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Lucia Chapter 39 [part 1]


< — Love, Understanding and Family — > (1)

TN: When life gives you lemons…okay, I dunno where I was going with that. I live for fluff <3


Lucia tussled with him all night and was barely able to sleep at dawn. By the time she woke up, it was already daylight. She didn’t like his new way. His tenaciousness was unfathomable and she had already given up on explaining his endurance.

She kept thinking about getting up from bed, but her body refused to listen to her. With such a hard workout two days in a row, her body felt languid.

She fell into shallow sleep and upon waking up, she felt a soft touch on her hair and she opened her eyes. She didn’t know when he had come in but he was sitting on the bed and stroking her hair.

She was sleepy-eyed and watched him with an empty gaze. Their eyes met and he lowered his head and kissed her gently.

“I was worried since you weren’t up yet. Are you okay?”

The soft touch on her lips told her this was real. Last night, she hated him a little but seeing him now, that hatred vanished into thin air.

“…at least you have a conscience.”

She bluntly blamed him and closed her eyes than she heard him laugh a little.

His fingers ran through her hair, sweeping through it like a comb. It felt good and a little ticklish.

‘My hair is completely disheveled, isn’t it?’

As soon as this thought came to her mind, the sleepiness deserted her and she raised the blanket over her head.

“What’s wrong?” (Hugo)

“…My head…”

“Does it hurt? I’ll get the doctor…”

“No, not that.”

She lowered the blanket a little, peeking at him.

“I…didn’t dry my hair properly, yesterday. It’s probably a mess.”

It was the heart of a woman that wanted to look pretty in front of the man she loved.

He couldn’t understand what she meant and with a tilt of the head, he tore the blanket off her body. She let out a short scream and he gave her a light kiss.

“What of it? You look pretty.”

Lucia stared at him, her gaze full of intent.




Hugo felt wronged. If she said that in the past, he would honestly have nothing to say. But not this time.

“Vivian, did I do something wrong?”

“Aren’t you busy?”

“Don’t change the topic. I know your list defines me that way, but why are you saying this now, all of a sudden?”

“What list?”

“I know you have a list of all the things I’ve done wrong in your head.”


Lucia was dumbfounded and burst into laughter.

“There’s a list in my head?” (Lucia)

“Aren’t you steadily adding one at a time?”

Lucia started laughing again. He sourly looked on as she began to laugh. He couldn’t see how his words were so funny and couldn’t understand her laughter.

“Then, when did I make this list?” (Lucia)

“Why are you asking me? You know better than I do.”

Lucia shrugged and burst into laughter again. It was very amusing to think that he also wondered what other people were thinking.

‘Things I’ve done wrong.’

Through these words, he admitted that he had wronged her. She used to think he was someone that would not readily admit it even if he made a mistake.

“There is no such list. I can’t put up with something so complicated.”

“Then why did you say that earlier?”

Lucia shyly pursed her lips.

“Because…you said that all of a sudden.”

“What did I say?”


Lucia felt a bit embarrassed to say it herself and her words weren’t clear. She had heard herself being described as gentle or cute but she didn’t think the word ‘pretty’ matched her appearance.

“Is it wrong to say what I feel?”

Lucia stared at him blankly. He was flirtatious yes, but he was not the type to whisper sweet nothings so his words came off a bit unfriendly.

He had a lot to his name and as such, he was the flirt that women loved to cling to. Lucia reached out and rubbed her head.

As expected, just by touching her hair, she could feel its untidyness. Even without looking at a mirror, it was obvious it was a mess.

“Pretty? This look?”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with it, you look pretty.”

His expression did not change at all. It was as though he was looking at a tree and saying it was a tree. As Lucia kept staring at him doubtfully, his expression grew increasingly awkward.

“Is it that you don’t like that way of expression? Then, your beauty is so bright, it blinds the eye…”

“Are you making fun of me?”

Lucia retorted sullenly. Hugo sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“What do you want me to do?”

“…Pretty? Me?”

“Yes. You’re pretty.”

She didn’t know what he was thinking, but she decided not to think about it in a complex manner. It was good even if it was empty words.

She felt pleased, happy, ticklish inside, and when she looked at him, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

His expression became somewhat twisted and he spoke.

“Don’t laugh like that. It makes me want to eat (you).”

Lucia laughed even louder and looking at her, Hugo burst into laughter too. It was hard to pinpoint it but anyhow, it was nice to see her feeling comfortable.

After admitting that he loved her, his heart was more at peace and his mood was more relaxed.

When he was away from Roam, she was constantly on his mind. They had reconciled before he left but that reconciliation was somewhat insufficient and made him feel uneasy.

They were not putting out the fire but simply covering it up in order not to see it. He was worried that when he came back to Roam, she would turn away since the issue wasn’t completely settled.

However, contrary to his worries, she was doing very well. Rather, she became even brighter than before.

The thought that she would be completely fine without him made his heart grow cold.

‘I want her’

He wanted to have her entirely, her body and her heart.

But how could he have a woman that declared she would never love him. It was the biggest challenge in his life.

He had never fallen in love properly before. The brother he loved, said he loved him but chose death in the end.

She was going to be his first love. However, it was a tragedy that he’d experienced too much physical love before he knew of emotional love.

At times, love was so simple that an honest word of confession could be the key but he didn’t know that.

“Is it okay for you keep staying here? You aren’t busy?” (Lucia)

Hugo could sense that her voice was much clearer than before.

‘She likes being called pretty.’

Now, he began making a list in his head.

“Busy or not, there’s no end to work for me so I can rest for as long as I don’t do it.”

“So you’re not working?”

“It’s not like that, I mean you don’t have to fret over it. Is it troublesome if I don’t work?”

“…It would be.”


“Husband has to feed the wife. And to do that, you have to make money.”

Hugo couldn’t help but laugh.



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