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YGTWHV [108]

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Of course, Lakis knew that Yuri’s words didn’t have any special meaning behind it, just like earlier. He also knew that it was foolish for him to put such weight on those words by himself. However, the thing called emotions, they didn’t always act as you wished.

When Yuri said that Lakis smelled the same as her, those words were oddly uplifting.

As Lakis rubbed his nose in her neck, Yuri felt he was just like a dog acting cute to its owner. From what she could tell, Lakis seemed to like what she said some moments ago.

Somehow, she sensed he was unhappy about smelling another man’s perfume on her and when she said that he smelled just like her, he seemed to have quickly gotten over it.

Something about it was quite…should she say he was unexpectedly simple or that his personality was easy to understand.

Either ways, she felt this from time to time but he really had a cute side to him.

Although it felt a little ticklish when Lakis buried his nose in her neck, Yuri no longer tried to move away from him and gradually relaxed. Who knew when she had gotten used to Lakis’ embrace but it was comfortable for her.

When she put her chin on his shoulders, her position became more comfortable.

The cherry tomato flowerpot behind Lakis caught her eye. But no matter how much she looked at it, she couldn’t see any sign of a fruit.

Yuri stretched her hand over Lakis’ shoulder and began sifting through a few of the leaves. But soon after, she felt Lakis’ hand caressing her neck and her movements came to stop.

A slow but steady warmth went down her back like gently flowing water. As his finger flippantly stroked her spine, Yuri momentarily flinched. When Lakis’ lips touched her neck as he buried his face deeper, Yuri’s back straightened even more.

It felt like the air around them had changed a little.

Yuri could also sense the subtle tension which was lingering in the peaceful air like a taut rope.

Lakis trailed a ticklish kiss down the line from her neck to her shoulder.

‘Huh? When was this unbuttoned?’

Yuri suddenly realized that a few of the top buttons on her jacket were undone at some point. All the cumbersome hair had already been put away and her collar was folded so there was nothing covering her exposed neck.

Lakis’ hand was sliding down to her waist.

The bottom of her shirt which was tucked into her skirt had come out at some point so the bare skin near her waist was partially exposed. But the next moment, Lakis’ long fingers slowly crept into that area.

Yuri’s hold on Lakis shoulder tightened. Heat was spreading through her body from where they touched but she couldn’t tell who it belonged to.

For a moment, Yuri pondered whether to stop Lakis or not. It would have been better if she hated it because she would have pushed him off ruthlessly…

Her black eyelashes shook faintly as she lowered them then lifted them up again.

“Like Mr. Lakis said…”

Soon, a voice slightly more subdued that before came out of Yuri’s mouth.

“There’s really a fruit on here.”

Although it seemed a little hoarse, her voice was as calm and composed as usual.

“I want to take a closer look. Can you let me go for a bit, Mr. Lakis?”

Hearing Yuri’s words, Lakis leaned his head closer to her ear. His hands were completely under her shirt, covering her back and waist, and they slowly caressed her bare skin.

As Yuri’s body shuddered slightly, Lakis gave her neck a slightly painful bite.


Then he gave a short reply, his voice as calm as Yuri’s. He calmly removed his hands and neatly re-arranged Yuri’s attire as if he hadn’t just touched Yuri with desire in his hands.
His movements didn’t seem to have any lingering attachment, so she unknowingly felt a little disappointed. And instantly, Yuri frowned.

Didn’t that sound like she was regretful it didn’t go further than this?
But she was the one who wanted him to stop.

“Here, you can look.”

Lakis even tidied up Yuri’s hair with his hands. Then he turned her body around to make her face the flowerpot. But this didn’t mean he let go of Yuri, he only changed her sitting position while holding her in his arms.

Lakis hugged Yuri from behind and placed his chin on top of her head.

“Where’s the cherry tomato fruit?”


“I don’t see anything?”

“It’s here.”

“Ah, there.”

In the first place, it was Lakis who called Yuri and said there was a cherry tomato fruit but for some reason, it was now Yuri who was proving the existence of the fruit.

Yuri twisted uncomfortably for a bit then she comfortably leaned on Lakis’ body like she had adjusted. Then suddenly, she noticed something darkish under another flowerpot next to it.

She reached out and when she pulled it out to see, she flinched. The thing she held in her hand was a familiar black feather. Lakis, who was behind Yuri, also flinched.

“I don’t know why this kind of thing is on the floor here. Did it come through the open window?”

However, Yuri didn’t think this feather was connected to Lakis. She simply thought that Odin might have dropped it when he came to see her one day, or maybe she had dropped one of the feathers Odin gave her last time.

“Hmm. But the cherry tomato seeds are growing better than I thought.”

Lakis hurriedly changed the subject.

“I know. I’m thinking of growing another one next time.”
After Yuri replied in that manner, she put down the feather in her hand. Then she started to look through the leaves to see if there were any other fruits on the plant.

The sight of Yuri seriously searching for fruit looked extremely cute in Lakis’ eyes.

With his chin propped on Yuri’s head, Lakis thought to himself.

As expected, he had to quickly take her away.
To his kingdom where no one would dare enter without his permission.

Lakis’ eyes shone coldly as he lowered his eyes.

* * *

“My lord, I looked into it and the Salvatore family is secretly negotiating with the high noble Lawrence family in the south.”

It was midnight.

Dominic Crawford hadn’t gone to sleep despite how late it was, instead he was handling work in his office. He signed the documents in front of him while listening to the report from his subordinate.


Dominic asked in return and a cautious voice continued.

“If the negotiations are successful, the Salvatore family will have the exclusive right to trade with the South.”

At that, a cold smile rose on Dominic’s lips.

“I let them be for a while, now they no longer know their place and keep getting on my nerves.”


He picked up the document he had just signed and roughly placed it on the mountain of other documents next to him.

Dominic’s whispering voice was as quiet as the night air in the room.

“Well, the East has been too peaceful for a while. That must be why all these rude things keep crawling out.”

However, Dominic’s aide felt the chilling air buried in those words and tried to lower the sound of his breathing even more.

Soon, Dominic seemed to remember something and confirmed with his subordinate.

“The store that didn’t collapse even though it was caught in the explosion was Salvatore’s, I believe.”

“Yes. The Salvatore store was the only one that survived a direct explosion.”

The pen in Dominic’s hand slowly rapped against the paper.

“And when they were tidying up the debris, there was something strange there.”

“Yes, a strange structure was supporting the building…it looked like spider webs, but the hardness of the material was just like a mineral…”

The aide dragged the end of his sentence like he still wasn’t sure.

After the puzzling explosion at the shopping mall, he discovered something while investigating the case and it was very strange like Dominic said.

The tangled threads seemed to be supporting the crumbling ceiling, but an ordinary thread could never have such strength behind it. At the orders of the Central Council, some people were studying it separately, but no one had identified the material yet.

Right then, Dominic pulled the next document in front of him and opened his mouth.

“It would be possible if it was done by a heretic, wouldn’t it?”

“By heretic… you mean the mutations that appeared around 10 years ago?”

Dominic did not reply but the aide fell into thought and began to talk to himself.

“If it was a heretic with special features and powers, that would explain it but…”

In the east, heretics were the target of suppression. It was quiet now but just a few years ago, there was an extensive movement to snuff them out.

“Let it leak that there was a heretic involved in the explosion this time.”

“Yes? But if we do that…”

There would be rumors that the main culprit behind the explosion was a heretic. However, if Dominic’s words were true and the spider web-like material was because of a heretic, then it wasn’t for destroying the building instead it was for stopping the building from collapsing…

“And don’t forget to mention that the evidence was found in a Salvatore store.”

Dominic added drily while flipping his document and the aide’s lips moved slightly. When he began to realize the meaning behind Dominic’s words, his back broke out in cold sweat.

He asked in a quiet voice:

“Are you thinking of hunting the heretics alongside the Salvatores?”

Finally, Dominic’s gaze lifted up. And a thin smile filled with sharpness bloomed in the darkness.

“The East has been peaceful for too long, hasn’t it?”


Translator’s Corner:

** Lawd, I was holding my breath in the first part >.<


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