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Lucia Side-story


<–Side story – In Another Future – Philip–>


The day was quickly getting darker. Philip looked to the sky to guess the time and estimated the distance to the mountain that was some distance away.

It would be hard to climb the mountain today. Unless it was a state of urgency, it was better to not climb a mountain in the dark.

Philip was a seasoned traveler with lengthy experience but he refused to risk it. He would be sleeping in the streets tonight as well. Once one got accustomed to this lifestyle, making a bed for the night was very swift.

He made a bonfire and had his dinner of dry rations and water. Philip’s mind went back to the village he left today. Just like other places, the naive villagers were on guard at first but quickly opened their hearts to him.

It was always sad to shake off the hands holding him back when it was time to leave. Very rarely, there were places that made him consider settling down. However, he was unable to bear it for long and would set out wandering again.

It was a wandering with no destination and no known end. It wasn’t for freedom. He was just wandering around aimlessly. Philip reckoned that his family’s karma had piled up and become his retribution.

“Hu-hu…my attachment is tenacious.”

The face of the patient from the earlier village suddenly sprang up in his mind. The woman looked old but she had a clear and pleasant expression. Philip didn’t think he would see a patient that took mugwort, much less a patient that took it from her first menstruation at a place like that.

He had seen patients whose menstruation stopped for a while after eating mugwort but it was his first time meeting a patient like the one earlier. It was a case where it wasn’t done intentionally but it was done of one’s own accord. The world was indeed vast, unexpected things happened all the time.

Philip gave the woman the cure. He had torn it out entirely from the notebook passed down as his family’s vision. The cure was stored in his head anyways, but there was a reason why he went out of his way to tear it out.

It was a meaningful action to tear off his small attachment that was still persisting and clinging on. In any case, once the Philip that had no family died, these secrets would be buried with him forever. But even then, he was still unable to throw it away but finally, now, he was able to.

“I even asked her if she was a virgin. How stupid.”

Philip ridiculed himself. He wondered why that question had come out of his mouth then. It was no use whether that woman was a virgin or not now.

Tears began to form in his eyes as he vacantly gazed at the bonfire. Due to old age, a pool of tears began to flow from his eyes. Whenever he suddenly recalled the young master, he couldn’t bear the sadness and the urge to cry.

Even if he had grown into an excellent young man, to Philip, he was always the little young master. The memories of him holding the toddler’s little hand and taking him to the Duke were still vivid in his head. Philip was already content to watch that mature figure from afar.

It had already been several years since the man that was Philip’s last hope was buried in the cold ground. And since then, the Duke had abandoned the north and only roamed the battlefield.

Everything was over. The course was running for the last time.

“Young master Damian…”

Philip’s shoulder’s shook as he sobbed. Just like the day he held onto the returned corpse of the young master and cried endlessly; Philip stooped to the floor and cried.



Translator’s Corner:

*Onto Book 5…
*I told you it was short.


42 thoughts on “Lucia Side-story”

  1. Oooooooh side story. Thank you for the chapter!!!

    I noticed there was a mistake though in “I even asked he if she was a virgin. How stupid.” I think ‘he’ is supposed to be ‘her’?

  2. Ooh, so a slight peek to what would be the future in Lucia’s dream, apparently Hugo had already died when she met Philip and was given the cure! such a shock… and Damian became an Ice Block War Demon who didn’t care about anything nor anyone .·’¯'(>▂her

      1. yup looks like so, on my first read of it I misunderstood it was Hugo bc idk, i maybe thought Damian had already inherited the ‘Duke’ title and losing his only relative and being as dettached of the world as he was in the first lifetime then he became like the former Hugo… philips last hope could also be interpreted as Hugo, since without him there can’t be a bride for Damian to continue the bloodline… i think it’s easy to misunderstand since it’s all a bit vague, I probably read it too fast at the time and that’s why I misunderstood

        1. I see soo many people theorizing on who died. But I ve a different version, though you guys might actually be right! What if the young Master who died that Phillip was talking about was Damien’s father and the Duke who is roaming in battlefield is Hugo & he is lamenting Young master Damien’s bad luck that he does not have a women now to have a child with….I know this is a stretch but this is what I got of it

          1. I don’t think that’s the case, “ The memories of him holding the toddler’s little hand and taking him to the Duke were still vivid in his head.” I see that as a memory of Philip taking Damien to Hugo when Damien was little. “Philip was already content to watch that mature figure from afar.”- Philip wasn’t allowed to get close to Damien since he left the boy to Hugo, all he could do was watch Damien from afar since he wouldn’t be allowed to contact him.

    1. They are both dead. Hugo is Philip’s last hope and was buried. Damian inherited the title and died on the battlefield. Hence, the ‘returned’ corpse.

      I think Damian died and Hugo roamed the battlefield. It’s not very clear

      1. Excuse me Ruby, are you sure it wasn´t Damian who died and Hugo who continued to roam the battelfield, it says that Phillip brought the toddler to the Duke, meaning bringing Damian to Hugo and that he watched him from afar, he was not allowed to interfere because of Hugo. Or have I misread it completely.

  3. Wait…Hugh (as i like to used his real name) died when Lucia met Philip in her prev timelines?
    But she didn’t mention it even once when talking about Hugh life in her prev timelines. Is it because she already past her nobles life so she didn’t care about noble society? But Hugh is really famous it doesn’t make sense she didn’t know about Hugh death instead the King’s.

  4. Wait.
    Why I have a feeling that the translator’s note got switched between Hugh and Damian?
    Isn’t Philip means that Damian died before become duke and that’s why the last hope is over.
    And Hugh lost his purpose and just rampage in the battlefield.
    I think Lucia is still for Hugh and it is not work because Damian already died first.
    So his plan for Damian’s bride -> Hugh’s daughter won’t come true.

  5. Ruby, you made a mistake here.

    The Duke is still Hugh.

    Damian died and then Hugh went rampaging on the battlefield.

    It can’t be Damian rampaging the battlefield, too, because most of his experience is studying not battling.

    Also, this is clarified in book 8, side story 6 (I got the ebook from Google Play books).

  6. Ruby

    Damian died first and Hugh is still the Duke.

    Damian cannot rampage in the battlefield. He doesn’t have a lot of experience with it and he’s not blood thirsty. Therefore, he died first.

    It makes sense if Hugh was the one rampaging the battlefield because Damian died and he has a lot of experience with it.

    Also, this is confirmed in Book 8 side story 6 (all Lucia books are on Google Play Books).


  7. Hmmm I wonder what danger Damien will encounter in the future that Lucia might prevent; afterall the time when Lucia met Philip is after her marriage with the old man. Where we are now is just when the king dies, before the time when she got married in the alternate world.

  8. Oh, so maybe after Damien succeeded as a Duke, Hugh killed his self? I have been thinking that he might do that whenever he said before that he still jas many years to wait before what? To die? He hates his self afterall.

    Also, maybe that’s why the og Duchess in prev life became unhappy because Hugh died (and it was made secret)? Afterall, women fall for him and the og Duchess could’ve been too.

  9. Oh I was about to protest when Phillip’s name came out.. Oh but this is a good chapter.. Poor baby Damian 😭

    Thanks for the hard work!

  10. I don’t understand how this is confusing. It has been referenced a couple times during Taran Dukes Family Doctor Arc that Philip considers Damian his last hope.

    Also, the sentence structuring isn’t confusing at all. Obviously, its Damian who died — the sentence memories of him taking him holding the todlers hand and taking him to the Duke proves it. In addition, Philip sobbing while uttering Damian’s name shows he’s grieving for his death. And I am grieving too. Thank God Lucia stepped in to change it.

    Nice work as usual, author-nim!

  11. For those who are thinking that it was probably at this time that Lucia would receive the cure, they are wrong. Since Lucia has said several times that she was only sold to the Count after the crown prince became king, and that hasn’t happened yet.

    In other words, this event (his tearing up the healing sheet and giving it to the patient) probably happened years before what happened in Lucia’s dreams. Because she (Lucia) changed the future, that is, the events from this chapter on could be totally different from what she dreamed of.

  12. I don’t care Phillip you’re utter trash to me he must’ve harrassed Damien to carry on the family bloodline he doesn’t give two shits about the tarans it’s so sad because he used any means to get his way and it’s so disgusting especially what hue had to go through I really really feel bad for that poor kid he was so harmless and a good kid

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