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Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

Of course, that didn’t mean Yuri immediately knew why Siren sent a bird to her house. Siren wasn’t like Odin, in that she couldn’t engrave letters on the feathers to convey her intentions nor could the bird speak directly.

However, seeing the bird flap its wings restlessly and peck at her hand in a motion for her to follow it, she was able to tell that Siren was calling her because something urgent had happened.

And so, when she put Lakis aside and came to the monastery…she found the inside of the monastery was quite a sight. Things were broken all over the building and Siren was trapped on the ceiling in a spider web. On top of that, Leo was whimpering as he licked his wound.

“The watchdog and I tried to stop him, but that scumbag even attacked the watchdog!”


For once, Siren and Leo were in sync as they condemned Odin.

Seeing their appearance, Yuri fell into contemplation.

‘Why did Odin take the ruin’s fragment?’

Because she had known Odin for a good while, she didn’t think he intentionally stole her stuff out of malevolence like Siren and Leo thought. Honestly, she thought Odin must have had a good reason to take her ruin’s fragment.

Of course, the only thing Yuri could defend about Odin, was him taking the ruin’s fragment. As for what Siren and Leo suffered, she wasn’t qualified to say anything because she wasn’t involved. If what Siren and Leo said was true, then Odin was in the wrong here.

“First of all, I’m sorry too, Siren. I should have told you about the ruin’s fragment.”

Yuri apologized to Siren for her mistake first.

“Since you’re staying here, you could have accidentally touched what I hid and triggered a trap, but I forgot to tell you in advance.”

Siren got caught in a trap today because of Odin, but even without that, if Siren had mistakenly touched the bottom of the statue in the prayer room, she could have been in trouble.

Ever since Siren began to stay in the monastery with Leo, she should have at least told Siren where all the traps are, but she was only now seeing that she hadn’t been attentive.

“N-No! Why are you apologizing! The fact that I got caught in the trap is all that crow bastard’s fault!”

Siren was taken aback and fervently shook her head when she heard what Yuri’s said.

“Also, thanks for trying to protect my stuff anyway.”

And when Yuri added that, Siren’s cheeks reddened. With her simple personality, she was immediately flattered and giggled.

Yuri’s gaze moved to Leo this time.

“Thank you too, Leo. But in the future, don’t push till you get hurt.”


Leo wagged his tail and blinked as if he wasn’t just licking his wounds.

“I’ll help if you’re going to look for that Crow!”

“No. I’ll take care of this myself.”

Yuri didn’t say this in front of Siren and Leo since they tried to stop Odin but in fact, she didn’t exactly care if the ruin’s fragment had disappeared. Either ways, Damon Salvatore hadn’t even contacted her…

Of course, she could sell it somewhere else, so she did feel a bit sad that her gold mine was gone. However, she was more interested in why Odin took the ruin’s fragment and what he planned to use it for.

‘I’ll ask him the next time I see him.’

With that in mind, Yuri left the monastery to head home.

* * *


As the saying goes: you can’t see what’s right under your nose; Odin whom Yuri was looking for, was right in her house.[1]

Once Yuri left the house after getting Siren’s call, a crow flew through the window at the back of the house as if it was waiting. Like Yuri, Lakis eventually had to go to the window because of the noise being made by the bird drumming its beak on the frame.

Sfx of window opening

“Crow, didn’t I tell you not to act up?”

As soon the window was opened, Odin jumped in and Lakis scolded him irritatedly.

“Look at you just coming to my house this late out of nowhere, are you tired of living?”

Even without this, he was already somewhat upset due to Yuri leaving the house on her own a little while ago. It was definitely a mutant friend like Odin who made Yuri leave at such a late hour.

Considering what happened in the day, of course Lakis didn’t want Yuri to go out alone this late at night.

Of course, he knew that in the underworld, nighttime was practically the same as early morning, but still, it didn’t make him feel better.

Actually, that was why he tried telling Yuri that he would go with her. But Yuri…


‘Being too clingy is not attractive.’


After leaving such ruthless words with an expressionless face, Yuri left the house alone while Lakis was frozen with shock. So when Odin came now of all times, there was no way he would be in a good mood.

“Lakis-nim! I—! I found a ruin’s fragment…!”

However, when the following words came from Odin’s beak, Lakis’ gaze changed.

“You found a ruin’s fragment?”


As though proving what Odin said, a flock of crows flew in noisily and sat on the window frame. And a moment later, the crows disappeared leaving behind something wrapped in feathers.

“Do you believe my loyalty now! This Odin is ready to pick the stars of the night sky if you require it, Lakis-nim!”

Odin puffed out his chest and continued to caw.

—This is real! This crow punk actually found one.

Like the bug in his head said, this was a real fragment of the ruins and Lakis recognized that at first glance.

He looked at Odin with new eyes.

“This punk, I guess you’re quite useful.”

Lakis picked up the piece of stone on the windowpane.

Odin swelled with pride at the praise that wasn’t really praise.

“And I thought you were just strolling around diligently. Guess you’re earning your keep.”

“Now you know, right? The only one with the right to lick Lakis-nim’s shoes is this Odin…”

“Alright, get lost before Yuri gets back.”


Fwip! Toss!

Lakis picked Odin up, threw him outside, then calmly closed the window and turned around.

After that, he heard the crow calling for him and mournfully knocking on the window with its beak, but instead of feeling repentant, Lakis even pulled down the curtain.

—By the way, if you put that thing in this house, won’t that woman notice?

The bug spoke to Lakis.

Just like Lakis could feel the subtle energy flowing from the ruin’s fragment, other mutants were likely the same. Even without this, the ruin’s fragment was a dangerous item with possible side effects on both mutants and ordinary people, so he didn’t plan on leaving it anywhere near Yuri.

‘Now that I think about it, does Yuri still have that ruin’s fragment she took on the day of the festival?’

Lakis furrowed his brows slightly in thought. However, he didn’t know if he could ask Yuri about such a thing. Despite what happened at the shopping mall earlier, the two of them had yet to have a frank discussion about each other’s identity.

Either way, his priority right now was to deal with this ruin’s fragment.

Lakis bit his finger and drew blood.


Then the red blood that emerged from his fingertips neatly hacked the ruin’s fragment into pieces.

—Hey, hey, Lakis…don’t tell me you’re trying to do it right now?

When Lakis acted without hesitation, the bug’s trembling voice rang out in his head. Lakis ignored it and undid a few buttons on his shirt.


Then like that, he plunged the sharply cut fragment into his heart. Instantly, a scream rang out inside his head and his sight flickered. Lakis clenched his teeth and thrust the remaining fragments into his chest.

A while later, after a huge storm had raged through his body, a panting voice rang out in his head.

—Would…Would it kill you to let me know in advance so I can prepare myself?! You stupid bastard…!

The bug seemed really pissed off this time and its voice was filled with a lot of spite.

‘It’s not like this is the first time; you’re the stupid one for not adapting yet.’

Lakis redid his buttons while retorting inwardly. However, maybe because it had been a while since he’d absorbed a fragment, his insides did feel quite sore.

After cracking his stiffened fingers a few times, a ghastly sound rang out from his joints. Suddenly, he realized his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

Seeing that he might have to wash up before Yuri came back, Lakis frowned and undid his button again. Right then, something hot refluxed inside Lakis.[2]


Black blood poured out of his mouth. Lakis swore inwardly.

‘You haven’t digested it yet? You incompetent bastard.’

—That’s why I said you should let me prepare first!

He had to quickly get rid of the traces before Yuri came back. Lakis carelessly wiped his mouth then he looked at the blood on the floor and his clothes with a grimace.

He cursed inwardly again and quickly got to work.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] LOL this saying has so many interpretations. The one that had me rolling was: [The husband is always the last to know.]

[2] Not sure how else to word this but you can probably tell what happened here. The exact words were that something flowed against the current in his body.

*Odin keeps referring to himself as ‘this crow Odin’. Makes it troublesome to fudge the sentence into English.


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