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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [139]

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Translated by: Miss Ruby


Kalian’s hand moved to his waist and he pulled out his sword.

“Hey, wait…!”

And he immediately swung it in Damon’s direction.

Damon was shocked because he didn’t think Kalian would go straight to swinging his sword before talking. But despite his urgent dissuasion, Kalian’s action did not stop.


A sharp noise burst through the room, almost deafening him. Damon looked at the dented cage and his mouth fell open in a stutter.

“You, you, how can you do that so suddenly…”

However, Kalian was undisturbed.

“It’s stronger than I thought.”

“They’ll all come here after hearing that noise! Why not a little quieter…”

“Get down.”


After giving that brief warning, Kalian swung his sword once again. This time, he moved without hesitation as if he had gotten the feeling for it. And sure enough, the cage was cut open in one strike unlike before.

A few strands of Damon’s hair were cut off as well and they were blown away by the artificially created wind.


The cage was split into two horizontal halves and slid to the floor.


At that very moment, a loud noise began to ring through the entire building. There was no way to know if a signal was set to go off when the cage was broken, or if someone had heard the noise inside and rang the alarm.

Whichever it was, one thing was for certain; this alarm was ringing because of them.

Kalian sensed the footsteps running through the hallway, which were now drawing closer to their location.

“Get up. We have to start moving right away.”

People would soon flock here.
He already made this decision when he chose to swing his sword against Damon’s cage but as expected, his investigation of the building was not possible anymore.

If Kalian was alone then things might be different, but since he found an innocent victim who got kidnapped while he was investigating a case, rescue had to come first.

Like Damon said, there was no guarantee Damon would be fine until Kalian came back from investigating.

While Damon was still a little out of it, Kalian pulled him up by the arm. Then he found shackles attached to Damon’s ankles and cut off all the troublesome chains.

And immediately after, the two of them dashed out of the room.

“They’re that way!”

And as soon as they got out, they heard the voices of the people chasing them.

“Wait, is this the right way to the exit?”

“I don’t know.”

Damon was speechless at Kalian’s direct reply.

“What? Did you bring me out without any plan then?”

“The exit…”

However, unlike Damon who was scared, Kalian looked like he wasn’t nervous at all despite the situation. The next moment, he swung his sword widely and continued his sentence:

“If there’s none, I can just make one.”


The gem embedded in the sword flashed and a thunderous roar echoed throughout the area.


Instantly, the ground gave way and Damon screamed. His mind was filled with a similar feeling to when he fell down from the shopping mall building.


Right then, a hot surge of energy flew at them from behind. Something brushed past Damon, slightly snipping the edges of his hair. It seemed his hair was fated to suffer a lot today.



Nonetheless, they only fell to the floor right below so the shock to his body wasn’t that great.

Before Damon could even focus again, Kalian pulled him by the neck and he had to move, whether he was willing or not.

As they ran, Kalian also swung his sword at the wall. But as he expected, unlike the floor or the wall connected to the room, the building’s outer wall was not destroyed by Kalian’s sword.

Even when he first saw it, he thought the material was different from that of normal buildings, but the strength was much more than he expected.

That was not good news.
Since that meant they would have to go to the entrance on the first floor to get out of this building.

Bang! Crackle!

Then suddenly, Kalian felt a surging energy triggering all his senses. It was definitely the energy he felt from the heretic at the exhibition ground.

A bright gleam flashed through Kalian’s eyes. He turned around and ran to where the energy had come from.

Huff, Huff! Ka, Kalian Crawford! Where are you going now? You’re not still just moving anyhow, right?”

Damon ran after him while gasping for breath.

Then he heard the voices of the people chasing them from behind.

“Hey, hey, they’re behind us! They’re behind us!”

They didn’t sound close enough to fight them right away, but Damon got scared and made a big fuss about it. The alarm, which was still ringing in the hallway even now, made him feel even more anxious.

“OK, look, can’t you just blow open the wall or the floor like you did earlier? You’re the one who was acting cool and said you can just make an exit if there’s none!”

Damon yelled from behind but Kalian didn’t give any reply.

“Hey…! Are you ignoring me now? Dammit, if only they didn’t clean out my pocket!”

Damon put more strength in his legs and tried to catch up to Kalian. However, the physiques of the two were just so different that no matter how much strength Damon used, he couldn’t catch up to Kalian.


In all that time, Kalian managed to weave his way through the maze of hallways and finally reached a door which he opened.

“Kalian Crawford! You frustrating prick, don’t you know what situation we’re in? We should be finding an exit and getting out of here as fast as possible so why are you opening another door!”

“Quiet down. I definitely felt a familiar presence in here…”

Since Damon’s noisiness had been disturbing his concentration for a while now, Kalian finally opened his mouth.

However, he couldn’t finish his sentence.
Because when his gaze flew into the room, an unexpected figure was registered in his sight.

Kalian’s eyes went wide, and he subconsciously called out the person’s name.

“Ms. Yuri?”

“What? Why are you suddenly…”

Damon was catching his breath behind Kalian and reflexively retorted with a crumpled expression but when he looked at the sight before him, he stopped talking like Kalian did earlier.

“Eh, what, what the hell?! Is that Yuri? Yuri from the coffeehouse?”

The person trapped in a cage just like Damon was earlier, was certainly the coffeehouse’s clerk, Yuri.

Yuri looked at the two men in front of her and frowned slightly.
Both Kalian and Damon were looking at her with gazes that said, ‘why in the world are you here?’.

But Yuri wanted to ask the same question.

‘Is meeting them here a good thing or a bad thing?’

They probably came here after hearing Odin trying to break the cage open, but she didn’t know yet if she should be thankful that it was Kalian and not the fake Lakis.

Judging from what Kalian said to Damon earlier, she felt she was right in thinking that Kalian came here because he was suspicious after sensing Odin’s ruin’s energy which was used at the exhibition hall…

But then, why is he with Damon? Kalian wasn’t the only intruder?

‘No, more importantly, what reaction should I have right now? Should I act like a good old commoner to happens to get captured by bad guys? I’m bad at acting though.’

Only three seconds had passed since Kalian and Damon saw Yuri and went speechless but in that time span, all sorts of thoughts quickly flashed through Yuri’s mind.
Fortunately, to Kalian and Damon, Yuri looked like she was also speechless like them because of the sudden situation.

“How come you’re here? Did those weird bastards kidnap you and lock you up too? Those f***king assholes!”

Damon was the first person to react.
He didn’t seem to have any doubts and believed Yuri was innocently kidnapped by bad guys.

Kalian, who was conscious of the pursuers that were gradually getting closer, quickly walked into the room and asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I was just walking down the street and ran into a man…then I lost consciousness and when I opened my eyes, I was here.”

Yuri retraced her memories, wondering how she should speak to look trustworthy.

Nonetheless, the both of them knew Yuri wasn’t the type to show much emotion so they didn’t feel her calmness was strange even though she was a kidnapped person.

One more thing that worked in Yuri’s favor was the fact that she was wearing practical rags instead of what she wore before she was kidnapped. This was because when they first took her, they searched her body and also changed her clothes. Hence, Yuri was looking quite different from when she ran into Kalian at the exhibition.

At least for now, it looked like she could avoid direct interrogation or suspicion…

“Get down.”

“Hey, be careful this time!”

Kalian suddenly waved the sword in his hand.

The cage was something Odin couldn’t break even when he used all his power from the ruins. So even if it was Kalian, there was no way…


…Or not.

Surprisingly, the cage was sliced with a single strike from Kalian’s sword.

Yuri was truly surprised this time and her eyes opened a bit wider.

‘Is it because he’s the male lead? His stats are a cheat.’

Odin, who was hiding in the gap in the ceiling and watching this, probably suffered some mental damage from this.

Yuri inwardly clicked her tongue, feeling like she could already see Odin’s spiritless face.




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