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Lucia Chapter 58 [part 2]


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Hugo felt exhausted from attending a meeting he didn’t lead. He could somewhat understand the troubles of his vassals and locals lords that attended his meetings.

His distant mansion submerged in the darkness looked exceptionally lonely today. Ever since coming to the capital, his steps grew heavy whenever he entered the mansion. To him, a house used to have no special meaning except for being a place to sleep.

But in the north, whenever he came back to Roam, there was always someone waiting for him and for the first time ever, he felt the feeling of going home.

Hugo heard that his wife had already left for the Capital but because he told her to take it easy and not overdo it, it would take some time for them to arrive in the Capital. To be honest, he wanted her to arrive as soon as possible.

As he stepped out of the carriage, he was surprised by the sight of Jerome who greeted him.

“Have you been well, Your Grace?”

“When did you arrive?”

“I arrived this morning escorting the Madam.”

“Did anything happen?”

“No incident occurred with the Madam the entire journey. After arriving, she slept shortly during the day and retired to her bedroom a while ago.”

While listening absentmindedly, Hugo walked past Jerome and entered the mansion, then he quickly climbed up the stairs. He habitually opened the door to his bedroom and his heart jumped for a moment in view of the empty, chilly room. Nothing was there.

He opened the door to the dark bedroom on the opposite side of the hallway and the silhouette laying on the bed moved.

“Mm…are you just coming in?”

Hugo’s heart throbbed as he listened to her sleep-filled voice. Could a song be more sweeter on his ears? He quickly moved to the bed and abruptly pulled her into his arms. Then he buried his nose in her neck. He had really missed her scent and her soft body that sank into his arms. The sensation filled his lonely heart with joy.

Lucia felt as though the fatigue from the trip was flying away in his strong embrace. She leaned on his chest and enjoyed his embrace that she had longed for. They stayed in that position for a while, intoxicated with each other’s warmth.

He grabbed her shoulders, moving her away from his chest and in a swift motion, he captured her lips. His hot tongue parted her lips and wove itself into her mouth. Their breath and saliva were instantly mixed and his lips vigorously devoured hers.

They separated for an instant then her lips were swallowed again. Lucia’s senses were overwhelmed by the intense, sweet and imploring kiss. His hand slid into her thin nightwear, grabbing her bare breast. Her body, accustomed to his caresses, was thrilled by the stimulation and automatically flinched.

His large hand kneaded her breast and his fingers rubbed her nipple. Her body longed for his touch and was instantly aroused from his caresses. Because of the hot weather, her nightwear was somewhat transparent and light. So, his hand exploring on her nightwear could feel her figure in its entirety.

He placed his lip on her taut breast and pulled her nipple with his teeth.


Her stimulated nipple grew stiff. He licked her nightwear covered nipple and ended his licks with a bite. The breast area of her nightwear was wet with saliva and stuck to her chest, looking erotic.

He fondled her breasts to his heart’s contents and suddenly, the nightwear started to look irritating. He wanted to taste her sweet, soft skin. He grabbed the front of her nightwear and pulled it aside. The few top buttons of the nightwear were sent flying and the garment was ripped apart, unable to win against his strength.

He immediately sucked on her pale breast, now fully exposed to him.


Her hands dug into his hair. When his tongue began to lap around her chest, a shiver ran down her spine. Her body surged with heat, readying to accept him. The inside of her legs grew hot and an anxious sensation traveled through her body. Her waist moved restlessly and her legs rubbed against each other.

His hand traced down to her thighs, pulling down her underwear. He stripped her underwear off her ankle and carelessly threw them aside. He didn’t have the focus or patience to take off all his clothes.

He pulled down his pants, bringing out his hardened member then he grabbed her legs and spread them around his waist. His firm member reached her clandestine spring and he moved his waist a little, rubbing against her drenched entrance.

He lowered his head and whispered to her in a heavily subdued tone.

“Can I?”

She gave a small nod and the tip of his penis touching her entrance pushed in slightly and his length slowly entered her. It was a careful motion compared to his usual urgent movements. He clenched his teeth, suppressing his desire to thrust into her with intensity. He was worried that if he went in impatiently, his small, feeble wife would get hurt.

When he was completely inside her, their breaths that had stopped for a while simultaneously burst out. His huge thing fully occupied her small body, as though it originally existed there.

Lucia sighed with relish. The feeling of her insides being filled gave her a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. His member entered and throbbed inside her, widening the narrow walls of her vagina. The sensation of a foreign body pushing against her inner walls was vivid and Lucia knit her brows.

“Does it hurt?”


“I’m going to…go a little stronger. Tell me if it hurts.”

Hugo put strength in his arms, holding back his desire to ravage her insides recklessly, and the veins of his arms bulged. He pulled out slowly then thrust in heavily. Her body flinched as an achy tingling sensation traveled through her body. The dull ache was gone in a moment, and a weak sense of climax ran up her spine. Her body shuddered with pleasure.

Again, he slowly pulled out and with a heavier thrust, he penetrated deeper. Lucia moaned and grabbed his arm, squeezing the sleeve of his shirt. When he kissed and caressed her, her body grew sensitive and excited, as if accepting him, and at the same time, it contracted and tightened, as if resisting him.



Really. It’s sucking me in. He muttered with rough breath. His penis pushed against her tender walls and entered deeper. Her insides were so tight and wet that every inch filled him with relish.

He held down the reins of his desire that wished to run wild. Not yet. Her body needed a little more preparation. He knew from experience. He had to make her wetter for the path to flow smoother.

He opened her body tenderly and slowly, with movements like a starving beast. She felt like a treasure being bathed with love. This feeling filled her with more excitement than any intense stimulation. She closed her legs around his waist and lifted her hips to accept him deeper. She felt breathless as she swallowed him all the way to the hilt.

He took rough breaths beside her ear and the two fully entwined bodies began to move together in rhythm. He increased his thrusting speed a little and his thing rubbed against her inner walls intensely.



Hugo mumbled roughly and while moving waist, he nibbled on her ear. He moved to her neck and licked it. Then he opened his mouth and bit down on her neck. He sucked on the throbbing pulse of her neck as though it were the source of her body’s fragrance.

“Say it again.”

A shudder ran down his spine. Because of her skill-less words, blood rushed to his lower abdomen. The thought that those words had unconsciously spilled out of her mouth filled him with excitement. He lifted his waist and drove his thickness deep into her.

“Ah! Ng!”

Because of his strong penetrations, her body swayed back and forth and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She hung her head on his shoulders and her upper body tilted slightly. His large hand reached out and reliably supported her back. He continued to thrust faster and deeper and her inner walls moved with his penis as though attached.

“Ang! Uuu…ah…good…deeper…”

“Haa, you’re really…something…”

Hugo grunted fiercely and buried his head in her neck.

“A! Aah!”

Her body shook frantically. He lay her back on the bed and she linked her hands around him as she held on. He roughly kissed her lips then nibbled and sucked on her breasts. His manhood fiercely pounded into her womb, stirring up her insides and touching her sensitive parts. Her vaginal walls reacted and began to gush with fluids.


She cried out seductively as she reached her climax and her toes curled up in pleasure. Her insides spasmed intensely and wrapped around his member tightly. He paused his movements and endured the churning of her insides.

When her inner spasms subsided a little, he began to explore her hot, narrow path again.

“Ah! A-ng! Hugh!”

She uttered a coquettish cry as though imploring him and he kissed her teary eyes. He held her thighs firmly in his hands, spreading them apart and seeing her body in full bloom beneath him, he gasped for breath. Her taste was sweet, like honey in his mouth.

His pleasure gradually intensified and when he reached his climax, he groaned in pleasure and closed his eyes. He stiffened as pleasure rushed from his waist to his head. His penis throbbed as he ejaculated into her. When his long release was over, they both collapsed onto the bed.

His breathing calmed down soon enough but her breathing took a while to calm down. He lifted his torso and slowly slid out of her, causing her body tremble. She shrunk her legs and her entire body continued to shudder. Maybe he felt it because he placed his hand on the small of her back and pulled her strongly to his chest.

Tightly pressed against his bosom, Lucia chose to breathe. Her body hung listlessly. It was summer but she didn’t dislike the heat from his body. He poured small kisses on her eyes, lips, and all over her face.



She felt like sleep was slowly approaching and blinked her eyes.

“Let’s do it one more time.”

He blocked her lips before she could reply. Their tongues entwined, sharing their innermost temperatures with each other and a passionate kiss ensued. She felt out of breath as she responded to his kiss. The intoxicating, dizzying heat of the kiss filled her with pleasure.

Whether hot or passionate, she always got entranced by his kisses. His hand grabbed her inner thighs and pried them apart. Soon, there was a handprint on her tender skin.


He penetrated her vagina with his already energetic rod, and her inner walls, soaked with love juices and semen, swallowed him with no resistance.

At this rate, there’ll be no end. Lucia pushed away from his chest and twisted her waist but even so, he didn’t budge. Although she knew she couldn’t overcome him with strength, she angrily knocked on his chest.

“You do this every time.”

“Cut me some slack. It’s been a while.”

“When do you ever care about that!”

No matter if it was once a day or after a few days, his endless pursuit remained the same. Every day, he bothered her like usual, and when it was after a long time, he would use time as a reason to be more persistent.

Hugo easily overpowered her, whose anger was like a mermaid being dragged out of water. He grabbed her wrists with one hand and held it over her head. Then he grabbed her thigh with his other hand, pulling her towards his waist. His length immediately sank deeper into her, reaching her deepest parts at once.


“If you cooperate, I’ll really just do it one more time.”

She glared as him for a while, then traced his waist with her legs as though giving permission. She didn’t think he was going to obediently step down anyways.

She had already restrained herself to this extent so she wasn’t going to stop herself from sleeping anymore. In its own way, it was a trick she learnt when she couldn’t cope with his endless stamina.

Hugo tried not to push her as intensely as possible. All the positions he wanted to try kept floating in his head but no. He had to endure today. Although, if he really wanted to be considerate, he could just let her sleep for today but he ignored that contradiction.

For now, he was giving it his best in his fight against his desire. Lucia watched through blurry eyes as her body shook from his movements, and once in a while, she let out moans of pleasure.

Suddenly, she realized that he was still wearing his clothes. Only his bottoms were off as he thrust into her meanwhile under him, she was completely naked. At this contrast, Lucia felt strange.



“Your shirt…it’ll wrinkle.”

Hugo chuckled deeply, and abruptly thrust into her.


“Does it bother you? That you’re naked and I’m not?”


“Do I take it off? But if I do, you won’t sleep today.”

He chuckled mischievously at her curt reply of ‘don’t’.  Then he captured her lips.


Translator’s Corner:

*Looking for an editor for book 2 & 3! *Someone has reached out to me and we are in talks.



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