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Lucia Chapter 87 [part 1]


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David was called by the Duke of Ramis and went into his office. Because he entered with a light heart, he didn’t have time to avoid the thing that suddenly flew at his face.

“What the hell are you doing!”

As he listened to his father’s voice filled with rage, David blankly stared at the pile of documents that hit his face and fell to the floor. The hit to his face didn’t hurt much. But he was shocked because it was his first time being scolded in such a way.

“Who asked you to do this!”

David leaned forward and picked up one of the documents scattered on the floor. It was a list of names that he was familiar with. It was a list of the members of the ‘New Nation Youth Organization’ that David had created.

How did his father know about this group? That was one thing of itself; why was his father so angry? David couldn’t understand the current situation.

The ugly face of his father was filled with crumpled wrinkles and it was disgusting. Suppressed revulsion stirred in his stomach. David lowered his head to avoid revealing his humiliation from being struck by the documents and he clenched his teeth.

“I was wrong, father.” (David)

He had to apologize unconditionally, no questions asked. David bowed his head with a grave expression, and asked for forgiveness for a mistake that he didn’t know about yet.

“Why are you so rash about things.” (Duke Ramis)

‘Apologizing unconditionally’ always worked. The anger in his father’s voice lessened. As David slightly lifted his head, his father massaged his temples and let out a long sigh.

David picked up a few more documents from the floor. They contained information about the youth organization that he had made. It had a list of the members in it as well as the rules of the organization.

‘What’s the problem here?’

David didn’t know why his father was angry but if he said he didn’t know, he would be scolded more, so he only picked up the documents silently. He gathered them all and placed them on his father’s desk, then he stepped back and lowered his head. It was the image of a reflecting son.

“I did not know that the group I made with like-minded friends would cause father so much trouble. It was thoughtless of me.” (David)

“Like-minded friends? You mean recruiting people and acting as leader?” (Duke Ramis)

‘And what’s wrong with that?’ (David)

He didn’t know why his father was so upset. David had no doubts about his future as successor to his father who would become the future lord of the Duke of Ramis household and rise to rule over many people, standing beside the King and becoming a key figure in discussing important national matters.

David’s father always told him to lower his pride and look up from below. But David couldn’t understand his father’s excessive caution. To David, the people below him were as many as ants. What was the problem in practicing how to lead and manage them in advance?

But David would never let such words come out of his mouth. He wasn’t that stupid.

“I tried to make many friends to get along with like you always said.”


The Duke of Ramis sighed. Outwardly, his son apologized but inwardly, he was being disobedient; the Duke was aware of his son being two-faced to some extent. Still, the Duke found solace in the fact that his son was showing an attitude of correction after being scolded.

The Duke wanted his son to see further in the world rather than looking down on the world. His son was only in his middle twenties. He was at a young age where he lacked knowledge and experience.

At the same age, a character like the Duke of Taran lacked nothing as the head of his family and he was the ‘happening’ individual of the century. An ordinary person shouldn’t try to compete with a genius in the same category. Let a genius go on his own way as a genius and just think that ‘such people exist, huh’ and laugh it off. However, the Duke was worried because his son seemed to keep showing immature rivalry towards the Duke of Taran.

The Duke wanted to give his eldest son a chance if possible. It was the proper way of things for the eldest son to take over the family. It was the precedent and caused the least room for confusion. Which is why even though the Duke kept discovering unreliable sides to his eldest son, he smoothed it over as passable.

“Do you really not know that this group you made could become a great seed of disturbance? ‘New nation’? How can you use such an outrageous name?”

David chewed his lips.

‘So that’s the problem.’

David had also thought that the name wasn’t good. However, Sir. Harry, vice president of the youth organization enthusiastically argued:

[Every word in the world can have the opposite meaning depending on the interpretation. ‘New nation’. Isn’t it a name that conveys our willingness to embrace the accession and new reign of the new King? It is a well-known fact that His Majesty did not have a very good relationship with the late former King. We want to make a completely new nation that covers the shadow of the late King.]

Listening to his explanation, it sounded very reasonable.

“…We only use the name internally. On the outside, we just call it youth organization.” (David)

“It’s easy to find out with a little research. Didn’t you make the rules and refer to it as ‘New Nation Youth Organization’ in them?”

‘What you mean is, you investigated me.’

David felt both shock and a sense of betrayal. His father had looked into his affairs.

“I’m sorry, father. The meaning behind it was just that we would be of aid to His Majesty’s new reign.”

“No matter how good the intention is, it’s better to not provide an excuse. Haven’t your sister and I told you, that in politics there are cliffs at all sides so you should be careful and even more careful?”

“Yes, father. I will engrave your words deeply.”

“The forces opposing His Majesty are always looking for a gap. His Majesty could misunderstand you.”

David thought his father was worrying over nothing. Why would the King misunderstand? If he didn’t believe in a loyal family like the Duke Ramis family, who would be there to assist the King?

His father was the King’s father-in-law, and his sister was the Queen. His nephew would ascend the throne in the future. The Duke Ramis House was completely on the King’s side.*

“Yes, father. I will be more careful about my actions. I’ll take responsibility for the group and dismantle it.”

“Good. I’m relieved you understood my point. For the time being, go down to the territory.”

“Yes? Father!”

“You have to show that you are reflecting. Since I know of this, it is certain that someone else does too. It won’t be very long. Think of it as training for a year or two.”

David’s clenched fists trembled. He couldn’t disobey his father. Compared to his father, he was still very weak.

“When will I be leaving?” (David)

“Make preparations to leave by the end of this month.”


As David was leaving with his head lowered, he heard his father’s mutterings.

“It would be nice if the two of them were mixed half-and-half. Robin is just meek…” (TN: Robin is the Duke’s second son)

David’s hand on the door handle tightened. He clamped his lips together and his jaw tightened harshly. Sparks flew from his eyes and he felt a sudden surge of rage from inside. He didn’t feel like he could control his expression at all and he was afraid his father might call him to a stop so he hurriedly left the office.


Translator’s thoughts:

* I just found this particular train of thought…odd(?). I mean all the more reason to be suspicious. The family has too much power. Hell, if they off the King, they can go on their merry way and become a royal house since their bloodline (the nephew) is future king. The King will be way more wary of them and the slightest sign of rebellious intent is going to be met with hellfire and thunderstorms…is he stupid? I mean, I’ve been looking at this situation objectively since Hugo is a very bias person but uhhh…

Well. Hope you enjoyed the chapter~!




19 thoughts on “Lucia Chapter 87 [part 1]”

    1. What’s more stupid is that those he keeps on bragging about (like his sister, father and nephew) are not his own. He’s just riding the coat tails of his family with nothing to show for it. He even has the gall to feel entitled of the prestige and benefits coming from the powers of his family members.
      I really hate people like this the most. They are mostly spoiled brats with no stability. If they lost their connections, they’re just nothing and they’d just keep on blaming the world for being unfair. Sad truth is, there’s a lot of them irl.
      Connections aren’t bad per se, but they only make sense if one’s own reputation makes sense. Otherwise, one’s network of connections is no different from a fragile house of cards.

  1. Yep. In my opinion, as a successor to the Duke and long standing support to the new king David never really thought beyond what he’s doing/creating. His main agenda for founding such organization was to compete with Hugo’s powerful sphere of influence. Remember, unlike Hugo, the old generation who held the most authority next to the king will be succeeded by the young, so David by amassing talents of the same peer he can use later when he inherits the house is a huge power in his side. The main problem is the vice president. That person what they’re creating. David is too arrogant and concieted to think otherwise that he’s being used.

    1. No the main problem is David. He wants power to rival Hugo. He wants every thing that Hugo has,including his wife and the relationship with the throne. And right you are the porspective new king would just be a puppet. This vice president will use David to get what the group wants,then push David to his death

    2. The problem here is that he’s not even sincere with the purpose of the group. It was just a plaything for him to gather followers. That naivete will bite him back especially when the members are earnest in the ideals of the group. At this point, he literally has no clue about the consequences of his actions. He’s busier minding the business of others over his own. He could really learn a thing or two from the duke: he needs to mind his own business. He needs to stop being immature and focus on actually developing himself. His character’s merits are so hollow, that it irritates me whenever I read about him boasting of the powers his sister, father and brother-in-law has. Ffs, it’s not your own power! Grrr.

  2. That’s vice-president is suspicious…!!
    And I think he just led around David.. With his never thinking ahead and don’t know what’s politic actually entail??

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. I agree with Hugh here. Is this guy stupid, so arrogant that he was blinded and led by the nose? And the father should really just give up and hand over the reigns to the his meek son Robin. Gosh. I keep getting DC comics deja vu thanks to the names. First there was Damian and now we have a Robin.

  4. How does one make Robin the heir without having him get murdered by David? I’d like to take a moment to rejoice in the fact that I don’t have any of Duke Ramis’ problems, lol.
    Thx for the chapter!

  5. “The family has too much power. Hell, if they off the King, they can go on their merry way and become a royal house since their bloodline (the nephew) is future king. ”
    That’s pretty much how the Tudor dynasty began in England.

  6. Wow. The stupidity of this man. He’s probably going to be used as a “mascot” or a face of a future resistance aka scapegoat in the future. This is probably what happened in Lucia’s old timeline.

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