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Lucia Side Story 1.5: Damian




A chill began to crawl up her spine. Recognizing what this feeling was, Lucia tried to hold back a tearful moan. The worry that someone might knock on the office door at any time brought her even more excitement. Not long after, just as something erupted inside her, he moaned and hot semen flooded into her. Lucia’s mouth was open as her inner walls spasmed carelessly, but she couldn’t even utter a moan. Her head was turned to mush from the incessantly rising pleasure.


Lucia clung to him as she sobbed. Her whole body was trembling. Hugo buried his face in her neck and drew in a deep, rough breath. He had never seen a woman as sensitive as her. The moment he entered her, her entire body quivered. Her body was a lewd one that orgasmed over and over again.

She hit her climax in her second or third orgasm faster than in her first. Her entire body quivered, her chest was swollen, her nipples were perked, and her inner walls, especially, which clung tight to his member, was no joke.

Her tender and hot insides had clamped down on his thing and gripped him tight. He was almost unable to resist and cummed inside her in surrender. And then the spasms of her inner walls were almost endless, like a heartbeat.

Even though he was just staying still inside her, he couldn’t help but moan. As time passed, the spasms of her inner walls gradually lessened. Every time it clenched around him very slowly and gripped him tight, small creases formed on his forehead.

He began to plant light kisses along the line of her neck. He moved up her neck, to the bottom of her chin, before reaching the side of her lips. He lightly kissed the top of her lip then he enveloped her lips, put his tongue in her mouth and pressed them into a heated kiss.

He moved his waist backwards, pulling out of her, then he lifted her and placed her down facing the desk. When the cold wood of the desk touched her cheek, Lucia felt embarrassed, but her body shook with excitement.

His thick manhood brushed past the flesh of her thighs and penetrated her deeply. He only came to a stop when his thighs slowly came to touch her butt. Now fully inside her, he let out a rough breath.

Her extremely sensitive insides squeezed his intruding member tight. His view felt giddy causing him to grit his teeth. He couldn’t move. After giving birth to a child, his wife’s body had become so much more mature. He took a few hard breaths then he pulled his waist back and rammed in strongly.


His movements began to grow a little faster. As flesh smacked against flesh, the sound of liquid splashing could be heard. Lucia pushed against the desk in an effort not to fall, but both her body and the desk were rocking back and forth. Whenever his hard flesh intensely filled her up to the brim, Lucia screamed, moaning with pleasure.

“Ah! Ahh!”

When it hit deep inside, her vision flickered. When her vaginal walls clenched, he groaned. His hands on her hips gripped her a little harder. He thrust in a few more times then he rammed all the way in and sprayed into her womb. As he heaved, fighting for breath, he bit her earlobe and licked it. Her insides went into a fit of spasm and her body shook from the pleasure.

“I won’t…come to your office again.”

Hearing her say that as she panted, Hugo burst into laughter.

* * *

The last semester of this year ended, leaving about a month or so until the first day of the new year. And about two months after the vacation marked the start of the first semester of the following year. In the summer, most students returned home within a day or two after the summer vacation begins, so the campus would get very quiet. However, the winter vacation tended to remain crowded even a week into vacation due to graduation.

Today in particular, was the day of graduation and densely packed carriages kept filing into the campus.

The day that Hugo decided to visit Ixium was the graduation day, of all days. Two carriages with the vivid symbol of a black lion, mixed with numerous other carriages and entered Ixium. Unlike the other carriages, it didn’t head to the auditorium where the graduation was in full swing but to the Head Office.

The entrance of the Head Office was relatively quiet. But there were a few people standing outside as if they were waiting for someone. Waldo, the Dean of Ixium, had been nervously rubbing his hands and once he caught sight of the carriage, he promptly flew down the stairs, skipping a few steps on the way. As he watched the two carriages stop and attendants came down from the rear carriage to stand beside the carriage in front, he swallowed nervously.

The door of the carriage opened, and a dark-haired man stepped out. The man stood out, with hair as dark as shadows and a height and frame like that of a fierce knight. The irises under his thick eyebrows were as red as blood and the bridge of his nose was straight on his symmetrical features. In all, he was a man with a rarely seen beauty.

However, the people that saw him were overwhelmed by the atmosphere around him rather than his appearance. They could feel a ferocious energy beneath his cool gaze and ice dripped from his expressionless face. The feeling emanating from him was as though as one would be cut down if they dared to approach him.

Waldo respectfully bowed his waist and seeing Waldo move to escort his guest and entourage inside, the staffs of the Head Office that stood with him, whispered amongst themselves as they didn’t know who the guests were.

“The Dean’s nose almost touched the floor. Who in the world has come?”

The students of the Academy were either royal descendants, aristocrats, or a least the child of someone with enormous capital. As someone who had dealt with all kinds of people in high positions, the Dean of Ixium’s pride was high.

“It must be Xenon’s Duke of Taran.”

“Duke of Taran? You mean that Duke of Taran?”

“Is there any other Duke of Taran in Xenon?”

“To see someone you’ve only heard of through rumors is quite amazing. I didn’t expect him to be so young. His aura is frightful, indeed.”

Waldo wasn’t nervous just because his guest was the Duke of a nation. He was nervous because the Duke of Taran had great influence over the board of directors, which was capable of replacing the Dean of the Academy. In addition, the Duke was a sponsor that gave a considerable amount of scholarship to the school every year.

As a standard, Ixium received huge tuition fees and enrolled royals or nobles from around the world, but they also paid attention to attracting scholarship students with outstanding academic ability, regardless of status, in order to produce future professors. Having outstanding faculty members has raised the Academy’s quality to a higher level. Therefore, how much scholarships the Dean can attract was also a measure of his ability.

“If I had been notified in advance, I would have taken more care to make sure nothing would inconvenience you. Things are a bit rowdy due to the graduation and the preparations are insufficient. I apologize.”

Waldo was only abruptly informed of an important guest’s visit this morning. Because it was the day of graduation, he was very busy. He had many people to meet and his schedule was packed, but he postponed everything, including his speech at the graduation, and focused on receiving the guest.

Some might say that Waldo was being servile. In actuality, some parts of him was. Waldo had only the reasonable capability for his position, but he had kept his seat as the Dean of the Academy for nearly a decade because he was outstandingly tactful and astute.

Waldo secretly took note of Hugo frowning slightly after taking a sip of the tea served to him then putting it back. He immediately knew that his secretary had screwed up the tea. He had been tolerant because it was a relative with special consideration, but from today onwards, they were fired.

“Please tell us what you need, Your Excellency and we will promptly sort it out for you.”

“I am here to meet my son who is enrolled here in Ixium.”

Waldo felt his back go cold. He had never heard that. Never. If he’d heard it, there was no way he would have forgot. Waldo kept a special record of royals or high-ranking noble students that he needed to pay attention to. The Duke of Taran’s son would have been at the top of that list.

“I was sent this thing.”

Waldo took the envelope the Duke gave to him and when he looked at its contents, his hand trembled. 7 days of suspension? What crazy bastard—!

“I personally looked into it and found that there was a problem with the procedures.”

How dare you give my son 7 days suspension. It looks like you’re tired of playing Dean. That’s how it sounded in Waldo’s ears.

“I will investigate this and fix it right away.”

Waldo’s mind was scattered. He was agitated and wanted to quickly find out how such a huge incident had happened.

“My son is in the boarding course. I would like to take him home, but he hasn’t received permission to go out. Moreover, he’s still in confinement…”

“There is no problem at all. You can take your son with you right away, Your Excellency. Shall I bring him here now?”

Hugo thought about it for a moment then he shook his head. The waiting time was boring.

“I’ll go meet my son and take him from there.”

“If he’s in confinement, then he should be at the dorms. I will take you personally…”

“There’s no need for that.”

As Waldo sent off the Duke of Taran, he emphasized his statement.

“Please do not worry about the matter concerning your child. I will definitely look into it and correct the mistake.”

Waldo’s face was rigid as he watched the departing carriage. This incident was a huge threat to his position as Dean. His schedules for today that he had postponed was none of his business.

He was going to find out how this ‘7 days of suspension’ came about, why he didn’t know that the Duke of Taran’s son was enrolled in Ixium and he planned on dealing with his staff who didn’t do their work properly.



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  1. Yes, I was waiting for it and the author delivered. I’ve been snickering for minutes. Hah, I love Hugh’s style.
    And just a little something I noticed: “The pupils underneath his thick eyebrows were as red as blood” I’m aware that you’re translating and maybe it was “pupils” in the original version, I have no idea. However, technically speaking, what is red in his eyes are the irises. The pupils are the small black holes in your eyes. The coloured part is your iris.
    Sorry, but this has been bugging me. I know, it might be that the author messed it up, but is there any possibility to fix this?

    Thank you so much for the triple-update, I was having withdrawal effects, I’ve been re-reading the entire series from the prologue these last few days. Now, on to the next chapter, I love all these reactions from the people surrounding them!!!

    Also, Lucia’s remark, bwhahaha xDDD She learns from her mistakes :’D

  2. Yay! I was waiting to see how Hugh would handle this situation. Lol! I love how Hugh doesn’t even do anything, he just walks in and says he wants to take Damian home. Thanks Miss Ruby!

  3. Damn, I think the Dean is gonna burst his vein on whose responsible for this wrongly accused and huge incident XD Kids who bullied Damian, you’re going down! mwahahaha
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    Thank you oh great Miss Ruby!

  4. LOL THIS WAS HILARIOUS!! Hugo was all chill about it until his wifey glared at him HAHAHA I loved the part where the dean’s hands trembled and was like ‘some muthafker effed things up for me! my career!’ ahhahahaahah

  5. man…i wonder how much sex the author is having to be writing all of this. really on another level.

    damian’s plans of revealing his identity on his own is going to be messed up my his dad..i doubt he’ll be pissed once he finds out it was his mom’s idea tho lol

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