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Lucia Chapter 47 [part 1]


< — Truth & Lies — > (2)


‘Damian is gone.’

When Lucia thought about it, it made her depressed.


The memory of him calling her that rose to the forefront of her mind and she held her reddening face.

‘But I can’t hear it anymore now.’

With this thought, she became depressed again. After sending Damian off, Lucia spent all day in her thoughts, going back and forth between two opposite extremes of emotions.

“Milady, the bath water is ready.”

The maid was already repeating this for the third time. For some time now, Lucia had changed into her night chemise to bathe and was sitting on the bed.


Lucia gave a reply but her head hung low as she continued to be absorbed in her thoughts. The maid was being careful not to keep urging her madam so she remained standing there, unable to do anything.

Suddenly, a strong force caught Lucia’s chin and lifted it up, causing her head to go up. As some point, Hugo had entered and was lifting up her chin to look at her.

His slightly chilled red eyes swept over her face. As soon as Hugo walked into the bedroom and saw her on the bed with her head lowered, he was shocked. The thought that perhaps she was leaning over to cry made him uncomfortable so he immediately lifted her head to check.

When he saw that her expression was good, the rock on his chest was lifted.

‘Why’s he here already?’

Lucia glanced around looking for the maid but the maid had already made herself scarce the moment Hugo entered. She then remembered the maid’s urging while she was absentminded.

‘I haven’t washed up yet.’

Lucia freed her chin from his grasp to vocalize this to him but before she could speak, he drew closer and blocked her lips. He moved to swallow her lips and grabbed her shoulders. In that motion, he knocked her down onto the bed. She tried to push away from his chest in surprise but her strength wasn’t enough.

He pounced on her at once. His hand lifted her chemise up to her thighs and he placed his knees between her legs, separating them. He did not let go of her lips, following with a deep kiss. His tongue occupied her mouth, moving skillfully and stimulating the insides of her mouth.

As she was drawn into the kiss, the strength in her hand grabbing onto his shoulders gradually weakened. But when his hand began to take off her underwear, Lucia came to her senses.


When she began to rebel fiercely, clasping her legs over her excited lower body, his movements stopped. He detangled himself from her chewy tongue, licked her lips lightly and moved slightly away. His gaze swept over her red face and misty eyes, and his eyes quivered with desperate desire.

“What is it?” (Hugo)

“I haven’t bathed yet…” (Lucia)

“I don’t care.”

“I care.”

“So. In this state, you’re saying you want to take a bath?”


Her expression was filled with will, showing that by all means, she must have a bath, right now. Hugo sighed.

“Are you doing this on purpose?”



Really, she was driving someone crazy in all sorts of ways. He raised his body up from the bed and at the same time, picked her up and placed her onto his shoulders as if carrying luggage.

“Kyaa! Hugh?!”

He wrapped one arm around her wriggling legs on his chest while his other hand was placed on her back, holding her onto his shoulders as he went forward with big strides.

No matter how much she struggled, his footsteps did not waver.

“Stay still. You said you wanted to bathe.” (Hugo)

Just like that, he went straight to the bathroom. The bathroom was foggy due to the steam coming off the bathtub filled with boiling water. When he opened the door to the bathroom, the maid inside was surprised but he didn’t pay it any attention.

Seeing the back of the maid, Lucia mumbled, ‘I don’t know’ and covered her face with both hands.

Hugo let her down onto the bathroom floor. She fixed him a heavy glare with a red face while he stripped off her chemise with an indifferent expression.


In the blink of an eye she was left with only underwear and quickly covered her chest with her arms. He took one step back and folded him arms, slowly looking her up and down.

Seeing her in full view standing up instead of on the bed was a magnificent view in its own way. Receiving his satisfied and appreciating gaze, she blushed all the way to her neck and took a step back.

He raised a brow and came closer so that they weren’t too far apart. Then she moved backwards again. After repeatedly taking steps backwards, her back reached the wall. He stood in front of her, obstructing her so she wouldn’t escape anymore. He pressed his arms against her sides so she couldn’t escape sideways.

Lucia felt like her heart was going to burst. It wasn’t like it was her first time in his arms but the situation and her appearance were so embarrassing and she couldn’t look him straight in the eye.

The edges of his lips curled upwards as he watched her looking down, not knowing what to do. She really made him go crazy. He slowly lowered his head, tilting it slightly to the side and kissing her lips lightly. Then again, he brought his lips to hers, giving her another light kiss. Then, he kissed her a little longer. Then, he sucked her lower lips and swept his tongue over her lips.

Her lips separated slightly, hoping for a deeper touch and he gladly responded to her invitation, weaving his tongue into her mouth.


Her hands that were covering her breasts had at some point moved to lean against his shoulders. The sound of their tongue’s entwining and their saliva mixing sounded through the bathroom and gradually grew louder.

Hugo took off the bathrobe he was wearing and threw it onto the floor. His hand slid down her abdomen, lightly pressing down on it as his hand went into her underwear. When his firm fingers pressed inside, the shoulders of Lucia who was absorbed in the kiss shook.

His fingers gently rubbed her wet center and his finger went into her tender entrance. Her arms, wrapped around his neck, tightened in response. In the meantime, he persistently coveted her lips. He lightly nibbled on her small lips then sucked strongly. In a hurry that wasn’t a hurry, he meticulously licked over her teeth with his tongue.

At the same time, his fingers went in and out of her moist entrance. He felt the sensation of slippery fluid covering his fingers and he gradually felt himself reaching the limit of his endurance. From his fingers, he could feel her hot and narrow insides.

He pulled down her underwear and grabbed her thigh, lifting it up a little. As her leg was suddenly in the air, she clung to his neck tighter and her leg swayed. He hugged a little bit upwards and took off the underwear completely. He placed her down against the wall, pressing his body tightly to hers. His lips fell to her ears and his breathing echoed beside her, causing a shiver to run through her skin.

“Hugh…haven’t yet…”

“Prepared bath water is right in front of you. Wash and do or do and wash.”

“How is that the same-”

“Just this once. Your husband is about to wither and die here.”

At his exaggeration of pain, a giggle escaped her mouth and she stopped pushing him aside and leaned onto his shoulders as though giving permission.

‘Nothing like a good scare.’

He mumbled to himself while sighing and lifted one of her legs with his hand.



Translator’s Corner:

1) This could be translated as ‘husband is thirsty’. Just means he wants it bad.

*Underwear was originally panties but I felt like the word panties kills the mood.



24 thoughts on “Lucia Chapter 47 [part 1]”

  1. Thanks for the chapter~
    HAHAHA i called! Even Lucia thinks he’ll be a ladies man!
    Ok, seriously now, all the other names for the books so far have been straight forward; Lucia, The Duke and Duchess, and Damien. So what does Truth and False imply? This is the book they return to capital right? I have been desperately waiting for this~

      1. Well, here’s another mystery less spoken of, how did Lucia see into her future? Magic is ment to be extinct now. But it still existed, maybe its making a come back?

        1. With thought, what about her mother’s bloodline? Who was her mother and maybe it has something to do with her. It was said that her mother was definitely not a commoner by the crown prince Kwiz

          1. Não só pelo príncipe, no começo conta que a mãe dela era uma nobre de uma família que estava acabando, de outras terras, mas ela fugiu, e ela tem um irmão que é tio de Lúcia que procurou por ela mas não encontrou… e a mãe dela também teve sonho de premonição e sabia que ia morrer, por isso mandou a carta para o rei avisando que ele tinha uma filha.

  2. Hahaha! True! I find the word panties kinda cringey… underwear is way way better 😂 Since they’re already in the bathroom, why not have a bathroom sex!! In the shower… but thinking back, there’s no shower, only a small wooden tub probably 😥 Thank you 😀

  3. You could use the fancy word for undies- lingerie.
    LOL, Lucia spent all day just thinking about Dampen. No wonder Hugo went into beast mode
    Many thankss

  4. No_tears_only_dreams

    Okay but like the author never said that the maid left the bathroom so I imagined that they were being horny and the maid was awkwardly watching lmao

    1. I think you missed this part 😊:

      “Lucia glanced around looking for the maid but the maid had already made herself scarce the moment Hugo entered.”

      Unless you mean the second maid…then she probably did the same thing, lol.

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