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Fake Chapter 43.2/48.2

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< — Love, Understanding and Family — > (5)

TLN: THIS IS A FAKE CHAPTER. Please go to the chapter OR check the TOC.


I ended up happening unlike what I was worried about. This is not the actual chapter, read on rubymaybetranslations for the real thing. It was not group epidemic but group food poisoning. Both in this weather, infectious disease or food poisoning, it was not uncommon, but the peacock was not in a direct run.
The village lord who floated the pavil and gave the peacock a giggle had a complaint.

“I like sweets but no candy for me. Need to see the dentist.”

“Yes. Majesty. This mushroom looks like an edible mushroom, but when you eat it looks like a bellyache, pooing, vomiting and a red spot on the whole body. ”

As soon as the doctor who was brought in was familiar with poisoning and poison ivy, he looked at some patients and asked them what they found, and found mushrooms in the rest of the ingredients. In a short time, the problem was resolved in the moment.

The villagers who had never eaten biscuit before (what?) and when the problem was resolved within two hours of the peacock’s appearance, it was wonderful. It was also full of awe in the eye of our peacock,

“If I’m a mushroom near here, Koreans will not know.”

“Yes. Majesty. This mushroom is not a mushroom that lives in the vicinity. We have to climb to the north with more climate. ”

Chapter ain’t here bruv.”

Asked by Hugo, the lord was tied up in a pose, and nibbled on the floor, he fell on his face. He was a shop owner who had run a grocery store in the village and supplied the mushrooms.

“Yes, yes. Uh …If you are loooking for the actual chapter….”

“The chapter is usually linked in the comments of the release post or on the release post itselfI am a liitle tired of spending hours on a chapter and having it stolen.”

I’m also sleepy.

The man who watched the situation when the elderly man was running away with a runny nose, said to the duke.

“Just go back to the chapter release post for the real link.”

“I doubt anyone is still reading so far but still. “

I answered with a voice everywhere.

“Do you like chicken? “

The lord apologized with a dark look.


The look of the lord who was ready to live anger brightened brightly.



There was nothing to see here anymore. Three hours of horseback riding was a bad habit but much better than a plague.
Hugo and Knights left for Roam, leaving a few people to do the rest. The day was getting darker.

It was not far to Roam. Hugo and other knights gathered in a small fountain to celebrate horses and human necks.
Hugo looked at the time. By the time you enter Roam, it will be quite dark.
It is likely that the dinner time will be adjusted or it will be a little later. Hugo called Dean.

“Aggregators have been copying my ToC without the links…which is actually a little funny.”

It is good to arrive before meals, but if you are a little late, you do not want to have a break in the middle of meals during the meal. Dean, who was named, departed a little earlier and after a while Hugo and the knights started running.

I ran without rest and arrived at Roam, and the horse that had loaded Hugo stopped to go inside. One of the servants who found Hugo coming down from the horse ran in amazement, and Jerome leaped out after a while.

“I wonder if anyone reads up till this point.”


Jerome followed immediately behind Hugo to the office. After a while, the three brothers, who dedicated themselves to the work, went into the office with clothes for change. Hugo changed their dusty clothes.

They might like google translate. Who knows?

That said, how was y’all’s day?

Mine was so-so.”


Hugo went straight to the desk. When I sat in my chair, I had several documents in front of me that looked best. Marked in red on the corner, it is urgent. There was no time to breathe, he muttered and picked up a document titled:

“The Dawn of Apocalyse”

Because of the party, the atmosphere of tolerance was dark all day today. He reminded me of the man who told me to tell him directly,

“Anywho, I’ll see ya guys soon. Imma go rest.”

I answered.

“Google translate is bad for ya brain. LOL”

He sat down halfway around his desk and began to read the papers. Lucia fell asleep with a headache pill and woke up and continued to hang on the sofa.
Even though I woke up to sleep after taking medicine, my headache rarely sunk. Her head was sick and her mood was bad, so Lucia kept crying while lying on the bedroom sofa.
The evening was over and the headache was gone, and the maid informed us of the return of the peacock.

“What? You came in? ”

Lucia thought he would not come in today. Bring the mirror to the housemaid, and my eyes were swollen. If I knew this, I would have to do my pussy.

“Bring a cold towel.”

Lucia was fired as a temporary measure. But time was not enough. It will be announced soon that dinner is over.

“How are you? Is it snowy? ”

“You have fallen more than ever before. At first glance, I do not know. ”

Only during meal time he does not have to know. After dinner, he will go back into the office.
He gets a little busier when he gets out. It is likely to sink soon if you paddle a little more. I did not want to let him know that I cried for nothing.
I went down to the restaurant and Damien was there first. Hugo came in a little late and was seated.

He lifted a spoon and gazed at her naturally. His hair twisted and his hands stopped.
As soon as he put the spoon on the table to be heard, the atmosphere froze coldly. He got up and approached her, embarrassingly looking at herself.
One hand clutching the table, grabbed her jaw with one hand. Her reddish eyes were clearly in his sight.
His eyes darkened as if his eyes were wide open.

“What is it.”

Lucia was conscious of her surroundings and naturally turned her head and dropped her gaze. I did not know he would respond to this. I thought I might ask you something later if you look at it. I was disappointed that I could not even have a room with Damian as well as my employees.

“First you eat …”

He grabbed her chin firmly and pushed his head back to look more closely. Her clear amber eyes were red. Did you cry? Why?


Jerome the super butler shot out knife sharp answers like so:

“At the garden party, your ladies broke the party.”

“Breaking the party?”

“They did yoga together.”


“…. Master Damian ..”

I did not need to hear more. He grasped the rough situation.

“What did you do to you?”

There was violence in his soft voice.

“Nothing .. do anything …”

They simply rejected the party with silence and a cool look, and did not do anything directly to Lucia. I did not have an unpleasant mind at all, but it was not enough. I was sorry to Damian, and I thought I was already crying because I was so upset. But from the moment he asked why, he was nose.
It was the same as if there were more tears in the room. When he came back, he tried to explain to him what was happening today. By the way, he touched Lucia ‘s tears.
The hugo look of seeing the tears come to a standstill has set in. Hugo pulled her seat back and hugged her in his arms.
As if she had a child, she supported one arm under her thigh and put one hand in her chest as if she were wrapped around her back.

“Go to the second floor and eat on room.”


Damian looked at him worriedly as he saw Lucy embrace the restaurant. I was worried about Lucia, who did not come out of the bedroom almost all day, and Damian heart was also uncomfortable all day long. I hope I can see my mother who smiles well as usual.


Translator’s Corner

*Please go to rubymaybetranslations for the real chapter. Thank you~

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