Lucia Side Story 7.6: The Beginning of All Stories





Baden quickly ran over as soon as his subordinates told him that the ominous aura covering the devil’s forest had disappeared.

The man sitting on his knees by the bedside slowly turned his head. But his face wasn’t one that Baden knew.

The godfather Baden remembered was a mysterious man who never aged and remained the same from when he was a child till even decades later. But the youth of his godfather seemed to have disappeared overnight. His godfather was no longer a young man. Whoever saw him now would say he was obviously a middle-aged man.


“Is…is it really you…godfather?”

“Say goodbye to your mother.”

“Huh? Mother…? Mother!”

Baden rushed to the bed and broke down wailing. Cael stood up stepped aside a little, waiting for Baden to sufficiently say goodbye to his mother.

When Baden proposed building his mother’s grave in this place, Cael shook his head.

“You should take her with you. If you make your mother’s grave here, no one will be able to check on her and it will soon be abandoned.”

“What about godfather…”

“As you can see, time has begun to flow for me.”

Baden swallowed hard. His godfather was aging quickly as if he was paying the price for maintaining his youth for so many years. When Baden saw him this morning, his godfather looked like a middle-aged man in his later years but in just a few hours, he looked like he had added 10 more years.

“I will escort you. Please come with me.”

“No. My grave will be here.”

“Then I should also…”



Cael placed his pendant in Baden’s hand.

“This pendant is connected with your mother’s soul. If your descendants ever find themselves in a crisis, it will be a great help to preserving your legacy.”

Baden took the pendant carefully and put it in his pocket, like it was very valuable. His godfather was a unique individual with a very mysterious set of ability that the average person couldn’t even imagine. A gift from his godfather would not be an ordinary thing.

“I have a request to make.”

“Yes, please. You can ask anything, godfather.”

“Don’t leave any word about me to your future generations. I don’t want to leave any trace of my existence behind.”


“Today will be the last day you and I see each other. Don’t ever come here again.”

“Godfather. To me, you were both my teacher and my father. A child abandoning his father is an unfilial act that I cannot consent to.”

“This is my last request. I do not want to show my end to anyone.”


Baden’s eyes were filled with tears like he would burst out crying at any moment and from his expression, Cael found the mischievous little boy who used play around him. Evangeline and Baden were miracles that occurred in his dried up life.

In this unpredictable huge world order, he was nothing but a weak and feeble existence.  Out of everything he had pursued so desperately, this was the only truth he had gained.

He gave Baden a faint smile.

“Perhaps I am the same. I wish you were my son, Baden.”

Baden bawled like a child.

* * *

Baden didn’t want to leave at all but he had to quickly deal with his mother’s body, so he had no choice but to leave his godfather’s mansion.

When the funeral was over, about ten days had passed. Baden went back to the mansion but the huge building had collapsed and turned into sand. In addition, there was no sign of his godfather anywhere.

Baden felt so stunned that for an entire day, he merely sat down, looking at the pile of rubble.

Time passed and the curtains rose to a period of upheaval. Hundreds of divided forces destroyed each other, or swallowed the other up, growing bigger and bigger and unifying to create a country. Baden made a name for himself as a meticulous subject in the founding of Xenon and was bestowed a title and land. \In this new country, Baden created a new family that carried his name.

This was the beginning of the Baden family.





Translator’s Corner:

It has been a ride translating Lucia (for me, at least). Translating this book was my first time ever trying my hands on translating so it definitely has a special place in my heart. I didn’t initially plan on continuing to translate, let alone finishing the book. Was gonna pop out a few chapters, then hop off the grid… *cough*

My initial translations were… atrocious (in my opinion). But you guys were nice about it so I did the next one. And the next one….and I just kept doing it. Hah. I think I improved too. (Actually, I really improved. Hell, this book had me sleeping with the korean-english dictionary.)

I really have to thank you guys for the immense positivity and support. It kept me going so so many times. Thanks for coming along this ride with me. [Lucia] was a journey I really enjoyed, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I’ll be working on my next project [You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain]. If you’re looking for something to read, do take a look and see if it is right up your alley. (As before, I do not read much ahead because I like to enjoy the book alongside the readers, but it had been a very fun novel so far.)

The update schedule is currently 1/week but as I have finished [Lucia], I plan to slowly increase that. Right after I get some rest ofc.

That said, I hope you all have a great day and enjoy yourselves!

-Miss Ruby.


135 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story 7.6: The Beginning of All Stories

  1. I’m not a person who really put comment on things but this time I really can’t help myself by putting one.

    Dear Ms. Ruby, thank you so much for your translation! I really enjoyed reading Lucia and it all thanks to your translation! It must hv been tough and I can never imagine just how much you’ve put out your time aside to keep translating this work. Thank you so much Ms. Ruby!

    수고했어요 정말 고생했어요

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Ms. Ruby,
    I found this story in a webtoon format first and then my search in search engine guided me to this website to get the further stories.
    You couldn’t imagine how this story hooked me up (because you’ve translated it so well) so I finished all the chapter no more than 5 days (it was a achievement for me too).
    So thank you, really.. thank you so much for giving your best in translate this novel so I could find another new world in literature. I hope you keep let us enjoying your work for another novel too.
    I’ll definitely back another time (just to reread lucia or trying the new one).


  3. I can only say, that I am truly grateful to yous.Ruby for translating this beautiful story.
    Thank you very much for a lot.
    I cannot say how much I fell in love with this hiatoeia and say that now, I am crying with this ending 😭😭😭😭
    Thank you ❤️🤗


  4. I, like many, saw the webtoon and could not help myself from searching for more and to my amazement you not only translated the whole work but have done a tremendously great work. Never during my reading did I think oh that sounds strange… I speak 2 languages so I can only imagine how much effort you put in. Especially when one language does not have a certain word/expression that the other does.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

    You’ve have really bestowed us with so much joy ❤


  5. This has long been in my to-read list. I began reading it only for the purpose of clearing my list, but I fell in love with the novel.❤️
    Thank you so much for translating this novel, Miss Ruby!


  6. I religiously followed this until the last 3 chapters, when I just couldn’t bear to do it any more and accept that the story was ending.

    This has been one of my all-time favourites. Certainly the best with adult bits. Came for that, and stayed for the diabetes.

    Thank you so so much for bringing this to us and the many hours of joy we’ve had from it.


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