Lucia Chapter 112 [part 2]


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The two combined bodies moved to an obscene rhythm. Her slender legs were wrapped around his firm waist and her body shook along with his movements as he moved his waist. Her nasal erotic cries went off and on continuously and his lips continued to greedily devour her entire body.

Sunlight, signaling the time of the day, shone inside the room, lighting up even the corners of the bedroom. Hugo was filled with satisfaction because with the morning light, he could see even the slightest fluctuation in her eyes.

The sensation of his penis buried inside her wet flesh was pleasure in of itself. He took a rough breath and squeezed himself into her. The feeling of her tender flesh clinging to him was thrilling. He rubbed against her roughly and thrust deep inside her.

Her faint seductive cry was mixed with sobs. He knew where her favorite spot was and when he hit that spot strongly, she cried out in pleasure.

Due to the intense sex in the morning, the morning time flew by. Lucia was already tired out from morning exercise and her whole body felt listless, making the day ahead looked gloomy. As the afterplay grew longer, Lucia secretly grew worried.

“No…more. I have to get ready and go out.”

He still didn’t undo their union and continued to plant kisses all over her body. Lucia pushed his chest with both hands and whined.


“I hear you.”

He kissed her as if giving a finishing touch and the feeling of him pulling out his member was so vivid that she flinched.

“I’ll pick you up in the evening.”

“It won’t be that late. The place is also not far from the mansion.”

He came down from the bed without replying and put on his robe.

Lucia looked at him and gave a little sigh. She sat up and picked up her nightgown that was sprawled at her feet. Two or three times a month, if she had an evening schedule, he would always come to pick her up.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like him coming to pick her up. It really wasn’t but….

His hand suddenly grabbed her chin and lifted her face up, catching Lucia by surprise.

“Why do you tell me not to come every time?” (Hugo)

The red eyes that met hers were cold.

“Last time, I definitely said I was going to pick you up, but I was a little late and you came home first. Is there something troublesome to you if I go?” (Hugo)

Lucia could see that he was clearly unhappy so she studied him carefully.

“…it’s because of the rumors.”(Lucia)

“Rumors?” (Hugo)

Lucia did not attend balls where she wasn’t accompanied by her husband, unless it was a special event that she had to attend. She usually didn’t go out to events other than social gatherings with simple refreshments, such as tea parties. If there was a rare evening gathering, her husband always came to pick her up.

Due to that, there were rumors slowly going around about the couple. To be more precise, there were rumors aimed at the Duke of Taran. They whispered that the Duke of Taran had delusional jealousy, so he had almost confined the Duchess to their home.

The person rumored about was usually the last to find out so Lucia only heard it for the first time when someone indirectly said it as a joke. She couldn’t believe her ears and was completely speechless.

Delusional jealousy?! Confinement?! What sort of ridiculous statement is that?!

Lucia was the type to avoid crowdy venues and events. Which is why she didn’t really go to balls, and sometimes when she was late, her husband came to pick her up because he was worried.

“I don’t know how you can bluntly say that it’s someone else’s business.”

Looking at Lucia who was trembling from anger, Hugo had an expression that said it wasn’t a big deal.

‘Confinement, huh.’

He really wanted to if he could. If Lucia could read his mind now, she would be shocked. But Hugo did not make the foolish mistake of revealing his pitch-black thoughts.

Hugo’s nerves were on edge due to containing all the men that were leering at his wife. The fact that she was married and her husband had a formidable reputation, did not hinder them from approaching her.

It was not for an enormous purpose, such as a conspiracy to deal with the Duke. It was just that exchanging romantic love letters or having light public dates prevailed in the country. Such things did not count as an affair.

Lucia didn’t know any of this, but Hugo had intercepted quite a few attempts to give her flowers or letters. If he had his way, he wanted to pick off all the bastards pestering her, one by one, and crush them. But doing such a thing would truly get him branded as a nut case with delusional jealousy in the high society.

His wife was blooming like a flower in full bloom every day. At first glance, she seemed innocent, then sometimes, like a mature woman, and other times, like a pure girl. It was only natural that eyes were drawn to her, seeing as she was adorned in the finest dresses and jewelry and exuded charm.

Hugo held her neck and kissed her intensely. He took his lips off hers and seeing her misty eyes, he barely managed to suppress his surging desire.

“You’re taking your maid, right?”

“I always take my maid with me.”

“Two people.”

“Yes. I know. Two people.”

After the incident at the founding party, Lucia always went around with two maids.

“Don’t separate from your guard.”

“I got it.”

“I may be a little late. I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t talk to some other guy.”

“Oh geez, the nagging.”

Lucia burst into laughter.


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