Lucia Chapter 38 [part 2]


< — Damian — > (9)



Hugo placed the pillow behind him to support his back and leaned halfway on the pillow. Lucia sat on his thighs, her upper body sprawled across his abdomen and chest.

Her head leaned on his chest, her arms and legs hung apart, to the side while his hand slowly moved up and down her back as though comforting her.

The fervent passion had dissipated to some extent but the lingering passion was just as before. Above all, his erect member was still fully buried inside her body.

His huge rod stirred a bit inside of her, as though reminding her of its presence and Lucia grew slightly nervous as she didn’t know when he would resume moving inside her.

She didn’t find the new way he tried particularly likeable. Although she could rest, she couldn’t sleep and they’d vigorously gone at it all night.

“Why did you send Damian to boarding school?”

Young noble children were usually taught by a private tutor. These days, while it was trendy to send children to an academy, it was usually just to gain experience when they were around 15 years old and for about three to four years.

Rather than for studying, the purpose was for noble children to build a network while interacting with several other noble children. There wasn’t a case where one with a status such as successor to a duke completed a boarding school course.

They were usually not allowed as courses were taken by second sons who weren’t successors and wished to select a course purely for studying purpose.

“Because I couldn’t take care of him.”

When Philip brought Damian, Hugo was focused on the war which was at its peak. At most, he could only stop by Roam a few times a year.

He had been slightly fascinated at how fast the boy grew every time he saw him but to him, the boy was like a pet.

To the Hugo who had no intention of becoming a father, the child that had appeared all of sudden held no special meaning for him however, he had instinctively known that the child needed a safe home.

It was very possible that if there was no Damian, Hugo would have abandoned the Taran family or trampled it to pieces.

It was only after quite some time had passed that it occurred to Hugo that perhaps Philip had brought Damian to him because he’d realized his thoughts towards the Taran family.

It was also around this time that the war was beginning to slow down, Damian had turned five years old and Hugo had more room and time for his thoughts.

With time to think, he considered the situation on the warfront and concluded that the war didn’t seem to be expanding any further. He was a perfect match for war and the thought of going back to the north and dealing with boring paperwork was loathsome.

Why do I have to? He’d questioned himself.

It wasn’t any of his concern what happened to the likes of the Taran family but he liked the northern land. He didn’t want to leave the wild and coarse land and it was general knowledge that the Taran family had to be doing well for the north to be prosperous.

He ended up reaching the conclusion that all he had to do was find a useful person to hand over the family to, so he appointed Damian as his successor.

He didn’t intend to have another child and figured that if he took Damian, who was already known as his son, as his successor then there wouldn’t be much backlash.

Later, he realized he’d thought too simple of it. The northern nobles and of course, his vassals, did not like it.

They questioned why the boy was recognized as successor and said that there was no precedent but in response Hugo laughed scornfully at them.

No precedent? Then he would do it and become the precedent. Hugo didn’t care what the nobles were grumbling about but he kept thinking of the darkness he’d seen in the boy’s eyes when they’d met after a long while.

Placing the boy under the public eye seemed to be harming his mind so Hugo figured that since he couldn’t embrace the boy properly and raise him then it would be better for the boy to be educated in a place with no prejudice.

And so, Hugo sent the boy to boarding school where no one’s eyes or hands could reach him.

‘You don’t hate the child, do you?’ (Lucia)

Lucia held back what she wanted to ask. It would be too much to question to that extent. She still didn’t know exactly how Hugo felt towards Damian and making a judgement in advance was more likely to make his feelings towards the child worsen.

“Then…since I can take care of him now, can’t he keep staying in Roam?”

He reached out and grabbed her butt firmly with both hands causing Lucia to reflexively lift her head.

“I promised the boy.”

Hugo lowered his head, placing his teeth on her neck and biting down causing her slender body to flinch. He licked her neck, his tongue sweeping over the light bite mark on her neck.

“I told him, when he graduates in the future, I will hand over my position. If I tell him now,  ‘don’t go to boarding school anymore’, he would think I am stopping him from succeeding me.”

He lifted his head, meeting her gaze.

“Do you think his staying here would benefit him?”

“…No, I didn’t think it through.”

A crescent line formed across his lips. He thrust his head forwards, placing his face very close to hers.

“Although it’s nice and cute.” (Hugo)

His lips touched hers briefly and he moved away.

“Don’t go too far.”

Lucia interpreted his words as telling her to not get in involved in his child’s affairs but Hugo’s meaning in asking her to get along with the child but limiting her some was that he did not want the child to come between their relationship.

Unfortunately, the misunderstanding that had risen through their conversation could not be resolved now.

He captured her lips in his mouth then reached out, grasping her butt firmly with his hand. He lifted her up and immediately rammed her soaking entrance down on his erect penis. Her smooth waist curved and her head fell backwards as he continuously lifted her up and down, pounding into her fleshly insides.

Her hand moved backwards, grabbing onto his legs for support and her body shook with his intense movements.

“Ung…ah! Hugh!”

He grabbed her shoulders, pulling her forward as he hurriedly thrusted into her several times, the motion bringing his lips to hover around her ears and his rough whisper floated into her ears.


The way he said her name sent tingles up her spine. She didn’t know since when but when he called her Vivian it no longer felt awkward. Rather whenever he called her…


She felt like she’d discovered a new side to herself. As her insides throbbed and squeezed, he suppressed a moan and quickly flipped her to lie down horizontally on the bed.

He immediately re-capturing her lips and at the same time, repeatedly plunged in and out of her deep fleshy insides. While holding onto his arms, Lucia’s body trembled with the tingles of pleasure.

She vividly felt his full length inside her body and instinctively widened her legs, lifting her butt to accept him deeper.

Hugo ended the breathless kiss, lifted his head and began to concentrate more on the movement of his waist.

He moved slowly at first then abruptly increased his speed, heavily thrusting in and out continuously.

A coquettish cry escaped from her mouth in response to the vigorous movements in her lower body and she watched his solid chest move as he devoured her.

His ripped muscles and tiny nipples moved as he thrust into her, enticing her to touching them. When his movements slowed down a little, she stroked his chest with her hand, feeling the movement of his muscles.

She lifted her head, lightly licking his chest and his body instantly jerked in response. She once again stuck her tongue out, this time licking around his nipple for a while.

Hugo swallowed back his curses and fiercely re-captured her lips. As he wildly drove his member into her, her body shook back and forth and her screams were blocked by his lips covering hers.

Her sight repeatedly brightened and blurred and she felt like a firework had exploded in front of her. She wasn’t even sure herself whether she was closing or opening her eyes.

Tears flowed down from her eyes and Hugo lowered his head to lick them up. The scalding heat that filled up her head and the passion that felt like it would burn her to ashes was exhausting but it also felt good and Lucia clung to him.



Translator Corner:

*My chest is actually hurting right now from laughing too hard while translating this…💀

*Not cuz it was funny….nvm I’ll go to my corner now.


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