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Lucia Chapter 47 [part 2]


< — Truth & Lies — > (2)


For a while now, his center had already grown extremely stiff. He lifted her lower body and plunged inside her with one heavy thrust. Lucia let out a scream at the sudden force coming from below.


He clenched his teeth and shuddered at the pleasure filling him as he entered into her. Her insides always felt like a new experience. He could endure it a little when he had already moved his waist a few times, but whenever he entered her for the first time, he always had to restrain his desire to rampage inside her.

He moved his waist back and thrust inside her again. His movements were impatient. Every time, he thrust into her vagina, it was intense and her entire body shook.

“Ah! Hk!”

She hung her arms around his neck, clinging to him. She was barely holding herself on the floor with one leg, and every time he pushed, her feet barely touched the floor. The little anxiety when she couldn’t touch the floor contributed to her pleasure. His huge member repeatedly and incessantly plunged deep inside her.

Her ravaged inner flesh felt feverish and every time he touched a sensitive part, it felt like something snapped in her head. His desperate movements told her that he wanted her eagerly. In this moment, he wanted her and she also wanted him.

She squeezed his neck tighter and lifted her body up. Her hands fumbled upwards from his neck and grabbed onto his hair. She put her lips on his ear and nibbled on his earlobe.

‘I want to taste him.’

She stuck out her tongue and licked the rim of his ear, trailing down to his neck.


His body flinched and he called out her name reprovingly. But she did not respond and licked his neck with more effort. Her lips found where his muscles moved on his neck and she bit down on it.

“…You started it.”

After saying this, he grabbed her thigh, brought her waist closer and gripped her buttocks. She let out a short scream due to the sudden grip and held him tighter. He lifted his head and began to quickly thrust in and out of her with intensity.

“Hk! Ang! Aah!”

Lucia let out a coquettish cry and her body shook intensely, her eyes unable to focus. Her buttocks were squeezed tightly enough to be distorted and ached and his rough caresses as he kissed and bit her shoulder were scorching. At the same time her head was filled with pleasure and her tears began to fall.

The sound of moaning, screaming and heavy breathing blended together, echoing throughout the bathroom. The nakedness of both man and woman were entwined, moving together in a rhythm. The bathroom was full of steam and heat and their bodies were soaked with sweat.

Hugo set her up against the wall, and tirelessly opened her up. He wildly tore through her vaginal walls as his desire rampaged inside of her without mercy.

“Ah! Hugh!”

Lucia clung onto him with flushed eyes, nuzzling against his shoulder. She wanted to hold him firmly but the sticky sweat on their skin hindered her. She hung onto him with both arms so as not to slip and her body spasmed with pleasure every time he thrust into her.


Her head tilted backwards as she reached an intense orgasm. Her consciousness momentarily disappeared, plunging her into darkness as she was consumed by the peak of pleasure. Fervent vigor coursed through her whole body, instantly filling her with searing heat. It felt like the insides of her body had been set on fire.

Her inner walls began to spasm like crazy. His body grew rigid and he let out a suppressed groan. His manhood reached its limit and released semen deep into her womb. Her vaginal walls squeezed and clenched violently, accepting the scorching fluid.

His legs seemed to shake so he leaned a little further on the wall for support. The pleasure filling his head was so intense he closed his eyes and breathed roughly. Her body quivered a little and she panted in his arms.

“Haa…Haa.” (Lucia)

“Huu…damn. I’ll really die like this. You really…” (Hugo)

If they don’t do it, he’ll die, if they do it, he’ll die. (1)

He had tired out the fragile body of the woman in his bosom. He propped her body up because she seemed to have lost all her energy. Hugo hugged her to his chest and the sound of each other’s heart pounding reverberated through their chests.

The sounds of their beating hearts blended together and he couldn’t distinguish between his heartbeat or hers and his emotions were heightened. He hugged her till the heat in their bodies cooled down a little then he stood up with her in his arms and entered into the bathtub.

The boiling water in the bathtub had cooled down to moderately warm during the time they were busy. Lucia sat in the water that was filled to the brim and leaned back on his chest before brush her skin lightly with water.

Apart from the sound of the moving water, the bathroom was quiet and Lucia deeply enjoyed the peacefulness and the feeling of being alone with him, as if they were alone in the world.

“Why did you do that earlier? You looked like you were angry when you checked my face.” (Lucia)

“I thought you were crying because the boy left.” (Hugo)

“What crying. He’s going back because he needs to study.”

When Hugo was able to get rid of the baby fox as a free addition with Damian, he had initially felt completely refreshed but later when he thought about it, she had suddenly lost Damian and the baby fox so she would probably feel dejected. He wondered if he would have to acquire a new cub for her to be affectionate with. He didn’t want to though, so he was worried for a while.

Finally he concluded that if she asked, he would comply but he definitely wouldn’t ask her first.

“I will send him letters and gifts. Even if he cannot hear me directly, I would like for him to hear a mother voice from the letters.” (Lucia)

‘Don’t pay him so much attention.’ Hugo grumbled inwardly and reached out to squeeze her breasts with his hands. Her body shrunk a little he began to trail light kisses from her neck to her shoulders.

His hands fumbled around her chest and he repeatedly knead her breasts. She let out a small sigh and leaned her head on his shoulders. He lowered his head and softly kissed her lips.

He licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and gave her several short kisses. His fingers kneading her breasts moved to her nipples, twisting it with light force and she let out a small moan.

As she sank into his moderately soft and stimulating caresses, she felt something poking at her butt and her face flushed red. She stealthily moved her butt forward but he clung to her, drawing closer.

Since she kept inching forward little by little to avoid it but he kept inching forward too, she put her hands behind her and grabbed the annoying thing that was poking at her behind.

Instantly, his body stiffened and she realized what she had done so her body stiffened too. She couldn’t pull the thing caught in her hands nor could she abruptly let it go. She wished he would show some kind of reaction but he stopped and wasn’t saying anything so she felt very embarrassed and helplessly flustered.

She turned to him slightly and found his red eyes fixed on her.

“Y-You kept moving so…”

It would be better if he laughed mischievously. In his eyes, she could see a huge wave of fierce passion coursing through it. Vividly feeling his manhood in her hand grow bigger, she mumbled, ‘Oh no’ and made a long face. She couldn’t bear the feeling of it stirring in her hand as if it was coming to life so she let go.

The moment she did, he grabbed her arms, turning her to face him and captured her lips. Without giving her any time to breath, he poured kisses on her and his large hand caressed her whole body. He pressed her shoulders and lifted her waist, placing her on top of him.

The water made a loud noise as it lurched in response to the movement. Facing her, he grabbed her thighs to lift it up but his hand slipped because of the water’s buoyancy. He wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her body, then he turned her around and placed her hands on the edge of the bathtub.

He nibbled on her ear and whispered to her in a subdued tone.

“Hold tight.”

Lucia pushed against the bathtub edge with shaky hands. She was swept up in his frantic pace and felt out of breath. From behind her, he grabbed her waist firmly. She bit her lips, readying herself for the incoming shock and feeling the heat coming from behind her, her breath caught in her throat and a shudder ran through her skin.


He penetrated her in one stroke from behind and her body shook greatly. Her hands that were supporting her body felt like they would break so she put more strength into them. He pulled out and thrust heavily inside again causing her eyes to grow misty.


His firm desire continuously plundered deep inside her. It filled up her insides completely and her inner flesh wrapped around him tightly. The tip of his penis intensely scraped against her sensitive part. Goosebumps rose on her skin and a refreshing tingling sensation coursed through her body. The pain and pleasure tormented her at the same time.

“A-! Ung! Hugh! Ah!”

Her legs and arms trembled unable to keep up with his unceasing movements. He reached out and placed his hand over hers, weaving them together while his other hand supported her waist.

If it weren’t for his support, she would have lost strength in her arms and their position would’ve collapsed and her body continued to trembled immensely from his repeated waist movements, back and forth.

 * * *

Lying down on Hugo’s upper chest, Lucia placed her fingers on his chest wanting to trace a circle but hesitant. She had something she definitely wanted to ask him but she kept flipping back and forth between ‘should I? or ‘should I not’.

She was curious whether Damian had met his biological mother since he came to the ducal residence. And if he hadn’t, then whether it was because his biological mother did not want to see Damian or because Hugo didn’t want him to see his birth mother.

No matter how hard she tried, she wouldn’t be able to overcome a child’s yearning for the mother who gave birth to him. ­Unless they rejected each other, it would be good for the child if he could meet his birth mother from time to time.

“Hugh, umm…”

Lucia paused, hesitant to continue and Hugo spoke with his eyes closed.

“What is it?”


He furrowed his brows slightly.

“Don’t talk about another man.”

“Another man? You said this last time too. He’s your son.”

“But he’s not a daughter.”

“…But still, we can’t just not talk about Damian at all.”

“Don’t do it in bed.”

‘Then when?’ Lucia thought to herself, pouting her lips.

The time she could talk with him was limited so if it wasn’t at night then when could they talk? He said he didn’t hate Damian but she didn’t know why he didn’t show the loving affection of a father. There was an extent when it went past simply not expressing affection; his was closer to indifference.

The more she thought about it, the more she found Damian commendable. The child grew up so sweet and honest.

“Then, just one thing. There’s something I’m curious about.” (Lucia)

“Mm.” (Hugo)

“Damian’s birth mother…has she never asked to see Damian?”


Should I not have asked? Lucia was a bit nervous.

“She’s dead.”


Lucia was a little shocked.

“So you brought back Damian?”

“Something like that.”

“Must have been a beautiful person. Damian’s mother, I mean.”

“Don’t know. Never seen her.”


Lucia lifted her head to look at him. At that moment, a troubled expression flashed across his face.


Translator Corner:

1) He’s referring to sex and just exaggerating. The pleasure is so good or smth of the sort. For those who couldn’t tell.

*Should I start giving smut warnings?


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    1. in one of the previous chapters, it was actually shown/written that Damien was Hugo’s son(the twin brother of Hugh who died) and Damien was brought to him by Dr. Philip

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