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Lucia Chapter 89 [part 1]


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Hugo’s hand climbed up her ankles to her calf, reaching beneath her skirt and groping around her thigh. And in one go, he pulled down the few layers of underwear she wore underneath her skirt, which was her chemise and her pant. He stripped off her underwear from below her knee and threw it to the floor.

As her lower body suddenly got breezy, Lucia wrung her legs together. His hand burrowed into her firmly shut thighs.


Lucia didn’t know what to do in this sudden situation. There were times when he flirted on the bed and extended their night affair into the morning. But this was the first time that he was jumping on her like this. She was both surprised and embarrassed, then again, she was also getting more excited.

While his lips bothered her neck, his hand entered into her clothes and kneaded her breast. His other hand rubbed her dewy tender flesh. His fingers rubbed against her vaginal entrance which was slippery with love juice, and entered inside. He went in and out several times, shallowly penetrating inside. The movements of his finger produced wet frictional sounds.


When his finger touched somewhere, Lucia grabbed his shirt and squeezed it. He took his lips away from kissing her neck and lifted his head. Lucia looked at him with reddish, heated-up eyes. In the bright light, his red eyes looked much more clearer. The fire burning in his eyes seemed as if it would swallow her whole. His fingers stopped groping inside of her and slid out of her vagina.

Hugo took her by the arm, hugged her to his body, sat on the sofa and sat her down on his thigh. He let her head rest on his shoulder then he unfastened the buttons on her back. He was very impatient, but he still had room to enjoy the slightly annoying process of undoing her buttons.

He only loosened the buttons leading to her waist then he stripped her upper body. He peeled off her thin sleeve-less underwear. Then he grabbed her other underwear, which was covering her bulging breasts and pulled it down. He took her exposed bouncing breast into his mouth, swallowing it in one gulp.


His hand held her waist as he bit into her breast. He rolled his tongue around the tip of her stiffened nipple and clamped down on it with his lips then rubbed it with a little force.

Lucia hugged his head with her arms and panted. Her back was covered in goosebumps. Her body tingled from head to toe as if it was going numb. His tongue moved as if it would dig through the tip of her nipple causing her to moan. Her lower abdomen squeezed painfully, and hot liquid flowed from her spring.

He lifted his body and took down his trousers. Then he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer. He grabbed her thighs, lifted her body up slightly, then he held his member and moved it little by little beneath her. He had to rely on his senses because her lower body was covered by her skirt and he couldn’t see anything.

Lucia was moving her hand on his shoulder when a certain hot thing touched the delicate area between her legs, startling her and her body stiffened. Feeling the tip of his manhood touching her petite entrance, he pulled her down slowly, sitting her onto his embodiment. His hot flesh opened her narrow door, finding a path and entering inside.



Their lower bodies were completely connected. Hugo hugged her body with both arms and buried his head in her bosom. Her tight inside was smooth and hot. The pleasure was enough to drown him. His lower abdomen throbbed like it was in pain. Inside of her, his core was thumping like a heartbeat. He clenched his teeth in worry and hugged her tighter.

* * *


Lucia was exhausted and gasped for breath. Her whole body was soaked with sweat and slippery. On her lower body, the semen he poured inside her was flowing along her thighs and buttocks. As Lucia lay face down on the bed, he bit her neck. Even the pain turned to pleasure and her whole body trembled with excitement.

Like an herbivore caught by the throat, Lucia was unable to rebel and offered her body to him. His hand grabbed her butt roughly. Since the path between her legs was already loosened, his erect rod didn’t lose any momentum and went straight in.

“Hn… Ng.”

The smell of his body mixed with sweat and the pungent smell of chestnut blossoms filled the room. Lucia’s vision flickered, causing her to close her eyes and then slowly open them.

He pressed his arms against the bed, thrusting into her with quick, short motions. Lucia moaned whenever the tip of his rod penetrated her. She was rendered breathless by the endless, continuous stimulation.

It was a bright morning with a clear view of the wrinkled sheets. The bedroom with all the curtains open was too bright. The fact that she was doing this kind of thing with him this morning, brought her unknown sense of guilt. It was such a depraved way of living.

“Hugh. What time is it…”

“I wonder.”

His large hands grabbed her hips, pulling her body upwards and towards him. Her cheeks that were touching the sheets were dragged along, causing friction. He moved backwards, pulling out the part of him that filled up her body. The sensation of him slowly pulling out from her body caused her to shudder. Her waist reflexively twitched.

He ruthlessly slammed into her as if wanting to split her body into two and the sound of their flesh slapping together resounded through the room.


“We have a lot of time, Vivian. You don’t have to fret.”

Hugo huskily whispered in her ear. Their breathing was in sync as they panted and their bodies dragged along the sheet causing it to crinkle. The sound of wet flesh slapping together was shudderingly erotic.

“Who…hn…is fretting…”

“Your body is. Do you know how erotic your inside is? It’s clamping down on me.”

The folds of her narrow, supple flesh pressing against his penis stimulated him to no end. His wife’s body always drove him crazy. He felt more than just physical pleasure, he felt a sense of fullness. When he held her, there was no sense of emptiness after the pleasure of climax. The satisfaction was akin to filling up an empty stomach that had experienced long starvation.

Lucia couldn’t refute his words. Although it was too much and exhausting, her body reacted to him non-stop. Sex with him was always pleasurable and tormenting. The pleasure he gave was utterly difficult to deny.

As he drilled into her over and over again, the slowly climbing wave of pleasure became a huge tidal wave and swept her away. Her vision went hazy and her consciousness went dark. All the hairs on her body stood up.


Her whole body trembled as she screamed, and she could hear him groaning from behind her. She reached her climax, and his rigid penis recklessly moved in her inner walls, invading her several times.

Lucia couldn’t even scream properly at the immense pleasure that seemed to have turned her brain into mush. Her mouth hung open and she trembled. After going at it intensely, he uttered a guttural moan. Hot semen gushed into her womb. Although she had experienced it many times, it was still a strange feeling. Lucia recoiled and gasped for breath.

Her inner walls squeezed tightly, and he pulled out his huge penis from her pressuring innards. He took her by the arm and her body was powerlessly turned around. When she unintentionally lowered her gaze, she saw his penis positioned at her center, glistening with cum and already standing up again.

‘…Ah…I’m done for.’





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    1. Here’s me. Wishing I find a guy who loves me for who I am…and also is incredibly skilled at sex.
      Seriously, men should really know how to please the ladies during sex and not only satisfy their own needs. This is like a conversation, you know. It needs to be fulfilling for both parties otherwise it could lead to mistrust and eventually, relationship problems.
      Not like I have any romantic relationship at all, purely sexual or otherwise.

  1. Thank you Miss Ruby for this chapter. Look what gratifying gratitude! And all for a handkerchief! what would it be like if it were something bigger hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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    Welps, happy birthday Hugh…

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  3. When a workaholic maniacal killer takes the day off from work to thank his wife for a birthday gift, I’d saidthis is a duo malady: love and lust.
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  4. Lol she really is done for 🙈
    Umm question… so is she still taking that special medicine from the doctor before she left??? ( I forgot the Female doctor’s name) With as much sex as Lucia and Hugo have, I imagine we’ll be surprised with a pregnancy later 🤔

    Thank you for the translations 🙇‍♀️

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