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Lucia Chapter 59 [part 1]


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When Lucia opened her eyes in the morning, she found herself lying down, with her head on his shoulder, while one of his hands was wrapped around her shoulders and the other around her waist. They were both naked and only the lower part of their body was covered with a thin blanket.

Last night, he eventually took off all his clothes and flung them aside.

Lucia lifted her hand and slowly stroked his chest from top to bottom. She enjoyed the feeling of unevenness and abdominal muscles beneath her palm.

Suddenly his hand holding her waist grew firm, and he moved to place a kiss on her cheek.

“What’s the occasion?” (Lucia)

“Huh?” (Hugh)

“You’re here, being idle.”

He nuzzled under her neck and kissed her chin repeatedly. It felt ticklish so she twitched and giggled.

“I should have days like this sometimes.”

It was both nice and unfamiliar for him to be next to her when she woke up in the morning. She wondered if he would be troubled if she told him that she wanted to wake up next to him in the morning sometimes, even if it wasn’t every day.

She wanted to keep this excessively diligent man on the bed a little more. The breeze blew over them and her hand kept roaming. She ran her soft palm over the firm and buoyant muscles of his chest. The feeling of his solid muscles was really nice. Her hand exploring his chest went down to his clearly defined abdominal muscles.

His hand caught her wrist at this point but she wanted to feel a little more. His obstruction was so heartless, she thought but when she looked up and met his eyes, that bitter feeling subsided. Hot passion lingered in his red eyes gazing at her.

Suddenly, using the arm wrapped around her waist, he pulled her into his bosom. Their naked abdomens were in close contact with each other and the only obstruction was the thin silk quilt.

His manhood was already huge and was lodged between her thighs. Lucia’s face flushed red with embarrassment and her body grew rigid. He put his lips to her ear and whispered to her, his voice low.

“Are you seducing me?”

Hearing his voice laced with patient desire, her body automatically shook. When she buried her head in his chest without denying it, it was actually Hugo who was taken aback.

‘Why are you so cute?’

His wife was usually very shy and pressured at the smallest contact with him in daylight. Normally, he would not turn down such an opportunity. Right now, he wanted to kiss her till she was breathless, leave his traces all over her pale skin, press her down and enter her hot body…

Damn it! He roared voicelessly. His schedule couldn’t be cancelled at all this morning. To have to leave this prepared lavish meal…! Ugh. He sighed inwardly and laboriously pushed down his lingering desires.

“I have to go.” (Hugo)

“…Oh.” (Luci

“Sleep some more. I don’t think your travel fatigue is fully relieved yet.”

As he spoke, he felt a little poked at. It was actually him who bothered her all night before her fatigued was relieved. He should have allowed her some rest.

Hugo felt his poor self-control was pathetic and became worried that she would fall ill again. He decided he would ask Jerome to call for a doctor and make sure she got treated when he left.

‘I have to ask for tonics too.’

Her stamina was too weak.


Hearing her mumbled response, he lifted her chin and kissed her lips then he lifted himself off the bed. He picked up the gown lying on the end table and draped it on his body.

Lucia watched his back until he was out of the bedroom then she burrowed back into the blankets like a cat.

 * * *

When she got up again, it was almost noon. Lucia looked around the strange bedroom. It was not familiar like the one in Roam. Rather, the ceiling was lower than the one in the castle and the bedroom was a little smaller, but still, it felt spacious.

Now, she had to get accustomed to living here. Without any promise of return, it was very likely that they would be living in the capital for quite some time.

After having lunch, Lucia bid Jerome to prepare to head out.

“I would like to meet an acquaintance I haven’t seen in a long time. However, this acquaintance doesn’t know my identity. I will gradually talk about it but today, I would like to go inconspicuously to avoid surprise.”

It had always been on Lucia’s mind that when she came up to the capital, she would go see Norman next. She hadn’t contacted the woman for over a year so she must have been worried. Lucia wondered how Norman had been all this while.

“Before that, Milady, the doctor is waiting.”

“The doctor?”

“Master asked for a doctor to be called to examine Milady because Milady might fall ill from overexertion after the long journey.”


Lucia’s face reddened a little. She doubted whether the ‘overexertion’ he referred to was actually from the fatigue of the trip. Quite frankly, the languidness she currently felt in her body was not due to the tiredness of travel.

“Alright. I just have to be examined?”

“He also asked for Milady to be given tonics.”

Really, this husband of hers. His plan of ‘feeding well and eating later’ was very obvious. Lucia never thought her body was weak. Her outer frame was small and she had a tiny build but her body was healthy and not constantly sick.

However, after marrying him, she realized what it meant to be exhausted from a lack of stamina. Sex with him consumed so much energy. She didn’t know till a few months after her first time. However, the number of months accumulated and after a year, she realized how fortunate she was to have Anna’s assertion of once every five days.

“…Is that so. If you must, then I ask for a very concentrated diet.”

“As for going out, I will accompany Milady. As it happens, Sir Heba is around, so escorting can be left up to him.”

As though reading her mind, Jerome quickly got everything ready. He donned rustic clothing unlike that of a Duke’s butler and Dean also wore leather armor in order to look like a common escort and not like a knight.

The carriage prepared also looked ordinary without the crest of the family. The carriage rode off in the direction given by Lucia. It was a simple company of people. But unknown to Lucia, secret escorts were following the carriage.

The carriage finally stopped a little distance from Norman’s two-story house.





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