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Then Damon finally stood up, his chair scrapping behind him.

“Hey, you.”

He turned and began to head towards Yuri, who was cleaning the windows.

Gilbert thought Damon was trying to do something bad to Yuri and despite feeling cold sweat, he quickly tried to obstruct him.

“S-Sir! What problem do you have with our employee…!”

Damon grabbed Yuri’s hand which held the dust cloth and upon his next words, the atmosphere in the coffeehouse instantly turned chilly.

“You, be my woman.”


Yuri gazed at Damon with a serious look on her face and thought:

This second lead must have gone crazy.



Part 11: What do you mean, birth secret? I have no such thing.

“Oh? Ms. Yuri, your expression isn’t very good today.”

When I heard what Snow said, I frowned a little. I wasn’t aware that my bad mood was showing on my face.

“Ugh, it’s because a strange customer came.”

Gilbert replied for me. Of course, that ‘strange customer’ was Damon Salvatore who came earlier.

When I recalled the good-looking face of the man that appeared out of nowhere, spouting ridiculous nonsense like ‘be my woman’, my stomach boiled once again.

When Snow heard Gilbert’s words, he went ‘ah’, like he understood.

“I guess someone came onto Ms. Yuri again.”

“That nobleman looked perfectly normal too. Ai.”

“For that kind of thing, you usually can’t tell from the outside. There are many guys who look okay on the outside but are weird inside.”

“I know. I don’t understand why a young man is like that.”

Snow didn’t even know what happened, yet he was agreeing enthusiastically with Gilbert.

Come to think of it, if Snow was Genos Sheldon then he should know Damon Salvatore. Then, was their relationship as bad as it was in novel?
I hoped it wouldn’t happen again but if Damon Salvatore came to the coffeehouse again, there was a chance of him encountering Snow.

Inwardly, I wasn’t too pleased with the idea.

Damon Salvatore was supposed to buy the ruin’s fragment or whatever it was called from me. I sent a secret note a while ago but there was no reply, and in the midst of that, he suddenly appeared at the coffeehouse. So honestly, I was a little surprised at first.

Of course, there was no way he knew I was the one who sent the note.
Either ways, Damon Salvatore seemed to be more of an eccentric character than in the novel.

I cleared an empty table while hoping he wouldn’t come back to the coffeehouse if he was going to spit out such nonsense.

* * *

It was nighttime.

“Mr. Lakis.”

Yuri walked up to Lakis after coming out of the bathroom. Lakis had washed up first before changing his bandage and was currently re-dressing himself.

Then when he heard the voice calling his name, his hand stopped mid-button. And right after he turned to meet her eyes, Yuri’s hand moved towards Lakis.

The moment her hand touched him, Lakis’ eyes trembled.


The bug in his head once again sounded like it was melting.

Now, Yuri no longer waited to get used to Lakis, and even took his hand first without reserve. The moment their hands touched, warmth began to rise in Yuri’s face.

“It’s late.”


“When are you going to sleep?”

Her voice which was slightly softer than before, tickled his ears. As she had just come out of the shower, a sweet scent was radiating off of her. Her long hair, still damp from the bath, flowed over her shoulders and shook softly in front of Lakis’ eyes. Her red eyes, also with a hint of wetness to them, stared at Lakis.

Lakis was slightly stiff as he took in at Yuri’s appearance.

This was definitely not temptation or anything of the sort. The meaning in her words was always much simpler than Lakis thought. The problem, however, was that this by itself already felt too tempting for him.


Lakis found it hard to pick what to say. Because no matter what he said, none of it was suitable to express the emotion screaming in his mind.

Then Yuri, who was staring at Lakis, tilted her head slightly to the side and spoke again.

“If you can’t think of when, just go to bed early.”

And she pulled his hand, which was in her grasp.

“You don’t have anything to do anyways.”

Honestly, she didn’t really use much strength. However, Lakis was pulled out of his seat, almost like he was drawn by a magnet. Yuri took Lakis like that and headed to her room.

And a while later:

The two of them were lying on the bed in Yuri’s room.

“That reminds me, there was a very strange person today.”

A soft voice swept through the faint moonlit bedroom.

“I didn’t think they were that kind of person initially.”

The atmosphere in the bedroom was very peaceful. Just like the previous night, Yuri and Lakis lay on the bed holding hands. Yuri lay facing the ceiling as she talked while Lakis lay on his side, leaning his head on his hand as he looked down at Yuri.

There was a profound gleam in Lakis’ lowered eyes, seeped in shadows. Some of his buttons were undone, exposing his neck and collarbone which made for a very tempting image.

However, Yuri didn’t seem very interested in Lakis’ current appearance. Today’s Yuri was oddly talkative.

“I never thought I’d hear such a drama-like line in my life.”

Sometimes, there was a word he couldn’t understand, but Lakis quietly listened to what she was saying by her side.(1) It was comfortable so maybe that’s why she was talking more than usual.

Actually, it had been a really long time since Yuri spoke to someone for so long like this. It had also been a long time since she talked with someone before going to bed at night. So far, she hadn’t exactly desired such an experience but…

After holding Lakis’ hand, she felt like she could tell for sure. Perhaps inwardly, she had wanted to have something like this.

Time where she could spend with someone else.
A trivial but enjoyable time where you gathers together in the evening and talks about your day.

“Who says ‘be my woman’ out of nowhere, is it the trend among nobles to hit on each other like that?”

And the moment he heard the words coming out of Yuri’s mouth, Lakis froze.

‘What did I hear just now?’

Someone asked her to be their woman?
…Which bastard is this? What punk?

“Who is this…?”

Lakis unconsciously asked.

At that, Yuri glanced at Lakis. She looked like she was pondering something for a moment. Then maybe she decided it was a little difficult to answer because she soon replied evasively.

“Mm, just someone.”

Lakis made a decision.

‘I have to go to that coffeehouse myself.’

He remembered seeing a bunch of useless guys before and figured it must be one of them. Lakis was annoyed.

Yuri also stopped speaking after that, so the room was silent again.
Suddenly, Lakis felt something wriggle on his hand. His hand, which was in Yuri’s tight grasp felt ticklish. For some reason, his heart also felt a little ticklish and his feelings were mixed.

Like the annoying bug said, he had no experience in this area, but he at least knew that this sort of thing was just on the level of child’s play. The desires fluctuating in him weren’t that clean and tame.

But not knowing what Lakis was thinking, Yuri slowly blinked her eyes like she was getting a bit sleepy and turned to the side, locking eyes with him. Then she fearlessly said words that stimulated him.

“Mr. Lakis, your hand is warm. I want to keep holding it.”

…was she really doing this unknowingly? Or did she know?
Did she think he could stay still despite all this? Was he supposed to endure this?

Finally, the suppressed wildness in Lakis fiercely rose to the forefront.


The next moment, a dark shadow was cast over Yuri’s sight.

“You’re too…”

A low voice came from the base of his throat as his breath scattered right above her nose.

“Too defenseless.”

He clasped their intertwined hands a little tighter and pushed it against the bed. Lakis, who was just lying next to Yuri, was now hovering over her in the blink of an eye.

The white moonlight seeped into Lakis’ blue eyes, giving it a deep blue hue.

“Are you like this with anyone?”

The low voice whispering to her was enticing.

Unless she was a fool, there was no way she wouldn’t know what was going on. The atmosphere right now was filled with a dangerous sense of sexual tension.

However, it was strange.

Lakis was certainly a dangerous person but for some reason, as she looked into his eyes, she didn’t think he would do anything to hurt her. Even in this situation, she felt no sense of crisis and simply revealed what she was honestly thinking.

“No. I’m only like this with you.”

In the end, Lakis was the one agitated. He froze for a moment then his head dropped towards Yuri.

“…what does that mean.”

He placed his forehead on Yuri’s shoulder and mumbled like he was talking to himself. His ears were slightly red.

Although it was dark, Yuri’s eyes exceeded that of humans, so she noticed it.



Translator’s Corner:

  1. She says ‘drama’ as in [dorama], the k-english version. In other words, English words that are used in Korean.

T/N: I. Am. Squealing.


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