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Lucia Side Story 3.5: Happily Ever After




Lucia had not attended the party where Bruno poured cocktail on a lady’s head. She only heard about the incident after the fact, then she called Damian and Bruno, sat them down and talked to them.

“Bruno. I don’t think you did that for no reason. But I am worried because I hear that young gentlemen look very favorably on your actions. Do you want to become their hero?”

“I didn’t do it for something like that.”

“Yes. I believe that’s not the case too. But think about the effects your actions could have. A gentleman observing good manners with a lady is proper courtesy and a promise for all. But if your actions are justified as right, someone will try to imitate you. There will definitely be someone who will rather insult and humiliate an innocent young lady in an attempt to become the center of discussion in the social circle. I do not want you to become a role model for someone so foolish.”

“I’m sorry. I was thoughtless.”

“I want the two of you to use this incident as an opportunity to once again realize that you are in a position capable of influencing a lot of people. Bruno, you go find that Count’s daughter and apologize respectfully. And then you two, stay away from parties for the time being and behave yourselves.”

“Yes, mother.”

“Yes, mother. Sorry to worry you.”

The next day, Bruno went to the Count’s manor and apologized respectfully; not only to the girl, but to her parents as well.

Bruno couldn’t forget the day he first visited the ducal residence upon receiving an invite from Damian.

[It’s a pleasure to meet you, Bruno. I’ve heard a lot about you.]

The Duchess looked at Bruno with tearful eyes, then she gave the boy a big hug.

Bruno had no memory of being hugged by his own mother, so he stood frozen stiff, in that warm embrace. For Bruno, the Duchess’ warm hospitality was both shocking and overwhelming.

During academy vacations, Bruno stayed at the ducal residence like he was family. Despite how large it was, the ducal residence was always filled with warmth. At first, Bruno was stupefied to see Chris shamelessly coming to the ducal residence to eat and sleep like it was his own house and even bringing his brother, but then, the next thing he knew, he was doing the same thing.

The time he spent feeling the Duchess’ loving care, passing the days with Damian, Chris, the troublemaking Jude and the cute and lovely Evangeline, were filled with happiness like a dream. Even the Duke of Taran, whom Chris found it difficult to be around, became an adult that Bruno adored and wanted to be like. And then from one day on, Bruno began to call the Duchess, mother.

Damian woke Bruno, who had been absorbed in past memories for a while.

“Let’s go in before His Majesty comes.”

“Ah, right.”

The time for the meeting to begin was drawing near so there was no longer anyone in the hallway. Damian and Bruno went inside before the doors to the conference hall closed.

* * *

The conference, which began in the morning, came to an end in the afternoon. After a long meeting filled with fierce battles of results and reports, people left the conference hall, looking tired.

Near the door of the conference hall, Damian and Bruno waited for the Duke of Taran to come out. Who knew what other people had in mind but their schedule for today wasn’t over yet. After attending the national conference, they had to organize the contents of today’s meeting, discuss reports and exchange questions with the Duke of Taran.

‘…I am exhausted.’

The time after a long meeting like this was the hardest for Bruno. It wasn’t because reports or discussion were beyond his capability, but because his stamina sucked. Seeing Damian’s face brimming with energy next to him, Bruno was in awe.

‘Monsters. They’re all monsters.’

The stamina of this pair of Duke father and son was really terrifying. Bruno had never once seen any of them tired, both Hugo and Damian. It wasn’t only all day long, even if they stayed up all night, they would be brimming with vigor as if they had just gotten a good night’s sleep.

When the Duke of Taran came out, Bruno raised his slouched shoulders and stood straight.

Hugo approached Damian and Bruno and handed them a piece of paper.

“I have something important to discuss with His Majesty so both of you can go home first. As for the report, I’ll hear it when I get back.”


Damian took the piece of paper valuably, like it was an important document. As he looked at its contents, his expression stiffened slightly.

“Father. This…”

Curious about the source of Damian’s bewilderment, Bruno tilted his head slightly to see the contents of the paper. The stiffness of his expression was more obvious than Damian’s.

The piece of paper had two short phrases written on it.

{ Dream’s Kiss
Summer Garden Rose }

Was this a new secret code for confidential information? Under the questioning gazes of the two young men, Hugo’s face didn’t even twitch.

“Since I’m going to be getting back late, you guys should go buy that before going back. The name of the bakery is Muiller. That, on the paper, is the cake’s name. Your mom says she wants to eat it.”




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