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Lucia Chapter 83 [part 2]


< — Realization — > (5) 


His manhood broke through her tender flesh and pushed its way in. It filled her to the extent it took her breath away, then it roughly left her body. He repeatedly moved his waist back and forth; the sound of flesh slapping together echoing with every movement.

Today, he was a little rough. Lucia squeezed her eyes shut every time his penis penetrated her delicate insides. He interlocked their fingers together and kept pushing up their meshed lower abdomen.

With both of her legs wrapped around his waist, Lucia’s body swung up and down. The heat from him was so hot that it felt like her skin that was touching his would burn. Her coquettish cries increasingly became screams.

[He’s just caring? Even in bed?] (1)

The joke that Katherine made flashed in her mind for a moment. The him right now was definitely not tender. He was dominating her like a tyrant.

He mercilessly entered her and occupied deep inside of her. Her narrow vaginal walls acted fickle, tightening as if resisting him then clinging tightly to his exiting penis. His eyes narrowed briefly then he rammed in even stronger.


As she reached her climax, her inner walls squeezed his thing tightly and tugged after it. Following his fierce moan, something hot gushed into her womb. Lucia’s entire body went through a bout of spasms. As the tidal wave of pleasure subsided, Lucia felt weak all over her body and gasped for breath. But he didn’t give her time to rest. He pulled out from her hot inner walls and grabbed her by the waist, turning her upside down. He lifted her hips and from the outside of her thighs, he thrust in deeply at once. Her sight flickered briefly.


He dragged his lips along the line of her spine, kissing it desirously.


His hard member came in strongly from behind. Lucia’s hands squeezed the sheets. Her butt was held firmly in his hands and distorted in his palm. He pulled out and rammed in so hard that the sound of their flesh slapping together could be heard. Her body trembled intensely and her arms wobbled. A tingling sense of pleasure climbed up her spine. Her body was sensitive today. Her vagina tightened and squeezed him tightly as he ravaged her. His breathing became rougher and more excited.

* * *

Lucia lazily lost herself in the soothing afterplay.

‘There’s no need to think too hard about it.’

Her heart had grown more inclined after getting a glance of her grandfather earlier.

“I want to meet my grandfather.” (Lucia)


He gave a simple reply and didn’t ask any questions. And Lucia was thankful for that. He used his arm that was wrapped around her back and pulled her into a strong hug. She could feel him very closely and the moderately overwhelming sense of stability made all her anxiety fly away.

“And…I don’t want to go to the party tomorrow.” (Lucia)

Tomorrow was the last day of the crowning celebration ball. It was said to be a masked ball but Lucia didn’t feel up to it. She went to the party for two consecutive days and she was tired. Meeting with unexpected people was stressful. She was more mentally tired than physically tired.

“Do whatever you want.”

She expected him to allow her but his reply was faster and easier than she expected.

“Is that okay? It’s the crowning celebration…”

“Apart from the first day of celebration, the ball is just a playground for nobles to enjoy. There is no need for everyone to go. In the future, whether you want to go to a party or not, you can do as you please.”

“…I can stay at home and not go out at all?” (Lucia)

“You can.” (Hugo)

In fact, that was his wish. He would be thankful if she did that. While thinking to himself, Hugo pushed his head under her jaw and kissed her there.

“If social activities are difficult, don’t do it.” (Hugo)

She didn’t enjoy social activities. Hugo could guess from their stay in the North. She enjoyed a simple life that looked boring to others. And Hugo liked her introverted aspects. The thought of her going to all kinds of balls and laughing with other men was unpleasant.

“But if I do that…” (Lucia)

“I don’t care about rumors. What do you want to do?” (Hugo)

“Tea parties are okay. It’s not stressful because it’s just light conversation. But balls have so many people…”

“But in exchange, tea parties have a lot more bickering than balls do.”

“Who is going to bicker with me?”

“If someone happens to hurt you, tell me. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

“…You’re saying if something happens, I should run to you and tell you?”

“I’ll scold them for you.”

Lucia burst into laughter. Hugo kissed her lips and began to kiss all over her face. She shook her head, laughing endlessly and saying it was ticklish but he ignored her refusal and continued to pour small kisses on her face.

“Well then, tomorrow I’ll send Antoine back.” (Lucia)

‘Antoine. That problem has to be solved.’

Hugo hardened his heart. He had to send someone to the boutique tomorrow and tell the woman that she didn’t have to come, not only tomorrow, but in the future as well. Throughout the party today, his nerves were alert with worry that men would leer at his wife. It was really tiring and uncomfortable.

“She said it’s a red dress for tomorrow. Apparently, it’s a passionate dress that matches the red diamond necklace you gave me. It makes me a little curious.” (Lucia)

A passionate dress. Hugo was not curious at all. Without seeing it, he could guess how much the dress would increase his blood pressure.

“You said you’re not going tomorrow.” (Hugo)

Hugo was afraid her mind would change so he reconfirmed. And he lifted his body and towered over her.

Lucia forgot what she wanted to say and stared at him in astonishment. Don’t tell me…again? She watched him suspiciously as his hand slid down her abdomen. He rubbed the area between her legs and inserted his fingers inside, fumbling around.

“It’s still tender inside.” (Hugo)

Lucia turned away with a reddening face.

“I’ll put it in.” (Hugo)

“Eh?” (Lucia)

His two hands held her thighs wide apart and plunged in just like that. An overwhelming sense of pressure came up from her lower body.


It was thick. She felt a stinging pain.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little…bit.”

But he pulled his waist back and pushed his way in again. The feeling of him rubbing against her delicate inner flesh was so vivid that it brought tears to her eyes. Lucia slapped his arm as hard as she could.

“It hurts!” (Lucia)

“Hold on.” (Hugo)

Lucia looked at him in disbelief. Sometimes he was gentle beyond measure and other times he was merciless. Hugo chuckled softly when he saw her get angry. It was always fun to draw out various emotions from her. When he pulled out and entered in a single thrust, she furrowed her brows and groaned. It certainly looked like it hurt a bit. He was also a little sore.

Her inside was too tight. Since they had done so much already, shouldn’t it be a little loose? No matter much he loosened it with thick caresses and caused juices to flow, it was always tight enough to pinch his finger. It was insanely stimulating to him.

As he moved a few times, her slick juices wrapped around his meatrod. She didn’t wrinkle her forehead anymore, showing that it no longer hurt. Every time he thrust in, she gave a sigh that was closer to a sob. Her refreshing scent paralyzed his sense of smell.

Hugo wanted to go back to the north. He wanted to live forgetting the flow of time, in the castle with just two of them and no one could come in. Hugo couldn’t tell how things would go with her finding her maternal relatives. What could he do if she had more exchanges with her maternal family and began to depend on them more than him? It was an uneasiness he couldn’t reveal to her when she was already restless over meeting her grandfather.



Translator’s Corner:

  1. The word used here means caring/tender if that didn’t make sense.



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