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YGTWHV [133]

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T/N: Wow this chapter was so easy to translate. Love it!

‘So it activates when I try to use the ruin’s power?’

She already had a feeling that these shackles were special but to think they had this kind of function.

It was really in bad taste.

Of course, as a special human with the power of the ruins, she could quickly recover from this much damage, but it was still pretty malicious. They were broken cleanly, but she didn’t think it would take long to heal.

Yuri examined the shackles which were giving off a strange light a little more, then she lowered her hand.

It had been a long time since she was this injured, so the pain felt quite vivid to her. Of course, it was still not to the point where she couldn’t bear it.

After all, when she was in the research institute before, she was hurt even more severely than this.



Right then, a small voice calling Yuri rang out from a corner of the room.


Yuri quietly whispered back.
She heard something rustling in the direction where Odin’s voice came from.

“You’re awake! I’ve been waiting!”

Soon, a black crow flapping its wings appeared in Yuri’s sight.

Yuri carefully looked around. Seeing that, Odin realized what she was worried about and quickly spoke.

“It’s fine! I checked earlier too but I don’t think there’s any kind of monitoring device in the room!”

Hearing that, Yuri was relieved.

“Arachne, are you okay?”

“Odin, were you caught too?”

The two of them asked each other at the same time.

“I wasn’t caught. I was in your pocket, so I came in with you!”

Odin flapped his wings and flew into the cage Yuri was in.

“I must have passed out for a bit in your pocket. When I woke up later, I was already here.”

He quickly reported to Yuri like he was waiting for it.

“But before locking you up, they went to search your body so I quickly escaped and hid.”

After that, Odin added that he wasn’t in very good condition when it happened and at the time, the only thing he could think about was to get away for now so he wasn’t able to stop Yuri from getting locked up.

“I’m sorry, Arachne. I should have tried to save you no matter what…”

He looked crestfallen as he mumbled to Yuri like he was confessing his sins.

“No. It would have been much worse if you did that and we were both locked up. I’m glad you didn’t get caught.”


Odin’s eyes shook like he was moved by Yuri’s words.

Of course, Yuri didn’t say that out of a warm and kind heart like Odin thought. True, she was worried about Odin but it was better for one of them to be able to move around freely if they wanted to escape from here.

“Then, have you been hiding in this room till now?”

“No, there is a small hole in the ceiling, so I was able to get into the vent between floors. I tried looking around a little, but the building is quite big, and it’s built like a maze, so I haven’t found a way to get outside yet.”

Odin also said that the inside of the building was heavily guarded, so he had not been able to examine the place in detail because he was trying to stay hidden while moving.

“Um…among the guys standing guard, there are a lot of mutants like us.”

Those words were a little unexpected.

“Really? Is there someone you know?”

“I don’t think so, but they don’t seem to be from the research institute.”

If Odin couldn’t recognize anyone, it meant they were not test-subjects from the research institute in Carnot. Then they could either be people who unknowingly absorbed the power of the ruins naturally like Anne-Marie or…

‘They got the power of the ruins by absorbing a ruin’s fragment, whether someone made them do it or they did it by themselves.’

Yuri recalled the run-down building she saw when she secretly followed Kalian Crawford the other day and narrowed her eyes.

There were definitely traces of experiments similar to what she saw when she was in the research institute.

“Especially since some of them were very sharp, and I thought I was caught many times. Because of that, I couldn’t really move around as much as I wanted, and I was too nervous to send out my crows too…”

Odin dragged out his sentence, seemingly embarrassed that he didn’t gain much of anything while Yuri was unconscious and locked up.

“If the situation is like that, then it is definitely better to move with caution.”

Yuri said to Odin like she was comforting him.

“Odin, do you think you can open these iron bars from outside?”

“I tried while you were unconscious, but the lock is unusual so I thought it might be bad if I carelessly mess with it. Those chains seem to be the same…”

Odin’s gaze fell on the shackles on Yuri’s wrist. And right after, his sentence was cut short.

“Ah, the hell! What is wrong with your wrist?”

Sure enough, Odin could see very well despite the darkness so he could tell that Yuri’s wrists were not in a normal state and his voice went up a notch.

Odin’s flying figure hurriedly moved to wrap Yuri’s wrist, as if he wanted to hold it with his wings.

“I tried to use the ruin’s power and it became like this. Just like you said, the chains are not normal.”

Even though she was surely in a considerable amount of pain, Yuri spoke nonchalantly.

“Since he knew I was an experiment from the beginning, he must have done something special with the bindings.”

Upon hearing what Yuri said, Odin recalled seeing something flash in the room earlier.

“F*ck, what kind of shit is this! How can they just make your wrist like this?”

Odin was enraged and poured out curses like flowing water.

“I’ll be better soon anyway, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Of course, I know that but…!”

Then he realized his voice might leak out at this rate and immediately lowered his voice.

Yuri looked at the shackles and told him the feeling she was getting from them.

“These things, somehow they give me a similar feeling to alchemy-made stuff.”

“I looked at it before you got up too and you’re right, it’s alchemy.”

Odin agreed.
He added that even the iron bars were made of a similar material.

Once Odin’s agitation after seeing Yuri’s broken wrist calmed down to some extent, he studied Yuri’s expression and asked carefully.

“By the way, Arachne, the bastard who took you and locked you up in here… do you know who he is?”

“No, I don’t.”

Yuri said firmly. At that, Odin refuted.

“But you definitely called him Lakis Avalon.”

“I know Lakis Avalon.”

When Odin frowned and opened his mouth again, Yuri added:

“But the guy who locked me in here is not Lakis Avalon. It just looks like him.”

“That’s not just similarity though, he looks like a complete carbon-copy.”

For some reason, Odin mumbled like he was sulking a little.

“Anyway, so you knew too. I remembered a little about what I forgot but there were 2 Lakis Avalons. Although I’m not sure which is which.”

It was a little surprising to learn that Odin knew there were two Lakis. Was it also related to when Odin’s whereabouts were unknown?

“By the way, Arachne, this might be an odd question considering where we are right now but I’m curious…”

Right then, Odin tapped his claw on the ground for no reason and asked like he was sounding Yuri out.

“You and Lakis Avalon must be very…I mean, you must be a little close?”

She couldn’t immediately decipher why Odin looked sulky while asking about Lakis.

“You seemed happy to see that guy’s face in the alley. I didn’t even know at all, since when have you known him…”

Yuri frowned.
To think even Odin thought the same thing. What exactly did she sound like at the time, for them to be like this?

“I heard a similar thing earlier, I wasn’t really that happy.” [1]

Yuri refuted Odin’s words, once again feeling a sense of resistance similar to when she was in front of the man who looked like Lakis.

“You heard something similar earlier? Did someone come while I was gone?”

“Yea, the guy who locked me in here.”

“Lakis Avalon?!”

“It’s not Lakis Avalon.”

Odin looked very startled, apparently not expecting the man to have come by while he was crawling through the ceiling.

“Whatever! Did that prick do anything to you?”

“There was nothing much. It’s just…”

Yuri’s mind went back to what happened a while ago.


‘But it’s strange. Why can’t I see inside you?’
‘You’re a lucky mutant. I still have to make the most out of you.’


Yuri’s gaze turned icy cold.

“I don’t think he plans to kill me right now.”

Just thinking about it made her remember that annoying tone of his which seemed to think that her life was completely in his hands.

And as she continued speaking, Odin’s eyes went wide.

“That man, he said he could see inside a person.”


“And he also talked about being able to steal abilities.”


Just like when Yuri first heard it, Odin was shocked.
Yuri warned him.

“For now, be careful and make sure you don’t get caught by anyone, Odin.”

“OK, I got it. I’ll be way more careful than before.”

Odin also realized this situation was very unusual and his eyes grew more serious. However, with the way things were right now, Yuri could not get out of the iron bars and Odin was the only one who could move around freely. So, he couldn’t just play it safe in here.

“Don’t worry, Arachne! I will definitely get you out of here!”

Odin yelled with determination on his face and left the iron bars. And after asking Arachne to be careful too, he flapped his wings and left the room again.

Yuri watched until Odin’s figure completely disappeared from her sight then she began to wonder if there was anything she could do in here.



Translator’s corner:

[1] This phrase can be translated to ‘I wasn’t really happy’ or ‘I wasn’t that happy’ so…I combined the two?
Also, if you’re wondering whether Odin is being super loud, I assumed he’s whisper yelling. It doesn’t really say, hehe…


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