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Lucia Chapter 65 [part 1]


< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (1)



“Oh god.”

The maid attending to her in the bath suddenly exclaimed and fell to her knees. Lucia glanced sideways thinking the maid had slipped but found all the maids on their knees, bowing their head. She lifted her head because she could tell something was strange.

He stood at the bathroom entrance in his bathrobe, folding his arms. Lucia was so surprised that her jaw went slack. Meanwhile, the maids immediately made themselves scarce. They were gone very quickly.

“…What’s the matter?”

Lucia was conscious of her nakedness in the clear water. She slouched, bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

“It’s very late.” (Hugo)

“I’m done. I’ll be out soon. So…”

He suddenly approached, startling her so she moved backwards. Eventually she was obstructed by the bathtub and had no choice but to lean against it. He sat on the bathtub edge and lifted her chin that was buried in her knees.

“Why? We can also bathe together.”

Lucia felt her cheeks redden and shot him a look of complaint.

“You haven’t done this before.”


“Coming in while I’m in the bath.”

“Is that so? Why does that matter?”

“I am embarrassed to face the maids.”

Because of her experience in the dream, Lucia obviously knew how much maids guffawed and chattered when their masters couldn’t see them. If it wasn’t leaked outside, she couldn’t really say anything but she was conscious of it.

In her dream, she had never witnessed such an embarrassing situation when she was a maid attending to her madam. In her mind, to keep showing such a sight to one’s subordinates would hurt the master’s dignity.

“It’s odd you pay attention to that. What’s so embarrassing?”

“I mean, be careful when there are eyes around.”

Hugo could not understand why she cared about the eyes of the servants. Servants were like one’s hands and feet. Why should one pay attention to one’s hands and feet? She had high standards in odd places. Even when dealing with the workers, she didn’t hand them casually.

She was too gentle and kind when dealing with people. Therefore, Hugo was worried about releasing her into the capital’s high society which followed the law of the jungle. Unless one was to become a clergy, kind people were used and hurt.

Humans were a lot that preyed on the weak and wagged their tail to the strong. If the strong showed favor, they were exalted for patronizing the lowly, and when they crushed another cruelly, they were admired and revered. Those that wished to take advantage of her gentleness would be countless.

He couldn’t watch over her every single moment to make sure she wouldn’t get hurt. But he didn’t want her to change. He selfishly wanted to keep her like this.

Just a little bit. He wondered if she could be hurt, just enough, to run into his arms for comfort. He didn’t want her to fall but he wanted her to lean on him sometimes. No, rather than sometimes, a lot more often.

Hugo removed her hand from her knees and kissed the back of her hand. He also kissed her fingertips. As he lightly kissed her palm, wrist and arm, her face grew red. He held the back of her neck and swallowed her lips which were wet with water.

He wove his tongue into her small feverish mouth and coiled around her flustered tongue. He felt intoxicated from the smell of her body mixed with scented bath oil. He never got drunk no matter how much he drank but whenever he held her, he often felt that this was how getting drunk would feel.

As he listened to her small gasps, blood rushed to his lower abdomen. From the time she sat in the bathtub and looked at him with surprised rabbit eyes, he had been feeling a certain stiffness at the waist.

When he released her lips, she was flustered and looked puzzled about what to do.

“I said I’m done. Let’s not do this here…” (Lucia)

Her babbling went in one ear and out the other. He gave a carefree smile.

“Then, shall I receive my reward?”

Lucia was getting worked up but hearing the word ‘reward’, she seemed to realize something and spoke in a disheartened voice.

“Did you…see it?” (TN: she is referring to the invoice/bill)

“I did. I told you before, your husband is rich.”

“Being rich doesn’t mean that a fortune becomes small change.”

“Let’s not talk about unimportant things and get to the main point. What will you give me as my reward?”

“What do you mean reward!”

Lucia protested but, when he continued to repeat the same thing confidently, requesting for his reward, she somehow felt like her worries the entire day were trivial.

‘Alright. I’m worrying over too much fortune. Would anyone else worry like me?’

He didn’t show an ounce of interest in the large purchase she made today. The dark clouds that filled Lucia’s heart slowly dispersed. In any case, she had to arrange a lot of things to go out to the social circle.

Next time, she would look for slightly cheaper designers. Lucia was already caught in Hugo and Antoine’s snare but she would only know this in the future.

“What do you want?”

Instead of replying, Hugo slowly looked over her naked body in the water, starting from her toes and moving upwards. The desire in his scarlet eyes was clear. Lucia’s face gradually grew hot.

“Why are you doing that!”

When she shouted, he titled his head as though asking ‘what?’ and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“We’re going to wash again anyways so it’s more economical.”

Seeing him smiling suggestively, Lucia made a long face. Her body reacted reflexively and the insides of her thighs ached with thirst. She was gradually getting tamed by him. Like the fox Damian was raising, once it lost its wilderness and became a pet,  it was unable to survive if it lost its master. Or, perhaps it was already at that step, Lucia thought.

She looked at him and he appeared happy at putting her in this puzzling situation. In front of him, she was flustered and didn’t know what to do meanwhile he was always relaxed. Lucia was dissatisfied with this. She loosened her arm around her knee, secured a foothold in the bathtub and lifted her body.

She brought her face to his, kissing his lips and gently sucking on his lower lip. When she moved her away and looked at him, his eyes were trembling slightly. She felt good seeing his flustered expression and smiled faintly.


Hugo’s throat felt dry. He wanted to bite her flushed cheeks that were like rose petals on white milk. She provoked him first so she shouldn’t complain later. He handed the responsibility over to her and grabbed the back of her head to kiss her soft lips.

He slid his tongue into the gap of her small mouth and licked the extremely soft insides of her mouth. He caught her runaway tongue and entangled it with his. He swallowed her sweet saliva and a long, drawn-out kiss ensued.


Translator’s Corner:

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