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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [148]

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Translated by: Miss Ruby

* * *

The patients in the Anne-Marie Treatment Center increased by one.

Anne-Marie’s face had thinned out in just one day because she had to deal with two difficult patients back to back. Plus, since most of the treatment happened in the middle of the night, she had to stay up all night to monitor their condition.

“Here you go, Ms. Anne-Marie. Eat this with that; it tastes nice.”

Meanwhile, I went out to get a bunch of healthy food to feed Anne-Marie. Regardless of how urgent it was, I felt sorry for pushing her so hard.

When Hestia saw how Anne-Marie looked, she even mumbled that her sister looked similar to Mister Thompson next door.

Mr. Thompson was a good husband who took care of this wife with full devotion; she was pregnant with their first child, and he bought her healthy and tasty food every day.

“Hestia and I can look after them now, don’t worry. You should go in and rest.”

“Alright, I’ll get some sleep and come back.”

Anne-Marie staggered to her room with a pale face. Seeing that, I felt even more apologetic.

I fixed Hestia breakfast in Anne-Marie’s stead then I went into the room where Lakis and Odin were.

They were each lying on different sofas.

Anne-Marie’s house didn’t have enough places to lie them down, so I had to bring one of the sofas from my house.

I mean, I have a conscience, so how could I let her give me her sister’s bed? But putting a patient on the floor didn’t seem like a good idea either.

Anne-Marie and Hestia’s eyes were round when they saw me easily carrying the long sofa by myself when it would have been hard for two men to carry without feeling impeded.

Anne-Marie knew about my strange ability, so she understood somewhat. Meanwhile, Hestia seemed to just think of me as the unni next-door who had been hiding her superhuman strength.

I picked up the wet towel on the table and wiped the remaining blood stains on Odin and Lakis.

Honestly, if I could take them to the clinic, that might have been better but since both of them were not normal humans, Anne-Marie was the only choice left. Plus Anne-Marie’s healing power was also the best option.


Lakis’ self-healing didn’t seem to be working properly but that was oddly similar to Odin’s situation, wasn’t it?

It made me feel suspicious again.

‘Did Lakis meet with that fake too?’

Last night, when Lakis saw me, he was surprised to see me at home like he didn’t expect me there and after that, he worriedly asked if I was hurt. Somehow, all of that put together made for a valid suspicion.

As I swept back Lakis’ hair which had fallen over his eyes, I mumbled softly.

“Hurry up and wake up.”

Only then can I ask the questions I was curious about.

At least Odin woke up once in the middle of it all but Lakis had still not opened his eyes since he fainted on top of my shoulders.

Maybe it was because of Anne-Marie’s power, but thankfully, his self-healing seemed to have re-activated.

As I walked back to the basin on the table with the bloody towel, I suddenly looked at the closed door.

Come to think of it, Anne-Marie ended up treating Lakis when he was seriously injured. Was there something forcing the story to behave like it was supposed to, or was it a simple coincidence?

Last night, things were so urgent that I wasn’t able to think about anything else but now that I could think, I felt an odd mix of emotions.

But as expected, this was a situation where people’s lives are at stake so that sort of thing wasn’t that important.

I took one more glance at the two guys lying in the back of the room, then I quietly left the room with the basin.

* * *


Lakis’ consciousness was sound asleep in a deep abyss.


But he kept hearing someone calling his name. It gave him a headache but this feeling of someone grinding on his nerves was both familiar and irritating.

‘Be quiet.’

And so, Lakis acted like usual and coldly pushed for the noise in his head to shut up.

—Wake up, Lakis!

However, the voice stubbornly didn’t go away.

Lakis sighed.
His ears were sore, and he wanted to open his eyes already, but he also didn’t want to let the voice get what it wanted so that was adding to the delay.

But the very next moment, after a woman’s urgent voice rang out in his ears like an illusion…


‘Mr. Lakis…!’


Lakis opened his eyes with a start.

* * *

As soon as his eyelid went up, a faint light seeped into his vision. Lakis quietly tried to grasp the situation he was in without moving.

—Lakis, you’re awake?!

‘Shut up.’

The noisy voice rang out in his head again and Lakis habitually thundered at it. However, it wasn’t a lie to say the bug was useless.

The bug’s consciousness was also cut off while he was asleep, so it wouldn’t be of any help in grasping his situation at this time.

From what he could tell, it was morning right now.

The sofa he was lying on was familiar. However, the room reflected in his eyes was unfamiliar.

Lakis frowned and forced himself to sit up. And when he saw the face right next to him, he flinched greatly.

“F*ck, that surprised me.”

The person lying on the sofa like a corpse was someone Lakis also knew.

‘The crow? Why is this bastard lying next to me.’

Doubt arose in Lakis’ eyes.

Odin was sleeping peacefully on his spot. Judging from how his entire body was wrapped in bandages, it seemed he had been heavily injured and had gotten treated.

To think he had even removed the brainwashing and sent the guy to protect Yuri while he was gone, yet he comes to find the guy looking like this…

Then suddenly, Lakis remembered what happened last night.


‘Mr. Lakis…!’


It was Yuri’s voice ringing in his ear just before he lost consciousness completely. It was the first time he had ever heard her call him so urgently.

When he inadvertently looked down, he saw bandages wrapped around his body like he had been treated, although it wasn’t as much as the ones on the crow next to him.

Considering what he had experienced before, this was not Yuri’s handiwork. Furthermore, this didn’t seem like Yuri’s house either.

Wait. Then either way…

‘…have I collapsed and looked pathetic in front of Yuri twice now?’

Lakis’ face fell as he was finally hit with reality.

—Yes! You fainted in front of the landlady for the second time yesterday!

The bug read Lakis’ innermost feelings and babbled innocently.

—You have never looked so embarrassing in your life and the only two times you have, is when you fought that fake bastard but the girl you like saw it both times, huh? You must be so embarrassed.

When he heard the bug speak like it was truly sympathizing with him, he clenched his fists till his veins popped.

‘That fake bastard…I should have beat him more before going.’

Lakis ground his teeth.

He still needed the bastard alive, so he didn’t kill him, but he beat him till he was half-dead then stuffed him somewhere but now, he felt that wasn’t enough.

Right then, he heard someone approaching from outside the door.

Lakis’ sharp gaze moved in the direction of the sound. He raised his hand slightly but after considering what to do for a bit, Lakis lowered his arm; after all, Yuri had brought him here.

After a while, the door opened quietly before his eyes.

Long, silver hair flowed in, glistening in the sunlight seeping through the window.

The sight was a little blinding so Lakis unconsciously frowned. Soon, the woman who came in found Lakis and her eyes went wide. Then a happy voice rang in his ears.

“Oh…! You’re awake?”

It was at that moment that Lakis felt a strange sense of déjà vu. A sense of familiarity that he couldn’t understand. Like he had met this woman in this manner before…

“How do you feel? Is there any particular pain? Ah, you can’t sit up like that so fast!”

The woman hurriedly said as she approaching him.

Lakis kept his mouth shut and sharply watched her actions. A beat later, he realized that the woman approaching him was Yuri’s next-door neighbor, Anne-Marie.

“Ms. Yuri…”

Lakis finally opened his mouth.

“Where is she right now?”

* * *

Meanwhile, the Yuri that Lakis was looking for had gone out to get liquid food for the patients at Anne-Marie’s request.

One thing led to another and she stopped by the coffeehouse to report her survival to Gilbert then on the way back, she sensed a bird approaching her.

Chirp! Chirp!

Considering how unnatural the bird was moving, the bird was obviously being controlled by Siren. There was also a small piece of paper tied to the bird’s leg.

Fortunately, it seemed she had looked into what Yuri asked for right away.

Yuri went into an alley with her shopping bag.


Then she caught the bird hovering in front of her and untied the note. In it were the results of Siren’s spying on the place where Yuri and Odin had been locked up.

Apparently, the area was now occupied by the East’s search team.

The entrance was blocked off like an iron wall so Siren’s bird couldn’t get inside despite multiple attempts. Hence, Siren couldn’t get detailed information about what was going on inside, but she heard that all the heretics in the building were dead by the time the search team arrived.

The note also added that Kalian Crawford and Damon Salvatore were both injured, and they were currently getting treated.

“Thanks for letting me know.”

Yuri rummaged through her bag of groceries and opened some bread then gave the bird a piece. Soon after, she left the alleyway.

Based on the information she got from Siren, it seemed the fake Lakis who fought Kalian was not caught in the end.

It was hard to tell whether that was a good thing or a bad thing yet. Of course, it wasn’t nice to know that the fake guy was still running around with Lakis’ face but if he got caught by the East’s search team, that would be a problem too.

More importantly, since Kalian saw the fake’s face, it might have a negative effect on the real Lakis…

‘But Lakis has to ability to erase people’s memories so maybe it’s okay.’

Yuri hurried to the house while thinking the situation was rather complicated.




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11 thoughts on “You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [148]”

  1. When she swept back his hair I found it really cute. Him looking for her right after he woke up and worrying about embarrassing himself on front of her was so cute too.

    Can’t wait for next chapter and more of Yuri x Lakis scenes.

    Milliam (?) not getting killed is putting me on edge, I hope this doesn’t cause problems later.

    I agree with Yuri, it is a messy situation, I hope Lakis erases their memories.

  2. So, Lakis impression really different from the books with Anna-Marie. From I must obtain to miss next door that Yuri trust.

    Maybe in the book. He just want to obtain her ability, to fight fake person became more convenient?

    Or it’s actually “fake Lakis” that’s torture people?

    Or because of Yuri appearance that’s somehow change everything?

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Omg HANG ON if the Lakis from the book was Milliam the whole time that would be SUCH A TWIST
      But I think it’s been pretty much confirmed he was only after her ability based on something he said when they met outside Yuris house

  3. Lakis feeling a sense of deja vu when seeing Anne-Marie in the context the were makes me feel like this is their second lives or something…like maybe the deja vu was because he met Anne-Marie before when she was getting kidnapped but the way it was phrased “It was at that moment that Lakis felt a strange sense of déjà vu. A sense of familiarity that he couldn’t understand. Like he had met this woman in this manner before…” the whole this manner makes it sound as if he had been treated by Anne-Marie before like the original novel…so is this the second timeline of the novel perhaps?

    1. Yeah I’m really interested in the circumstances behind Yuri’s reincarnation and if there was even a character like her in the original but just didn’t show up

      1. She might well be in the body of/actually the daughter of Bastian’s missing relative. It’s been said that her face was similar but her hair was the wrong colour, but her original blond was similar.
        If Yuri wasn’t in that body the first time around then the original might have died earlier on/not been caught stealing or some other event which prevented her from showing up in the book.

  4. omg i just realized smthg.. what if it was fake Lakis/Milliam all along who was being treated by Anne-Marie in the book? it would explain why he treated Anne-Marie rather harshly compared to how Lakis has been treating Yuri.. but who knows, just my guess.

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