Lucia Chapter 16 [part 1]

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<–The Ducal Couple– > (4)

TN: I’m going to try to keep names the same and keep doing what eseul did with the dialogue.


His hand caught her chin, bringing their lips together as his hot tongue swiftly parted her lips.

She took a deep breath as he pushed his tongue deeper inside her mouth.

He wrapped his tongue around her tongue and suckled as though to swallow.

Lucia’s eyes grew misty so she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck. A passionate kiss ensued.

Their salivas mixed as their tongues continuously fondled each other. He grabbed Lucia from the chair she was sitting on and lifted her onto the table. Even as he did this, their lips did not separate.

In a quiet dining room, the tongues of two people were deeply entwined and the smacking sounds of the kissing echoed. Her red lips were being overshadowed by his lips and her small mouth was occupied by his tongue.

His kiss, that seemed to envelope her entire mouth, was stirring her body up. Her arms which were wrapped around his neck, trembled and fell down to his shoulders.

After the long kiss ended, he calmly and shamelessly, pecked her soaked lips. He went on, going down her chin and kissing her neck.

Her hands fell to Hugo’s chest, grabbing his clothes firmly. When one of his legs slipped in between her legs, she was startled and pushed away from his chest

“Umm… you aren’t thinking of doing it here, right?” [Lucia]

Hugo didn’t think of doing so but when he saw her embarrassed state, his playfulness soared.

“We can’t?”


“Give me a reason. One that I can understand and I’ll relent.”

“Look… we can’t do this kind of thing where we eat.”

He lowered his neck a bit, giving a low laugh then he looked up at her.

“Then, what of other places? How does the hallway sound?”

“Definitely not!” [Lucia]

“The garden then? I’ve always wanted to try it outside.”

“Are you crazy??”

In the face of her first ever violent reaction, he couldn’t help himself and smiled.

“Why not?”

“Someone else can see it!” [Lucia]

“So if nobody is around, then it’s fine? If I send out everyone who is in the castle, the garden or the hallway is fine?”


Lucia’s face went red and she bit her lips. If there was no one? Then maybe it didn’t matter. Anyways, she’d never been in the bedroom before either so why should she care if the location changes?

She had gradually learned over the last month that men and women can be diverse in the way they combine.

At first, it was really embarrassing but as time passed, it began to be fun and exciting. Lucia was beginning to understand why people were so eager to have sex.

However, she didn’t really want to do any type of play that she didn’t like, but the two of them were married. What could she say in the bedroom?

Hugo was expecting the sight of her cowered. However, beyond his expectations, he was greeted with the sight of her seriously considering it and was slightly thrilled.

Unexpectedly, she was really tickling the desire that he was already suppressing.

For few days now, he had the desire to take her day and night, no matter what and keep her in his bedroom but the problem was the fact her body did have the physical strength to handle it.

If she was hurt because of him then he would feel terrible. She was naïve but she learnt very fast. At night, he demonstrated all the techniques he had to her, but she had never shown any dislike. Although she was embarrassed and ashamed, she was also eager and enthusiastic.

‘Alright. Let’s do something exciting tonight.’

Imagining a new endeavor easily made blood rush to his lower belly.

“I don’t like it here…” [Lucia]
She couldn’t help it but she didn’t like it. He kissed her lips lightly then grabbed her hand and helped her down the table.

His erection was already begging for release but he held it in. Whenever he was with her, he often admired his patience. If the woman in front of his was not Lucia but one of the women he played with in the past, he wouldn’t care about their safety and would have just put it in.

After all for those ladies, even if their mouth said they didn’t want it, they actually did.

But Hugo was getting to know Lucia little by little. He knew that if she said she hated it then she really did. He wanted to respect her will.

This deep consideration of his, he wondered if she knew. Looking at her innocent look coming down the table, he concluded that she didn’t know at all.

“Are you going for a walk?” [Hugo]

Lucia enjoyed taking a walk after dinner. He decided to put off his piled of work for a while. He wanted to be near her more. He also needed to calm the heated in his body.

“Yes” [Lucia]

“Let’s go together. Or would that bother you?” [Hugo]

“No. It’s good” Lucia replied quickly and brightly.

It was his first time taking a walk with her. Seeing how happy and delighted her expression was, he turned his head and cleared his throat.

He didn’t know she would like it so much. The full-scale summer has not come yet, so the evening breeze was pretty good.

Walking alongside him, Lucia glanced at him. She was happy with his consideration as he walked slowly to match her pace.

She had held herself back from talking to him for a while but she’d always wanted to take a walk with him. They seemed more like a lovers than a couple bound to a contract.

“This year, I was thinking of making the garden full of flowers. It may be old fashioned* but it is my first time anyways so it’ll end up like that”

“Is planting only flowers old-fashioned?” [Hugo]

“Of course. The world of garden decoration is profound. A beautiful garden requires moderate harmony. A good gardener or landscape designer is really hard to get. Most of them are already employed in other families. ” [Lucia]

“If I get one, then it’ll be fine” [Hugo]

“It is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t you think that if you spend money to hire another “Jerome” from another family, Jerome would leave?”

“…That’s true” [Hugo]

Lucia was in a good mood and spoke more words than usual. As he listened to her voice, he felt much better. If he wasn’t busy, he should take more walks with her.

“It’s dark now, but the bottom of the tree is shaded during the day and I drink tea every morning underneath. It is said that it has been here since the castle was built and has exceeded hundreds of years” [Lucia]

“Is that so…?” [Hugo]

Hugo then noticed the huge and beautiful tree.

This was the place where he lived since his childhood, but it was the first hearing of this. He was never interested in such matters.

“It looks pretty good. At first, I figured there would be nice.”


“I thought of doing it there at first” [Lucia] (TN: she means sex)


He couldn’t see how her face as it was dark but her mouth was wide open and her face was probably red. Her white face mysteriously went red like a ripe apple.

Looking at Lucia who quickly went ahead of him, he laughed, grabbed her wrist and dragged her under the tree she was talking about. He hugged her stomach, and leaning against the tree, pressed her down.

She swallowed her scream as he bit on her earlobes and finally whispered to her.

“If you don’t stay still, I’ll be for real” [Hugo]

He was satisfied as she immediatly became well-behaved. Lucia was only released after he had kissed her till she was out of breath.



그리고 루시아는 숨이 차도록 키스 한 후에야 그에게서 풀려날 수 있었다.
*(TN: Here she say, “촌스럽겠지만” (chonseuleobgessjiman) and I usually hear it being used for old fashioned or outdated. Google translate says lonely which makes no sense. It literally translated it to “it is nice but it is my first time..” which also didn’t make sense).


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