

Lucia shrieked. Seeing him snickering, she didn’t even have energy to get angry so she just leaned on his body again. She felt him planting light kisses on her face but even that was tiring now. She closed her eyes, not reacting to anything like a dead person and fell asleep again.





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