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Lucia Chapter 87 [part 2]


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As he walked down the hallway, David gnashed his teeth.

‘You probably think I don’t know, father.’

David knew the secret that his brother, who was despicably guarding his position as the second son of the ducal house as if he was someone of the legal line, was actually a child from outside.

When they were young, David’s mother only stood behind David. David thought it was just excessive affection for the eldest son because his mother also didn’t show much affection to his elder sister. So David felt a little sorry for his younger brother. It was a momentary feeling that he had when he was young and didn’t know anything.

On David’s 15-year-old birthday, a huge social debut party was held in the mansion. That night, his mother got very drunk although she had never done that before, and came to David’s bedroom. His mother confessed the truth to him while crying.

[David. My son. This mother of yours feels torn inside whenever I see that child.]

Robin was a child from another woman that his father loved. David heard that unlike other families that revealed their love child and raised them as an illegitimate child, his father made a request of his mother in order to raise Robin like a real son of the Duchess.

[That child is said to be two years younger that you but actually, he was born a few months later than you. When I was carrying you, that bitch was also carrying a child. Do you know how miserable I felt when I found about it?]

Because Robin’s real mother died after giving birth, the Duke of Ramis brought Robin back with him. And he asked his wife to raise up the boy up as her son. Robin grew up in a foreign country until he was seven years old. The story was that his body was weak but the truth was different.

After that event, two or three times a month, the Duchess would drink and look for David to dwell on her misfortune. David had not known that there was so much sorrow in his mother’s heart.

He felt for his mother who was unable to receive the love of his father. And he was heartbroken for his mother who was deeply distressed to be raising the son of another woman as if it were her own child. He hated his father, and he resented his elder sister who treated Robin without reserve, not knowing that he was their half-brother. As for Robin, David felt an unbearable anger.

‘It’s always been like this. Father’s eyes are different when he looks at that bastard.’

His father was only rebuking and strict to him but when he looked at Robin, he laughed heartily. The anger in David’s heart gradually grew more and more.

His mother passed away before she could see his sister become Queen. David was also heartbroken about that. Although the relationship between his mother and his sister was cold, his mother was secretly proud of his sister for becoming the Crown princess.

David knew that one day, his father would die and there was something that he wanted to do on the very day that he became Duke.

‘Robin. I will definitely offer your neck to my mother’s spirit and resolve her grudge.’

* * *

David went to a bar with the vice-chairman, Sir. Harry in order to discuss the dismantling of the youth organization and also drink to soothe his upset heart. It was a high-class bar with a private room made for keeping the confidentiality of their customers.

“It is such a shame to be disbanding this way. I mean, the organization is only just staring to make a place for itself, Sir. Ramis.”

“It can’t be helped. My father is making a fuss about it. And I have to leave the capital.”

“Then, if you leave it to me, I will lead the group without linking it to you, Sir. Ramis. Shouldn’t the foundation be strengthened while Sir. Ramis is away from the capital? You have to have a hidden power to use for the future.”

David was tempted. Sir. Harry’s words had some truth to it. It was a waste to throw away the group that he had managed to build up so far.

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you, Sir. Harry. I will give you my support so you can become my strength. You don’t know how glad I am to have a talented person like Sir. Harry by my side.”

“You overpraise me. Sir. Ramis is going to do great things in the future and I simply want to be of help.”

David laughed in good cheer and patted Harry’s shoulder.

Harry had a deeply grateful look on his face but inwardly, he was breathing a sigh of relief. Such a backer couldn’t be found anywhere else. There was no better condition than hiding behind the big name of the Duke’s heir and growing in power.

David wasn’t foolish but by default, he hated someone being above him. He liked it when the smart ones lowered their head. If you seized that point and properly humored his feelings, he was easy to handle.

“I’ve given it some thought and I don’t think my father went through the hassle of investigating me. It’s definitely someone trying to slander me.”

“What you’re saying is reasonable. Do you have any guess or suspects?”

“I can only think of the Duke of Taran. That guy has been secretly vigilant against me for a long time.”1

Had the Duke of Taran gone crazy to take a Duke’s heir who was nothing but a greenhorn as an opponent? Harry sneered at David’s unfounded pride. But on the surface, he earnestly showed his agreement.

Hearing Harry’s comfort and praise, David felt much better. When David was done drinking and was about to get up from his seat, an employee delivered a note to him.

‘Why does the bar owner want to see me?’

David sent Harry off and waited for a bit. The door to the room opened and seeing the person coming into the room, David’s eyes grew wide. Unexpectedly, it was an enchanting young beauty. The woman’s lips curled as she gave David a soft smile.

“It is an honor to meet your distinguished personage. I am called Anita.”2


Translator’s Corner:

1. He means that Duke had been on guard for him for a long time if this didn’t make sense.
2. Anita is the Countess of Falcon. Hugo’s ex-partner. The woman who investigated Lucia by talking to Norman.



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