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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [149]

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Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

“Ugh, my head…”

Damon groaned, holding his forehead.

He had been moved to the Salvatore House and was currently recovering. It had been about a day since he regained consciousness and in the meantime, the mansion’s servants were looking after Damon with utmost care.

“Are you okay, Damon-nim?”

“Doctor! The young master says his head hurts!”

Perhaps the servants were on standby next to him, but he could hear them fussing around chaotically.

As he listened to all that noise, Damon blinked his eyes in a trance.

“What the, did I fall asleep?”

Damon asked, sitting up slightly on the bed and the servants quickly came up to serve him.

“Yes, sir. Please take some warm water.”
“Would you like a massage for your legs?”

Even though he had been running around outside for a while because of how things were, Damon was still the precious child of the Salvatore family. As he got properly treated at home for the first time in a long while, he felt satisfied.

With his heart full of satisfaction, Damon subconsciously buried back into the blanket but then he suddenly came to his senses.

“Wait, how long was I asleep?”

“It has been about 5 hours, sir.”


Damon tore off the blanket and jumped down from the bed. He felt like he had only closed his eyes for a bit, yet so much time had already passed.

Damon shook off all of the servants that were trying to get him to lie back down and asked urgently.

“Has the search party sent out by the family come back? Is there still no new information since then?”

“Yes, it is just as I said earlier. The Crawfords are guarding it quite heavily so they have not been able to get inside. I also haven’t heard anything about the person you mentioned either.”

Curses spewed from Damon’s mouth.

As soon as Damon opened his eyes yesterday, he was given a rough explanation of what had happened while he was unconscious. He was so surprised to learn that after he was taken in to treat his injuries, Kalian was also brought back, heavily injured.

Then he thought of Yuri who was with them in the building and asked for her whereabouts, but for some reason, he didn’t hear anything about a rescued hostage.

When he looked further into it, he learnt that Kalian was definitely alone when he returned.

So that meant they couldn’t rescue Yuri?

Damon was greatly unsettled and sent a team from the Salvatore family to the site of the incident. However, they were blocked by the Crawford search team and couldn’t get inside.

“We haven’t heard anything else from the Crawfords?”

“They are still not saying anything.”

Damon’s mood instantly plunged.
It wasn’t just Damon, even his servants’ expressions didn’t look very good.

Since Damon came back with Kalian after getting injured, it only made sense that the Crawfords should contact them first officially, so that the Salvatores could investigate the situation. Even if their relationship wasn’t that close, the Salvatore family was still a great noble family of the East, second to the Crawfords.

However, it had been two days and the Crawfords had barely sent any word.

Hence, Damon’s father, the head of the Salvatore family, and all the other people in the mansion were angry, saying this was an obvious disregard for the Salvatore house.

Sure, it was thanks to Kalian that Damon was able to get out of the enemy’s den safely, but that fact didn’t make the Crawford’s behavior seem any better.

“Where is Father?”

“He went to the central council.”

That meant it was going to get a lot noisier.

Damon made up his mind.

“Tell the search team to just push ahead, regardless of if the Crawfords block them or not.”

“Pardon? That…”

“Hurry up and go tell them!”

The butler who received Damon’s order, left the room.

“The rest of you, leave as well. If you hear anything else, let me know immediately.”

Damon sent the servants out as well.
His mind was a mess, and he couldn’t even relax. He spent his time constantly glancing at the clock on the table anxiously.

Knock, knock.

Then when he heard the sound of someone knocking on his door again, Damon instantly sprang upright.

“Damon-nim. Genos-nim from the Sheldon family has come to visit.”

However, what he heard was not the news he had been waiting for.

“Genos Sheldon? Why is that guy…”

Damon’s face distorted habitually as he opened his mouth, then he paused.

“Bring him to my room.”

Soon, a reply completely different from what he was going to say left his mouth.

“Damon Salvatore, I heard you got injured. You good?”

And after a while, a familiar face whose very sight annoyed Damon appeared in his doorway.

“I will bring out tea right away.”

“Forget tea, just bring cold water.”

Damon coldly ordered when he heard the servant say that.

Genos entered the room casually, seemingly unsurprised by the cold reception, then he sat down on the chair beside the bed without any invitation.

“You came to visit empty-handed? Where are your manners?”

“You should be thankful enough that I came to see you while you’re in treatment. I’m sure there is no one else who wants to come all this way to see you on purpose.”

Normally, Damon would have argued with him for a while but today, he just stared at Genos’ face with cold eyes, then he suddenly asked.

“Did Kalian send you?”


But Genos’ reply was not what he expected.

Damon frowned.

‘Then why did this fox of a bastard come to see me at a time like this?’

He obviously had a purpose for coming but Damon couldn’t easily figure out what that was.

He searched Genos with his eyes then suddenly noticed something that stood out and asked.

“By the way, what happened to your face? It looks like you were beaten up.”

At that, Genos’ good-looking face changed for the first time.

“Hm, I was smacked by an angel’s wing.”

Hearing that, Damon’s expression seemed to say, ‘what bullshit is that’. His face crumpled as he looked at Genos, but soon after, he smirked as if to say he understood.

“Well, you’ve been luring girl after girl because you look somewhat okay so there must have been a lover’s quarrel. Tsk, tsk, that’s what you get for being frivolous.”

“For you to draw that kind of conclusion, I think you’re the one whose head is full of frivolous thoughts.”

“What, you prick…”

Just when the atmosphere around the two was about to get tense, a servant came into the room.

The serving prepared for Damon was a cup of warm tea with steam rising into the air, while cold water was prepared for Genos like Damon ordered earlier.

However, when he saw the servant placing the cold water in front of Genos, Damon’s anger flared.

“Why are you putting that there?”


“I’m no longer sitting there. This thing makes me hot just by looking at it, take it away and bring me that one!”

The servant looked confused because they couldn’t understand what was going on but decided to obey and brought Damon the cold water they tried to give to Genos.

Then Damon gulped the whole cup down at once.

“Bring me another one. Just seeing this guy’s face makes my insides boil.”

Damon handed the empty cup to the servant then he looked at Genos and said that with a voice full of annoyance.

As it turns out, the cold water he asked for was never supposed to be for Genos, he planned on drinking it from the start.

The servant finally realized what Damon wanted and put the hot tea in front of Genos. Then they hurriedly left the room to bring another cup of cold water for Damon.

Genos has also misunderstood the same thing, so he looked at Damon with a somewhat odd look in his eyes.

“Genos Sheldon, I am not in a very good mood right now thanks to a variety of things. So stop beating around the bush and get to the point.”

Once he heard that, Genos went straight to the point like Damon asked.

“The Crawfords will be starting an official heretic hunt very soon.”

That was something Damon had guessed after seeing the way things were going so he didn’t have much of a reaction to what Genos said.

“And so?”

However, he couldn’t help but have an intense reaction when Genos’ next words entered his eardrums.

“When that hunt is over, the Salvatore’s position as a great eastern noble family will be gone.”


A fierce aura began to surge around Damon. He glared at Genos with blazing eyes then spat out his next words like he was forcing them through his teeth:

“You think that makes sense? Why would that happen to the Salvatore house? Where did you get this load of rubbish…!”

“Whether you believe me or not, I’m just telling you what I saw.”

Genos spoke calmly to Damon’s angry figure.

Damon swore under his breath. Normally, he would have said ‘did you take drugs or something’ or ridicule the fact that Genos claimed to see the future with ghost eyes. But strangely enough, when he met Genos’ eyes, he couldn’t say anything.

The reason Damon couldn’t dismiss Genos’ words as nonsense was because he was also feeling that there was something strange about the atmosphere in the East nowadays.

The change in the way the Crawfords treated the Salvatores was also becoming more and more obvious.

“…F*ck. Alright, so? Keep talking.”

Damon decided to be patient and listen to Genos till he was done talking.

“I know you didn’t just come here to say that and leave, right?”

And when he heard Damon pressing him, Genos finally opened his mouth again.

“How about joining hands with me, temporarily?”

Damon’s brow twitched.

“I think I will be able to help you.”

“And I should trust you because? No, actually, why are you giving me such an offer? Are you and I close? No.”

At Damon’s words which were full of suspicion, Genos laughed as if to say he expected that. However, the smile spreading across his lips was quick to disappear.

“That may be true but, the East in the future I saw isn’t what I was expecting.”

* * *

“It has been a long time, Lady Tatiana.”

Dominic rose from his seat when he saw the old lady entering the room.

Tatiana narrowed her eyes when she heard him strangely greet her first.

“It is hard to see your face, Crawford Head.”

“The east is a bit messy nowadays.”

“I know. I was at the site, so I experienced it myself.”

“I’m sorry you had to experience something so unfortunate as soon as you came to the East.”

Despite saying that, he never showed up to check on her earlier. Either way, Dominic’s words were just for show.

Tatiana sat down in a chair and crossed her legs before Dominic could even offer her a seat.




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